Scorched Earth “Hot Takes” Worthy of Diego Costa

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Diego Costa. You hate him. You love him. You love him because some hate him. You hate him because others love him. He’s basically taken the mantle of “abrasive striker” left vacant by Luis Suarez at Liverpool. He scores goals, but is a colossal prick. You would not enjoy playing a game of soccer against him, unless of course you’re into the whole mosh-pit-meets-UFC thing.

Words have been written about Costa. Takes of various degrees of heat, some tepid, some lukewarm, others toasty, have made rounds around the internet. Yet if an image says a thousand words, then a GIF says about 5-10,000 words because it’s about 5-10 images. Thus, enjoy this long-form return to Listicle GIF form.

1) POINT – Diego Costa is a hot head and possibly the Devil incarnate

2) COUNTERPOINT: Arsenal fans and defenders can be oversensitive and quick-tempered also

3) POINT – Diego Costa commits petty fouls when the ref isn’t looking

4) COUNTERPOINT – Arsenal defenders burned the bridge of goodwill by committing fouls when the ref was looking

5) POINT – Diego Costa constantly bickers to the ref and may have terrible breath

6) COUNTERPOINT: Jose Mourinho makes Diego do his bidding or face Mou’s volcanic wrath

7) POINT – I have ran out of ways to tie Diego Costa to cool exploding GIFs, but still have a few left.

8: COUNTERPOINT – Same as above

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