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Soccer. Writing. You know the drill. I have strung some words together to form sentences. Then, using the aforementioned sentences, I constructed paragraphs. With paragraphs a a base, I penned stories, articles, columns, lo que sea. Here is my writing from the around the web:

For Vice Deportes, I went South of the Border and investigated FC Monterrey’s shiny new stadium with ever so conveniently royally screwed the environment and disregarded the concerns of local residents. One journalist called it “the environmental crime of the decade.” I called it the “ugly product of corporate greed and political ineptitude under the cover of faux-transparency.” Speaking of faux-transparency, I still have two open record complaints against the City of Guadalupe and Nuevo Leon Governor. Stay tuned! (VICE)

Jose Mourinho’s third year at Real Madrid was a disaster. Yes, they won the SuperCup (or the “who cares Cup”), but lost the league by December, lost the King’s Cup final at home to rival Atletico, and lost in the Champions League semifinals. Here’s a theory I examined for Squawka: Jose picks a set Starting XI and runs his teams into the ground, hence the post-trophy dip. However, as compared to other winning seasons and managers, this is not the case. (Squawka) Thus, the answer must be psychology: players get tired of his antics. For Madrid, he made Casillas the scapegoat. This year, he’s blaming Carneiro. He’s also super harsh on his players in post-game pressers. It’s everybody’s fault but…

At Paste Soccer, I penned some pretty words on Manchester United starlet Memphis Depay. Of course, when you’ve played in a World Cup semifinal and won a Dutch league title, perhaps the “let” in “starlet” is superfluous. Nevertheless, the dashing Dutchmen has shown bursts of absolute brilliance for the Red Devils. I try to pin down just what makes him unique. (Paste)

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