The Annual Winter Dip in Production

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Hello, readers. I know that about half of you live in the Southern hemisphere and are enjoying a warm summer. A good chunk of you do not practice a Judaeo-Christian religion. Many also use the lunar calendar instead of the Gregorian. Sadly for you, this website is and always will be a xenophobic and American hotbed of hatred.

Yes, I am taking a few weeks off to enjoy the winter, travel to see family, and celebrate Jesus’ birthday (and El Dia de los Reyes Magos).

I will occasionally be on Twitter. Behind the scenes, stuff will also happen. A new media outlet desires to publish my work come 2016. Also, I’ve been harassing the fuck out of the federal and local governments for months, and two big stories based on original reporting are taking shape.

For you fellow worshipers of a Judaeo-Christian religion in the Northern hemisphere and who follow the Gregorian calendar, I wish you some happy holidays. Everybody else, I hope the banality of your regular, daily life without my writing does not take an excessive toll on your well-being. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

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