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I remind you that I am technically on a “blogger break“, but spoiled you with some cutting and amusing blog posts as an early summer treat.Thus, this is a link post when I usually hate link posts, but, hey, gotta spread that PageRank love before Facebook trending renders all this hard “work” obsolete.

To that end, VICE Sports published my reported feature that looked up close at the Olympic Stadium deal in London. Basically, it was bad (the deal, not my reporting), and, after a thorough examination, may be worse than reported. What’s funny for me is the fact-checking brigade: as someone who sent FOI requests to lots of places in London, I am well aware of the complex web of legal entities behind the stadium. I also aware that “London” can mean many different things because I hounded police departments all over that town/area/region/metropolis.

Basically, writing a reported feature for a savvy and sophisticated audience in London (the metropolitan area) and also general interest Americans is tough because we speak a similar language with nuanced differences. When I reported on the stadium scandal in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, I faced the same deal: lots of sub-municipalities and local governments were also involved, but I said “Monterrey” because the layreader will get it and I wanted my cousins to slide into my DMs and send me angry emails. Which they did.

I will say this though: thank God for the “mute” feature on Twitter.

In other news, I spoke with the good folks at In The Open Field, a lovely, up-and-coming soccer site, about The Night of the Virgin. You can read the short Q & A by clicking here. The novel is already 18% funded with 20 days to go, but early backers help in a big way: you help my project climb up onto the first or second page of the “publishing” tag in Kick Starter, and that helps a lot. Right now, Kick Starter has only funneled about $200 to the cause and my project doesn’t appear for any of the “publishing” pages for active projects, which is peculiar and odd, but Kick Starter has been kind to me in the past so I’m not really sweating it. Yet.

To the already backers, you are amazing. To the possible backers, I know that, like me, you wait for payday to look at your monthly budget and discretionary income, and you just have to ask: is that how you are always going to live your boring life? Just this once, can’t you pledge money you haven’t yet earned for a good cause? This novel will not happen by magic, people. Ben Franklin may have fed you some decent financial advice, but also was a slave owner who disliked German immigrants for no good reason. Take what he said about $ with a grain of salt.

And that’s why you should back my project this very minute by clicking here and pledging! All major credit cards accepted!

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