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Friends, I am on a blogger break, remember? Me neither. Nevertheless, the capitalist freelancer in me has sold some prose to wonderful soccer content producers. You should visit their sites, turn off your AdBlock plus, and just download anything that shows up on your PC and/or enter your credit card numbers and any national personal ID number as well.

At Paste Soccer, I wrote about soccer books that you may want to read this summer after the US fails to win the Copa America. In particular, there are four tomes which may interest you.

I also penned a Copa America preview for FourFourTwo which notes how odd it is that the CONMEBOl nations can care so little, while the US and Mexico care so much. Click here to read.

I wrote a stadium “financing” story for VICE about the Olympic Stadium in London. Check out the details here, but be warned: they are gruesome.

Lastly, my Kick Starter is 20% funded and there’s only 12 or so days left: if you want a hardcover version to happen and to snag a First Edition, then pony up that cash. You can also get “Tacos with Turner”, which is like “Tuesdays with Morrie” only less wisdom and more heartburn. If that’s possible. Everybody has graciously told me what I have done wrong re: crowdfunding, but here’s the deal: of my 20 all time favorite novels, 16 had zero critical acclaim or commercial success and most of them were self-published at the author’s personal expense.

Thus, I wrote this odd novel for the unborn and in the hopes humans of the future will survive climate change and get my sense of humor. If I can milk y’all for a couple grand and spread the seed of a kick-ass First Edition, cool, but using Kick Starter to annoy my Twitter and FB friends is annoying af and cumbersome.

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