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Friends, countrymen, countrywomen, and elders – I know this summer has been a rough one. The summer tournaments came fast and hard. The Pogba transfer captured all our hearts and imagination. We crossed our fingers, held our collective breath, and dared to ask: why would anyone kidnap the Lindberg baby? Why haven’t they found Amelia Earheart yet? And why on Earth does it now cost a whole dime to ride the doodlebug into town?

Rest assured, fans of my writing, I have not been idle: rather I have been lurking, scheming, plotting, idling. Well, not the last one. Maybe a little bit. Still I have found some time to create content, so enjoy it.

First, exciting news: the Manchester Guardian has decided to cover news outside of the greater Manchester, UK area. This includes not only the entire country of England, but also some parts of Scotland and the United States of America. As such, I penned some words on the divorce between the Seattle Sounders and Sigi Schmid.

Second, I wrote for SBNation Soccer about MLS franchise fees, expansion, and the road ahead. Basically, I anticipate that the league will expand to 30 teams, just like the NBA, MLB, and NHL. From a business perspective, those new fees make sense in a world where MLS is growing and a new TV deal in a few years could greatly increase revenue.

Third, I have a feature on Mexican soccer history in Issue 13 of The Football Pink, a rad magazine about football and based in the UK. You can preorder Issue 13 here.

Fourth, I have a Tiny Letter now for NOTV: Night of the Virgin, my soccer novel that is dropping in 2017. It’s a pretty close look at the creative process behind how a novel is produced, plus lots of humorous anecdotes from my personal life. Subscribe here.

As always, I am omnipresent on Twitter, you can buy my Soccer Spanish guide at Amazon, and you can even message me (futfanatico) to join my invite-only soccer Subreddit.

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