Manchester United Celebrate Europa League Campaign by Announcing First Ever Stool Softener Sponsorship!

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Released: 11/3/2016

  • Ten-year global partnership
  • Soft-As-Warm-Porridge stool softeners to be used at Aon Training Complex.

MANCHESTER, England — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Manchester United (NYSE: MANU) is proud to announce a partnership with SAWP. The agreement heralds United’s first ever Official Stool Softener Partner.

The ten-year deal will see SAWP (“Soft-As-Warm-Porridge”) support United in helping the stool-related concerns and recovery of United players.

Especially when rehabilitating from an injury, the tendency of stool to harden during periods of intense physical stress and as a side effect to most major painkillers can greatly hinder a player’s preparations. SAWP will provide an unlimited amount of pills, frozen yogurts, nuts, berries, and consulting sessions as necessary at the Aon Training Complex. SAWP products and services will be used exclusively for all the stool-related needs and concerns of United players (and their families).

As Manchester United player Luke Shaw noted during his recovery from a broken leg: “shitting bricks is no joke.”

SAWP is highly experienced in producing and distributing over-the-counter medicines that will soften stool in most situations, serving worldwide pharmacies and patients for decades. The company is a world leader in this particular field.

The company believes the partnership will strengthen the brand and further enhance recognition. SAWP’s brand will be visible on league matchdays at Old Trafford, featuring on a handful of t-shirts worn by volunteer fans near the back of the Stretford End.

Manchester United Group Managing Director Richard Arnold was unavailable for comment.

James Smith, founder of SAWP, comments:

“We have been active in multiple channels worldwide for years. Our experience along with our commitment to softening stool for each and every patient – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or nationality – has resulted in healthier lives for many of our customers. We know that ‘hard stool makes for hard living.’ And look forward to helping United players as they march along to Europa League glory.”


About Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the most successful sports clubs in the world, playing the most popular spectator event on Earth. In 138 years, we have won 64 trophies and forged innovative branding partnerships with over 600 multinational corporations. Our 659 million customers are more than just customers – among them are probably a few fans that actually watch games.

About SAWP

SAWP, the leading stool softener brand of Dublin-based Healthcare Limited Co, has been committed to bringing its customers a comfortable restroom experience for over 20 years. They take seriously their motto: “soft as warm porridge or your money back.” They currently have two production facilities in Croatia and their non-prescription pills are exported to countries worldwide including Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Malaysia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


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