Annual Blogger Break Alert (Kinda)

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I am now posting so irregularly, it’s almost laughable to be posting this. Still, I have paying eInk Kindle subscribers, have gotten some emails, and also some messages via Twitter. The holiday season in the US, from Thanksgiving to New Year, I am normally driving across the country and too busy to really think about soccer, let alone write anything of substance. I catch what games I can, but that’s about it.

This year, though, the break was hastened by a family tragedy and medical emergency. My wife and I found ourselves suddenly packing up the wagon, hastily filling suitcases, and then hauling ass 16 hours to see a dear one who is gravely ill. Since then, it’s been a mixture of hospital visits, commodes, depends, tapioca pudding, physical therapy, heart care clinics, and not much else.

Still, I’m not complaining. I’m actually elated. The entire 16 hour drive, I prayed to the Lord that I’d get to see this lovely lady again, and my wish came true. And is still true. And I feel blessed. You have never seen a toothier grin on a 30-something guy’s face as he wipes a wrinkled, urine stained booty not his own. I’m also penning something longish for Medium on that long, lonely stretch of I-35 from Dallas to Witch-EE-taw, so stay tuned.

And I promise to bless YOU with the hottest Jurgen Klinsmann takes this side of the Mississippi River in early January. They will be so hot that your iPhone screen may melt upon reception – so you have been warned. And yes, I recommend you wear sunglasses.

Until then, fill the fact-less-void-of-internet-content filled by this blog by calling into late night conservative radio stations that peddle conspiracy theories. That is the closest approximation to this site methinks. You can also read my latest tiny letter about my soccer novel NOTV. Lastly, be sure to freak out about the injury to Gareth Bale, even though he usually takes off December to February anyways.

PS please watch the Club World Cup and takes notes for me.

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