Belated Holiday Gifts You Deserve

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Christmas is all about love and family and yultide greetings and adorable bandanas on dogs and snow and giving gifts to others. Now that Christmas has passed, though, it’s time to revert to your selfish, materialist ways. And I have just the best auto-regalos for your stocking.

Of course, they revolve around football and smart writing.

I have written for PasteSoccer for over two years, and I’m happy to announce that Paste Magazine is making a triumphant return to print. They’ve met their goal on IndieGogo and raised over $100,000, but there are still some worthwhile stretch goals left. Check it out, pick up a subscription, and be rewarded with fine writing on soccer, books, tech, politics, and music. (Indiegogo).

I wrote my first ever soccer stadium feature for The Blizzard, a quarterly UK magazine that features really cool articles on eccentric and odd soccer topics. Each issue will give you quality reading for a solid week, and they have digital options for people in the US like me. (Blizzard).

I did a Real Madrid timeline for Issue 3 of Howler Mag, and I am also a “Howligan.” This American mag is for soccer fans who are very sharp, but also a little vain – that is to say, it’s both smart writing and beautiful design. (Howler)

It’s hard to believe, but the excellent UK fanzine The Football Pink is already on Issue 14! I published with FBP a historical piece about a Mexican soccer club that basically said “fuck you” to the professionalization of the sport, and usually consume my FBP via Kindle and the Amazon store. There are usually cool philosophical essays, and an issue will fill your entire day with brainy footy goodness. (Football Pink).

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