An Open Letter Thanking Tim Howard for His Commitment to the USMNT

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Dear Tim,

I am Elliott, the father of two young children, and I am very appreciative of the fact that you, as an athlete, realize how important a role model athletes can be. Athletes teach young children – and society – that if you are going to rock a sweet manpurse (I am not being sarcastic), you need to be sure it’s a designer label and not some knockoff. Your Instagram never betrayed me on that issue. Your clutches are the Louis Vitton stuff of legends.

But you’ve also taught my children another important lesson. And I’m very grateful for this second one too.

As a professional, and a teammate, the most important thing is unwavering commitment to the cause. Even if you don’t like your boss’s style or big picture plans or even if you are kinda down, you need to stay focused. Teammates depend on you. You can’t just take a break.

For years, I’ve asked for US Soccer to add a new annual trophy: The Commitment Award to the player who has shown the ability to stay committed to the USMNT. If I’m honest, both you and Landon Donovan have inspired me in that regards. Whenever I want to teach my kids about commitment, I just pop in a tape of one of you. The hustlers. The hardworkers. The never-breakers.

Tim, I want to keep this letter short and not get too sappy, but yes there’s a tear in my eye. Your commitment to commitment and to never taking a break is truly astounding and I support your standing to question the commitment of others. If a committed never-breaker like you, somebody who would surely have won the fictional USMNT “Commitment Award” in 2014, can’t vaguely call out people, then who can?

Nobody. But to be a somebody in life, you have to be committed. Like Tim Howard. Who never takes breaks. Ever. Even if the sun exploded and like a comet then hit the Earth and we were all suffocating from a punctured atmosphere.

Thanks for all you do.

-Elliott & family

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