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Drum roll please…….thank you, that’s enough. So, friends, you like my writing? My writing on football, eh? Well, here are some lynx to some fun stuff I’ve written for Paste and our buds at Four-Four-Two.

Please note, I do not endorse the 4-4-2 formation at any level of the game. Just the mag.

For Paste Magazine, I wrote about one of my favorite midfielders of all time – Juan Roman Riquelme  - and the 2006 Villareal side that revolved around him. (Paste)

I also looked at the renaissance of Pedro Rodriguez at Chelsea. I ask – could he possibly have always been this good? (Paste)

I took the magnifying glass to Pep Guardiola’s UCL resume. There are some pretty big blotches and questions. (Paste).

I wrote about Designated Players, but not in the “ha HA they were a waste of money” sorta way. Instead, I wrote about the good ones and the bad ones who shared one thing: they still broke our hearts. (FourFourTwo)

As a “yank”, I was able to objectively give my two cents on England’s so called “Golden Generation.” Basically, they had some nice shiny parts, but were not a well drilled or thought out machine. (FourFourTwo-UK)

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