Now on sale: The Night of the Virgin

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Oh hello there, stranger. It has been awhile. Yet I have been busy. Quite busy.

In case you don’t stalk me on Twitter, I published this here “Great American soccer novel” (The Night of the Virgin) on June 1st. I then toured the State of Texas to read and sign books at some lovely indie stores. The novel has gotten some good reviews, including from trade publications such as Kirkus and even USA Today.

I know, I know. You rack your brains: how can you give me your money aka buy said book. I strongly prefer you go to your local indie store and order a copy through them (find a store using Indiebound here). The second coolest purchase option is a signed copy from BookPeople, the largest indie bookstore in all of Texas (they ship internationally). Do so here.

Lastly, for your filthy animals who don’t give two shits about human beings and only desire to make Jeff Bezos even richer – aka you are an Amazon Prime subscriber – you can get a copy from Amazon here and Amazon (UK) here.

In terms of the big picture, aka my soccer writing, we are in dark times, friends. Both Paste Soccer and Vice Sports have shuttered. The Guardian US has seen its budget shrink and laid off staff in the Spring. Even Brian Phillips, the best living American sportswriter, is out of work. I managed to pen some Gold Cup funnery for FourFourTwo, but a return to blogging in September seems inevitable. And I am mulling a Patreon.

On that cheery note, keep enjoying your summer and the Neymar transfer rumors!

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