MLS, Liga MX, and Theory vs. Practice

Everybody wants to talk about TV viewership and make unflattering comparisons between MLS and any other league. As a fan of MLS, I know intimately well both the current challenges, the flaws of the league, and just how far the league has come in the last decade and how much more work is left to do. However, the people who paint Liga MX as some paradise and paradigm to follow are perhaps misguided.

Yes, a bit more flair and technical play in MLS would be fun. However, I honestly dislike split seasons and, in many ways, lots of general public interest and money prop up and gloss over the problems in Liga MX. And these are problems MLS should not ignore or try to replicate. Continue reading “MLS, Liga MX, and Theory vs. Practice” »

Important CONCACAF Champions League Update: Travel’in Man Edition

Let’s not shit ourselves: the CONCACAF Champions League is not even the best second-tier continental club competition with “Champions League” in the moniker. Where does it lay compared to, say, the Asian Club Champions League and African Champions League? I don’t know. I don’t care to know.

But, as with all sports competitions, glorious moments of spontaneity emerge. Continue reading “Important CONCACAF Champions League Update: Travel’in Man Edition” »

Some Serious Monday Morning Linkery

No, I won’t bother you with another “lynx” “links” pun. I do like that picture though. The holidays fast approach, which means my annual winter hibernation. I know, I know, I just got back in the three-posts-per-week swing of things, and Christmas comes around. I will miss writing for you as much as you will miss reading my writing, but there are cookies to bake, presents to wrap, and elves on shelves whose every nocturnal movement must be painstakingly planned and coordinated.

Fear not, though, because two great sites will entertain you and, of course, I will plug my two books. Continue reading “Some Serious Monday Morning Linkery” »

Properly Classifying Liga MX Club Owners

The Guardian recently ran a neat article on investors flocking to European soccer clubs. Basically, Sean Ingle noted that foreign investors (often Americans) are taking a hard look at English clubs. Are the clubs overvalued? Undervalued? Should the investors go for an active approach aka own-and-control, or a passive aka minority stake? Is this a long-term or short-term strategy?

I wish things were like this in Liga MX. Instead, Brian Phillips’ “Billionaire test” article from several years ago more accurately describes club owners South of the border. Mexican clubs are bought by super rich Mexicans for two reasons: advertisement or vanity. However, I’ve decided to further subcategorize. Continue reading “Properly Classifying Liga MX Club Owners” »

Find my writing at these great sites……

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been pretty busy. I have a wife and two kids. I have a full time job. Thus, due to time constraints, Futfanatico is now officially a once-a-week blog. I say this because I hate it when a blog or site just disappears with no explanation. I also refuse to alter the long-ish style and oddness of my posts here – I could try and write two-paragraph, snappy, sarcastic responses to the daily news, but that’s what Dirty Tackle is for.  Another pet peeve for me is when a crazy good site just turns into a link mini-post mill. Thus, for the record, I will be writing here once a week original posts not found elsewhere.

However, the biggest factor in my drop in time is that I have been writing elsewhere. Therefore, about once a month, I will post links to that writing. If you want to know about my writing elsewhere a bit quicker, follow me on twitter. Continue reading “Find my writing at these great sites……” »