Top 10 Pictures of Arjen Robben Trying Desperately to Keep a Secret

Arjen Robben. Bundesliga champion. La Liga champion. EPL champion. Champions League champion. Devilish winger. Bag of tricks. Powerful left foot. Many words describe the brilliant Dutchman. But few know that his truly greatest asset is his ability to keep his mouth shut: yes, that’s right, Robben is a veritable Ft. Knox of gossip.

Here are pictures of him keeping secrets. Don’t let his giddy enthusiasm fool you. Those lips are locked. Continue reading “Top 10 Pictures of Arjen Robben Trying Desperately to Keep a Secret” »

The 8 Reasons Why Real Madrid REALLY Lost the Most Recent Clasico

Cristiano knows of many reasons for the absolute thievery in the latest Clasico and is not afraid of telling the world. Nothing will stop him naming and shaming these parties and/or organisations who will do him (oh and his team) wrong. For it must be told.

And here is a list of said culpable parties, as named by CRon to Webbie of the lovey Football and Music. Continue reading “The 8 Reasons Why Real Madrid REALLY Lost the Most Recent Clasico” »

Junito: An Unexpected & Abrupt Ending

On November 29, 2009, I unleashed my three-year old son Junito on the world of soccer and proudly chronicled his exploits. The task was simple enough: mold the greatest ever player for Real Madrid. We’ve all enjoyed the ups and downs, cried at the false early retirement, and were happy to see him come back stronger than ever. And had fun on Vimeo and Youtube. Sadly, though, it must end. Today.

There’s two problems: (1) Junito’s talent and (2) Me getting in the way. Continue reading “Junito: An Unexpected & Abrupt Ending” »

Some Hot & Spicy Mexican Content

Don’t you just love stereotypes? I’m half-Mexican and fair-skinned, which has given me a unique window to know what white folks think of Mexicans and vice-versa. The general consensus is that Mexican Coke is better than American Coke, and that people can’t even agree to disagree about the rest but I can dance salsa quite well as long as it’s not with your daughter.

Luckily, I’ve gotten in touch with both my “roots” quite recently. Continue reading “Some Hot & Spicy Mexican Content” »

A Howling Good Time

Remember that lovely soccer magazine you and I Kickstarted not so long ago? Well, gasp, a year has passed. During that time, they, Howler magazine (remember!), have reached 5,000 subscribers and published four glorious issues. One of the best parts of Howler Mag is the timeline, which is a chronology of a major club that is a delicious mix of eccentric and essential facts, cool pictures, and some seriously mad design skillz.

In Issue 4, guess who wrote the Real Madrid timeline? Continue reading “A Howling Good Time” »

The Junito Legacy: Those Burning Bright Thursday Night Lights

You just can’t keep a chele chulo down. Junito, not surprisingly, opted for a visit to Santa Claus instead of going to a soccer try-out when last I wrote. With the size of today’s chocolates, can you really blame him? Luckily, as a seven year old, it didn’t mean the end of the line. In fact, his team held four different try-outs and invited players to attend as many as possible.

Junito missed two due to a high temperature, but did strap on his boots for the last one. I know that you already know the results, but indulge me. Just this once. Continue reading “The Junito Legacy: Those Burning Bright Thursday Night Lights” »

The Classic Co. – How Did We Get Here?

If the clasico could be trademarked, it’d be worth millions. If it was publicly traded (like Manchester United), I’d buy some shares. Why? Well, in the past few months, Microsoft talked about buying nonexistent “naming rights” to the Bernabeu, Barca wants to expand or move out of the Camp Nou, and they recently signed an “inside the shirt” deal with Intel. The club called this deal “innovative.” In sum, both the Spanish clubs are great at soccer, but also money-making machines.

Technically, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are both owned by socios, but, in reality, they are multinational corporations. They are heavily in debt, but have enough total annual revenue to not sweat it. Still, many can remember a time when Barca refused to even sell the front of their shirt, let alone the inside liner. Here’s a trip down memory lane as we mark the emergence and eventual dominance of the “sponsorship” model in soccer. Continue reading “The Classic Co. – How Did We Get Here?” »

An SEO Guide to the Clasico: Surprising Key Words

As the only soccer website to have been taken over twice by SEO-geared businesses, we at Futfanatico know a thing or two about “key words” and “black hat” antics. Hardly a days goes by without some spam email asking about “content partnerships” filling our inbox. Still, cynicism cast aside, “search” can be useful. At the very least, the mass of information entering and leaving Google algorithms offer a glimpse into just what people are thinking and/or doing when they believe they’re alone, just a keyboard before them and no peering eyes.

As a website with plenty of clasico content (and Google Analytics), we’re happy to share just what folks really think/care/do/relate to the so-called “clasico.” At least online. Continue reading “An SEO Guide to the Clasico: Surprising Key Words” »