FutFedUp – The Totally Unexpected End of Another Era

I had a simple dream: reduce coherent thoughts to bullet points, sentences, and images. Quizzes. Listicles. Buzzwords. Retweets. I wanted to bring “social content” to soccer. I wanted a place for incomplete thoughts, unfinished ideas, and brain farts. With your help and support, FutFeed was hands down, indisputably, unabashedly the most successful week in my site’s history: we easily topped 15,000 unique visitors, which is good for a three posts-per week soccer blog with an owner too lazy to SEO-bait each post.

But therein lies the problem. And the demise of FutFeed. Continue reading “FutFedUp – The Totally Unexpected End of Another Era” »

Top 9 Pictures of Footballers and Helicopters

Helicopters, they’re not just for transporting manufactured homes anymore. They can also do other important tasks, like carrying soldiers to kill people, carrying bombs to drop and kill people, and transporting foreign aid to people who will be killed by errant drone strikes weeks later.

More importantly (Ahem, MOST IMPORTANT), helicopters sometimes transport soccer star players. Here are some highlights. Continue reading “Top 9 Pictures of Footballers and Helicopters” »

Junito: An Unexpected & Abrupt Ending

On November 29, 2009, I unleashed my three-year old son Junito on the world of soccer and proudly chronicled his exploits. The task was simple enough: mold the greatest ever player for Real Madrid. We’ve all enjoyed the ups and downs, cried at the false early retirement, and were happy to see him come back stronger than ever. And had fun on Vimeo and Youtube. Sadly, though, it must end. Today.

There’s two problems: (1) Junito’s talent and (2) Me getting in the way. Continue reading “Junito: An Unexpected & Abrupt Ending” »

Junito: You Kant Have It All (All the Time)

I assure you, dearest and most loyal of readers, that the above image is not a fake. The name. The birth date. The location. The fixture. It’s all true. Melvin Arana, known in these parts as “Junito”, is officially unretired and….his first ever competitive game looms large.

What does that mean for our family, Junito and the soccerverse at large? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps everything. Continue reading “Junito: You Kant Have It All (All the Time)” »

Soccer Spanish Revisited: Bridging the Iberian Divide

Jack Lang has written a fantastic article at about Soccer Portuguese. Check it out here. He first got the joga bonito bug while playing with Brazilian expats in France, but has since polished his Portuguese with trips to stadiums throughout Brazil. A few, if any, of you may recall that I wrote a series on Soccer Spanish a few years back which turned into the modestly successful An Illustrated Guide to Soccer & Spanish (Plug: available at Amazon and iTunes). I also have dabbled in Portuguese a bit (I lived in Lisbon for a brief spell many a moon ago).

Jack’s piece was perfect for soccer fans with the travel bug who also enjoy learning a second language. It inspired me to compare and contrast Soccer Spanish and Soccer Portuguese for your reading pleasure. No worries, no need to take notes like during the Real Academia PROHIBIDA lecture series from ’09. Just sit back, read and enjoy. Continue reading “Soccer Spanish Revisited: Bridging the Iberian Divide” »

Futfanatico Wins Award and Wishes You and Your Loved Ones a Happy Holiday

It’s not easy staying on top. “Heavy weighs the crown.” Still, despite the rise of soccer quarterlies and elevation of many a blogger friend to major media networks, I’ve dutifully typed away at my ergonomic keyboard. And, thanks to you, the readers, and me, the election-rigger, for the fifth year in a row Futfanatico has won the prestigious Futfanatico-only Excellence in Blogging Award. I graciously accept this Lifetime Achievement award and will place it along wards from years past.

It’s not all good news, though. Continue reading “Futfanatico Wins Award and Wishes You and Your Loved Ones a Happy Holiday” »

The Junito Legacy: Those Burning Bright Thursday Night Lights

You just can’t keep a chele chulo down. Junito, not surprisingly, opted for a visit to Santa Claus instead of going to a soccer try-out when last I wrote. With the size of today’s chocolates, can you really blame him? Luckily, as a seven year old, it didn’t mean the end of the line. In fact, his team held four different try-outs and invited players to attend as many as possible.

Junito missed two due to a high temperature, but did strap on his boots for the last one. I know that you already know the results, but indulge me. Just this once. Continue reading “The Junito Legacy: Those Burning Bright Thursday Night Lights” »

Futfanatico Nominated for Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award

Yawn. It’s end of the year awards time again. Just when you take a break from building your own museum and think your trophy case couldn’t possibly support any more weight, you go and be amazing for a year and have to expand said case. Don’t you just hate being you? Oh, wait, you’re not me.

In fact, neither you nor I is Futfanatico. Futfanatico is a domain name for a website. So how on Earth did it get nominated for a lifetime achievement award? Continue reading “Futfanatico Nominated for Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award” »

The Junito Legacy: A Roadbump in Unretirement Plans

If Futfanatico pokes fun at folks who sometimes take themselves too seriously, then the Junito series from a few years back picked the perfect target: parents who treat youth soccer as life or death. However, the series hit a major snag: Junito resided in Nicaragua, was only three years old, and little league soccer opportunities were rare.

Now that Junito is in the states, just turned seven, and lives in a major metropolitan area, the question arises: not if the chele chulo will unretire, but when. The answer has finally arrived: now. As in, yesterday. Junito faced the most draconian of decisions, the ultimate fork in the road as to whether he will reach his potential as the greatest ever Footballer (and record goalscorer for Real Madrid) or just be a happy, well-adjusted human being.

He chose the former (though the latter is still a possibility). Continue reading “The Junito Legacy: A Roadbump in Unretirement Plans” »

Bleacher Report Mysteriously Disappears Surreal Football Article

Not everybody loves Surreal Football. Their “balls on” aggressive Retweet campaign from a few years back rubbed some people the wrong way. They also have a gift for ad hominem. Nevertheless, they’ve won some deserved awards along the way. Thus, it was odd that recently their website pointed to Bleacher Report and an article that  was a “swing and a miss.”

What happened? Continue reading “Bleacher Report Mysteriously Disappears Surreal Football Article” »