Top Five Excuses for the Possibly Incriminating Emails of FIFA Mexican Officials

In case you missed it, United States prosecutors are charging and extraditing Latin American (and elsewhere) officials from FIFA left and right. The feds are so tenacious, they are even plucking Guatemalan executives off Disney cruises in Miami. Yet, for a country that has a pretty bad corruption score in most indexes, the folks in Mexican soccer have avoided the net. Why?

Well, maybe they’re just clean and honest individuals. Okay, you can stop laughing now. I think the real reason is one of semantics. Continue reading “Top Five Excuses for the Possibly Incriminating Emails of FIFA Mexican Officials” »

The Disappearing Star Centerback Prodigy

The dodo. The dinosaurs. Why do all the really cool animals have to disappear off the face of the Earth? Sadly, soccer reflects this reality. For at least half a decade, a position on the pitch has been neglected like no other: centerback. Here’s a thought experiment. Right now, name a young star center back. Okay, easy you say. Thiago Silva. Okay, now name another.

Hard, isn’t it? Continue reading “The Disappearing Star Centerback Prodigy” »

Some Serious Monday Morning Linkery

No, I won’t bother you with another “lynx” “links” pun. I do like that picture though. The holidays fast approach, which means my annual winter hibernation. I know, I know, I just got back in the three-posts-per-week swing of things, and Christmas comes around. I will miss writing for you as much as you will miss reading my writing, but there are cookies to bake, presents to wrap, and elves on shelves whose every nocturnal movement must be painstakingly planned and coordinated.

Fear not, though, because two great sites will entertain you and, of course, I will plug my two books. Continue reading “Some Serious Monday Morning Linkery” »

MLS and the Final Frontier: Eyeballs From Afar

The 2015 MLS Cup featured two well coached and pretty well constructed teams that played attacking soccer. The game was decided in part by a goalkeeper blunder and a ref mistake, but, news flash, this crap happens in Europe and during World Cups. Just ask any England fan about Clint Dempsey’s goal in 2010. Or Frank Lampard’s non-goal vs. Germany that same tournament.

Still, though, one thing about the recent MLS Cup cannot be debated: TV ratings stunk. I won’t dissect the numbers, but will look at the big picture issues. They are both scary and heartening. Continue reading “MLS and the Final Frontier: Eyeballs From Afar” »

Properly Classifying Liga MX Club Owners

The Guardian recently ran a neat article on investors flocking to European soccer clubs. Basically, Sean Ingle noted that foreign investors (often Americans) are taking a hard look at English clubs. Are the clubs overvalued? Undervalued? Should the investors go for an active approach aka own-and-control, or a passive aka minority stake? Is this a long-term or short-term strategy?

I wish things were like this in Liga MX. Instead, Brian Phillips’ “Billionaire test” article from several years ago more accurately describes club owners South of the border. Mexican clubs are bought by super rich Mexicans for two reasons: advertisement or vanity. However, I’ve decided to further subcategorize. Continue reading “Properly Classifying Liga MX Club Owners” »

The Sadness and Darkness of Entropy, or “The Inevitable Decline of Fernando Torres & Falcao”

This may shock you, but, for a time, Fernando Torres played soccer exceptionally well. Even before he signed for Liverpool FC and rocked the back of nets in England, he scored some absolute screamers as a youth for Atletico de Madrid and became known as Barcelona’s bogeyman. He became a Champion of Europe with Spain in 2008 and then won a World Cup. However, on a cold winter’s day in January of 2011, Liverpool sold him for a fortune for Chelsky.

And he’s never been the same. Continue reading “The Sadness and Darkness of Entropy, or “The Inevitable Decline of Fernando Torres & Falcao”” »

A Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy

I get these weird emails once a week, sometimes twice. Normally, a recent college graduate or student wants to write for my site. Why? You ask. Well, aside from the sexy XHTML/CSS re-design from, say, five years ago, Futfanatico is a prestigious cauldron of creativity. Sadly, though, I must turn these budding scribes away. The ad revenue and Kindle subscriptions pay the server fees, but little else.

I still get the odd royalty check from my two eBooks, but freelancing, not blogging, is the path to a stream of revenue from your writing. Yet I see lots of young scribes making rookie mistakes. This post will hopefully help. Continue reading “A Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy” »

And on the 90th Day God said: “Bale Shall Score”….

Haley’s comet passing. Blood moons. Summer solstice. For some incredibly momentous happenings, the usual currency of days, weeks, and months is an ineffective measure of time. Time is and always has been relative. Our own values and prejudices taint it. For example, the ancient Aztec calendar, known colloquially as the “Eagle Stone”, measured years in 18 months of 20 days. By that measure, Gareth Bale would have gone over four months between goals for Real Madrid, not three.

But I’m not here to mock. I’m here to celebrate. Continue reading “And on the 90th Day God said: “Bale Shall Score”….” »

Everything you need to know about “that” 12 second FC Barcelona VINE

I am aware that many of you read this fine blog on eInk Kindles and cellphones. Thus, you can’t always see Vines or GIFs. Thus, here is a link to the FCB Vine we will be dissecting today. Please take a moment to see said VINE. Did you? Excellent.

Now allow me to paint the most vivid of pictures. Continue reading “Everything you need to know about “that” 12 second FC Barcelona VINE” »