The Annual Winter Dip in Production

Hello, readers. I know that about half of you live in the Southern hemisphere and are enjoying a warm summer. A good chunk of you do not practice a Judaeo-Christian religion. Many also use the lunar calendar instead of the Gregorian. Sadly for you, this website is and always will be a xenophobic and American hotbed of hatred.

Yes, I am taking a few weeks off to enjoy the winter, travel to see family, and celebrate Jesus’ birthday (and El Dia de los Reyes Magos). Continue reading “The Annual Winter Dip in Production” »

The Short Kiss Until a Few Months Later…..

Days after the World Cup draw, in response to the US’ group, a sharp editor at the New Yorker astutely observed that “we are all in the group of death.” In case you hadn’t noticed, things have gotten quiet in these parts, odd given that I write about soccer and the whole world is paying attention to soccer. Here’s why: unlike the US team, a beloved relative has not advanced to the knockout rounds from our collective humanity’s group of death. Like a Geoff Cameron clearance, the result was shocking, sudden and unexpected. (Unlike Cameron, this person cannot be replaced by Omar Gonzalez)

I’ll be MIA for a few months. But, luckily for you, my anal ass pitched himself to some great mags and sites early, so you’ll have lots of my copy to read. Enjoy as best you can (and go US!). Continue reading “The Short Kiss Until a Few Months Later…..” »

FutFedUp – The Totally Unexpected End of Another Era

I had a simple dream: reduce coherent thoughts to bullet points, sentences, and images. Quizzes. Listicles. Buzzwords. Retweets. I wanted to bring “social content” to soccer. I wanted a place for incomplete thoughts, unfinished ideas, and brain farts. With your help and support, FutFeed was hands down, indisputably, unabashedly the most successful week in my site’s history: we easily topped 15,000 unique visitors, which is good for a three posts-per week soccer blog with an owner too lazy to SEO-bait each post.

But therein lies the problem. And the demise of FutFeed. Continue reading “FutFedUp – The Totally Unexpected End of Another Era” »

The Long Kiss Until Later…

Happy holidays to everybody from the award-winning yet still vindictive Futfanatico. It’s been a great year for the site, from the failed FutSail University takeover to the shareholder-targeted ramblings of MBA Baracus to Rafa Benitez’s dollar ebook-to-Chelsea manager turnaround. Only one thing could make for a better year – Chelsea firing Benitez, and then immediately re-hiring him. Could it happen? Our fingers are crossed, our breath held, our face a deep blue, and our hearts full of optimism and wonder.

Until then, here’s the low-down on next year. Continue reading “The Long Kiss Until Later…” »

The Ultimate in Affordable Soccer Christmas Gifts Por un Dolar

It’s been a wonderful year. I’m enjoying the soccer as always, the site looks half-decent, and the writing has been flowing at a steady clip. I’ve also gotten some dollars & cents out of writing about soccer, albeit not enough to rock things even part-time. Still, I’m grateful and I owe it all to you – thanks dude or dudette who Googled some random soccer term, probably “Raul Gonzalez” or “Sergio Ramos girlfriend”, came to my site, clicked on a banner ad, and never returned.

And you, the reader? When was the last time you clicked on an ad? Sadly, this year hasn’t been all good news. My site unfortunately has started to suffer from a plague of voyeuristic vultures – folks that come by three to four times a week, read the latest post, sometimes leave a comment, and then leave without even clicking goodbye.

But I have a plan. Continue reading “The Ultimate in Affordable Soccer Christmas Gifts Por un Dolar” »