When Did R/Soccer Turn into BigSoccer?

It should come as no surprise that I am not the biggest fan of online forums. Why? They often revert to a like-minded wolf-pack that attacks novel ideas and different perspectives. They are often poorly moderated in the sense that 1) Mods fail to remove personal attacks and 2) Mods censor based on personal likes with disregard to the freedom of ideas. I want to stress – I really don’t personally blame any of the folks at BigSoccer for some of the more vile comments and pissy threads there. Online anonymity is a double edged sword – it shields us from accountability so we can express ourselves, but this adds fuel to the flame of often too fiery sports debates. Obviously, I like certain teams, players, and leagues, but, come on, isn’t realizing sport is a game part of the fun of the game? . Apparently not.

Thus, it is with great honor that I reveal I have been banned from R/Soccer. Continue reading “When Did R/Soccer Turn into BigSoccer?” »

Amazon Savagely Discounts Rafa Benitez’s eBook to One Dollar

Life’s not easy if you’re Rafa Benitez. First, you have not managed a soccer club in years. Like the rest of the over-educated and unemployed, you started a blog. Then, with the help of a ghostwriter, you published a book: “Champions League Dreams.” Things on the uptick? Most definitely. With your new online media presence, the cash shall floweth. Right? Wrong. Continue reading “Amazon Savagely Discounts Rafa Benitez’s eBook to One Dollar” »

Major Controversy Over Alejandro Bedoya’s Computer Choice

Major props to the Gaffer for unearthing this gem via social media.

USMNT player Alejandro Bedoya plays soccer in Europe. In addition to playing soccer, he (gasp) watches soccer!!!! How is that possible, you ask? How does he possibly do it? No, not at the same time, silly reader. When he is not playing soccer, he watches soccer. But on what? Nope, not on a major plasma screen TV. Nope, not in a dope dungeon-esque viewing layer with empty rows of old movie theater seats. Rather, on his computer.

The treachery. Continue reading “Major Controversy Over Alejandro Bedoya’s Computer Choice” »

Latest Eurosnob Complaint for MLS: All Goals Look the Same

I’ve been blogging about MLS since KC fans cramped into minor league baseball parks and the LA Galaxy couldn’t fill a stadium with light for ninety minutes. Thus, as the vanguard of the flippant Eurosnob armchair analysts, I have considerable experience looking down my nose at your beloved league. Did you notice that? How I used the second person possessive to distance myself from MLS and tie you to it (and italics for emphasis)? Did that use of second person possessive lead you to foresee a criticism of MLS that places me and other leagues on a pedestal? Now, has my own blog post/meta-analysis caused you to grow bored and click elsewhere in search of amusing cat videos (soooo 2009)? Are these questions testing your 21st century patience? Would you rather be retweeting the recent pin of a tumblr “tumbl” of interest? Will I ever get to the point?

Yes. I went to MLSsoccer.com. It is much improved since FakeSigi embarrassed them. They embed videos using XHTML. However, tech specs aside, I noticed a major problem with MLS goals. Unlike Europe, they all look the same. Here’s why. Continue reading “Latest Eurosnob Complaint for MLS: All Goals Look the Same” »

Roja Directa – a Coming Post-Copyright Era of Game Streams & Clips?

The tides continue to turn against the copyright control freaks. At least in Europe. A brief recap of the RojaDirecta battle: First, RojaDirecta wins a Spanish legal court case. Second, the US government seizes the US domain of RojaDirecta. Third, RojaDirecta files a lawsuit to compel the US to return their domain.

Fourth, and hopefully lastly, the highest EU court issues a decision that undercuts the copyright holders. In a landmark decision, the Court upheld the right of a UK pub owner to broadcast a game from a cheaper foreign telecast. Basically, folks in the UK now unquestionably enjoy the legal right to watch free Digisport Romanian broadcasts of games on their Sopcast Player. Cool. Granted, some fear this will eventually lead to expensive pan-European rights. However, these critics overlook key arguments in the decision that may usher in a new era of “public rights.” Continue reading “Roja Directa – a Coming Post-Copyright Era of Game Streams & Clips?” »

The Futfanatico eBook – a Somewhat Credible Indie Edition

So, for half a year, the eBook has been available for Kindle, Nook, and Apple. Since then, two things have happened. First, I’ve realized that not everybody wants to support outsourcing multinational conglomerates that turn blind eyes to eclick warehouse sweatshops. Second, I was never too big on DRM, and now say to hell with it.

Thus, I present some super cool ways to get your paws on my eBook while only feeling slightly evil, not totally evil. Continue reading “The Futfanatico eBook – a Somewhat Credible Indie Edition” »


Tekkies and trekkies, you are in for a not-Tim Cook approved treat. First some history: nine months ago, we launched the FutFanApp for iPhone and Android. Since then, iPhone has upgraded to iOS 5, while Android plans to soon upgrade to Smore Honey Comb Ice Cream Sundae Sandwich. What does that mean in non-tech jargon? Blah blah, blah blah blah blah. Your mobile is cooler and demands cooler apps be downloaded. But is the FutFanApp ready?

Do Liverpool fans defensively blame media conspiracies for their teams’ individual and collective failings? A RESOUNDING YES. I proudly present Version 2.0 of the FutFanApp, retrofitted for your new cool cellular and available for only $0.99. Continue reading “TODAY'S MAJOR APPLE ANNOUNCEMENT: FutFanApp 2.0” »

The Symbology of the New Red ESPN Gamecast Own Goal Icon

Since mankind painted the walls of caves, we have struggled to capture the immensity of reality in brushstrokes. At the most basic level, a painting or image will simply mirror real life. A family portrait, a postcard – these superficial reproductions serve a purpose, albeit limited. However, every once in a while inspiration meets perspiration meets talent. Sometimes, a pictorial creation transcends reality to not just replicate it, but communicate profound understandings of both reality and ourselves.

When ESPN debuted their new red-own-goal icon a few weeks back, it was one of those moments. Since then it has proliferated, appearing in both the Ireland European Cup qualifying game and the Brazil-Mexico friendly. But what does this little red soccer ball say about us? Continue reading “The Symbology of the New Red ESPN Gamecast Own Goal Icon” »