Puebla FC: Your Personal Tax Grumblings Pale In Comparison

Puebla FC is a professional football club. It is based in Mexico. USMNT player Herculez Gomez played for them. Currently, DeMarcus Beasley plays for them. In the US, teams go belly up and enter bankruptcy. In the UK, they enter administration. In Mexico, things are a bit more gun ho – due to a recent tax dispute between the state and federal government, the Mexican Federal Government seized Puebla’s stadium, equipment, and even their coach bus.

The Federalis even went so far as to mark the bus with the dreaded SAT sticker of death. As somebody who has personally been excluded and marked by vicious, clicky, and sticker-loving grade school children, my heart goes out to the Puebla FC fans. Read all about it with your Google Translator here.

And you thought Harry Redknapp had tax problems.

Regular blogging, if such a thing exists, shall resume in a week or so. Until then, enjoy this Kaka-related guest post of mine at the excellent Fisted Away.

(Via Reddit & DeMarcus Beasley)

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READY YOUR CHIPS – Classical is Quickly Approaching Launch

Remember a few months ago when you donated $10 to a nascent sports website? Remember the glorious promises of chip-clips that would forever change your life and add up to 1.73 days of longevity to the standard lifespan of a conventionally sized (not super large) bag of Frito Lays? Me too. Lift your head and glance into the sky – the day is soon at hand. Continue reading “READY YOUR CHIPS – Classical is Quickly Approaching Launch” »

Soka Afrika: A Story of Football Trafficking & An Idea

We somewhat superficially addressed the topic of trafficking in soccer at Run of Play a few months back. Luckily, as the video of the trailer for Soka Afrika suggests, some pretty good filmmakers have tackled the topic head-on. The film, which has a twitter handle as well, follows the stories of two young African soccer talents: one a promising thorough-bred who goes the traditional route, the other a talented youngster who gets swindled by an “agent”

Eric of A Football Report did a splendid full review of the film here. However, both the film and my post at RoP brim with observations but are short on potential solutions. It’s super cool that a non-profit in France is attempting to help stranded African footy-dreamers, but I’m going to speculate on some more carrots & sticks ideas. Continue reading “Soka Afrika: A Story of Football Trafficking & An Idea” »

Check out some Amazing and Seriously Cool Soccer Images…

I may be late to the show, but the “Sucker for Soccer” images on the Behance Network are beyond fantastic. Special thanks to PRC, the lady who designed my site’s wicked header, for sending me the link. And for those of you who are especially dense, like things repeated three times, or prefer a link at the end of a sentence, you can check out these wonderful pics right here.

And that’s not all. Continue reading “Check out some Amazing and Seriously Cool Soccer Images…” »

REQUIRED READING – Some Summer Treats & Tricks

It’s summer, you’re bored, your favorite blogger isn’t posting as frequently, and he has not yet published his magnum opus that will forever change your life. What do you do?

Rest easy – we have some recommendations to make this June, July, and August bearable. Or, rather, adorable kitten LMAO-able. Continue reading “REQUIRED READING – Some Summer Treats & Tricks” »

FIFA Corruption Scandal Links & Time To Shakedown

I won’t bore you with another mega-post detailing this FIFA crap. Just remember two things: 1) As long as FIFA gets (practically) free labor from players and shifts the burden of hosting to countries, then they will be a money-grubbing gang of crooks with no incentive to change. 2) FIFA is not a dictatorship, it is a 21st century kleptocracy ala Latin America where the forces of capital hollow out democratic mechanisms.

Now let’s look at what some smart people have to say. And, lastly, an idea. Continue reading “FIFA Corruption Scandal Links & Time To Shakedown” »

Spinning Circles In The World At Large, Part I

It’s been ages since the soccer-news-media apparatus hummed along at such an accelerated pace. In light of this supernova of information, I have been forced into a stream-of-conscious absorption of facts, opinions, and dallyhoo. True, I am also working on a quasi-secret book. How secret? Well, I can only reveal two facts: it involves feet. And a ball. The rest shall remain with your imagination until June 1st. Then, on June 1st, when my third version of the MS is still not good enough, I will vent to you.

But back to the news of today, not tomorrow. Let’s begin. Continue reading “Spinning Circles In The World At Large, Part I” »

James Bond Meets The Firm Meets Ecuador

No, the title is not an upcoming project from MGM. Rather, it is an approximation of the “Chila” fake identity scandal that is rocking Ecuadorian futbol at the moment. One of the top teams, Liga Universitaria, apparently coerced a player into letting another use his identity for over two years. When a journalist started to snoop around, he was kidnapped. When the opposition clubs found out, they demanded that Article 19 of the local rules be enforced – effectively preventing Liga Universitaria from winning the title. The irony? These same clubs have been caught doing the same thing with minimal punishment.

So either brush of your English-Spanish dictionary or hum up the Google Translator, and head over to Futbol y Asociados for a balanced and detailed take on the issue. Click here.

Emergency Linkage – Required Reading

So, two of my favorite bloggers, Roswitha and Roberticus, have been active in the tweet world but tread softly in the blogosphere. Until now. I blame google reader hijinks, but somehow Roswirtha avoided my detection and wrote a wonderful piece on football-as-development in the poor outskirts of Indian cities. You must read it. Here. Roberticus, the original king of the tactics, wrote an epic post on tactical variations for the upcoming Clasico. You must also read it. Here.

Thanksgiving Day Link Thievery

It has been a long time since I did one of these, so, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I offer a buffet of delightful links and articles from the soccer blogosphere. Some may be a bit old, but rest assured, they are worth your read.

First, Ryan Babel. Okay, stop snickering. Apparently, unlike every single LFC fan who looks back at Rafa with partial memory loss and loving eyes, he does not exhibit the bias of Ted Bundy’s mom. Rather, he displays his own egotistical streak, tweeting about how he was not allowed extra-training sessions. Poor baby. (The Spoiler)

Second, Andrei Arshavin. His form for Arsenal has been far from supreme, despite some nice assists. However, he has returned to the world wide web with a delightful round of questions and answers. His responses range from tactful avoidance to abrasively sardonic. You shall enjoy them. (Dirty Tackle) Continue reading “Thanksgiving Day Link Thievery” »