If you claim a 1xBet promo code: MAXOFFER during the 1xBet registration process, the next steps are to use it and then withdraw it. But how exactly can you make a 1xBet withdrawal? This article will answer that question and tell you everything you need to know about 1xBet withdrawals.

How to Withdraw from 1xBet?

Follow the steps below to complete a 1xBet withdrawal process:

How to withdraw money from 1xBet?

  1. Login to your 1xBet account.

    1xBet Login

  2. Next, go to the ‘Payments’ section.

    Select withdrawal.

  3. Choose any from the list of withdrawal methods.

    1xBet Payments Methods

  4. Lastly, choose the amount you wish to withdraw.

    Confirm your choices.

Then, the concerned department at the sportsbook will receive a withdrawal request. They will need to approve your request before releasing the funds. Once they approve your withdrawal request, the funds will become available in your account within the stipulated timeframe.

1xBet Withdrawal Methods

1xBet withdrawal methods include almost every major payment method that you may be familiar with. Since the site caters to punters from a number of countries, it is impossible to provide an exhaustive list of payment methods that apply everywhere.

But rest assured, you will find the major payment systems common in your country. This includes debit/credit cards, e-wallets, integrated payment gateways, cryptocurrency wallets, and even cash.

Some of the major payment systems that are common in most countries include debit/credit cards from Visa and Mastercard. They also include e-wallets like Skrill and payment gateways like Neteller and ecoPayz.

The acceptable cryptocurrency methods are likely to be common across several jurisdictions. That is because virtual currencies are a kind of borderless payment system. Popular cryptocurrencies for withdrawals include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many others. But these are the more expensive coins. You can even use less expensive coins like Dogecoin for withdrawals and 1xBet deposits alike.

Find the specific withdrawal methods for your country below:

1xBet Withdrawal Rules

1xBet withdrawal rules are mostly standard rules that you will encounter at most sports betting sites. The cardinal rule in this regard is that you should only use payment methods that you own under your name. Otherwise, the bookmaker may decline your withdrawal requests. And you may even have to face inquiries or go through additional verification requirements.

You should also use the methods that you use during deposits for withdrawals. Otherwise, they may reject your withdrawal requests, especially if you use a banking or other online method for deposits but demand cash out at 1xBet.

So, what if you have used multiple methods during deposits? Which one should you use for withdrawals? Well, that depends on how much you deposited using each. Your withdrawal request for a particular payment method should be commensurate with how much you deposited using it.

Moreover, your withdrawal requests must be commensurate with your betting activity. You cannot simply deposit money, leave the funds lying idle, and expect a withdrawal. That is strictly against the terms and conditions of the site. Under no circumstances can you use the site as a place to leave your idle money or use it as a conduit between one payment system and another.

If you violate this condition, they will most likely reject your withdrawal request. In extreme cases, they may even close your account.

These are some of the general rules that you must abide by when making withdrawal requests at the sportsbook. The following sections deal with more specific issues such as the timeframe and 1xBet withdrawal limits.

1xbet payments

1xBet Withdrawal Time

While the deposit times at 1xBet are incredibly quick, the withdrawal times vary from one minute to 7 business days, depending on the payment method you choose.

For instance, withdrawal requests to Visa or Mastercard debit or credit cards generally take anywhere between one minute to seven business days. Direct bank transfers also take a few business days generally. E-Wallets and other internet banking methods and cryptocurrencies may take 15 minutes.

All that said, the above timeframes are merely estimates, and the 1xBet withdrawal time may vary depending on your individual circumstances. The payment method you choose, the country you belong to, etc., can all have an impact on the timeframe. Whether or not additional security verification or inquiries are necessary can also affect your withdrawal timeline.

1xBet Withdrawal Limits

As far as the 1xBet withdrawal limits are concerned, you should know that they can vary depending on the payment method you choose. But, generally speaking, the minimum withdrawal at 1xBet is around 1.50 USD (or its equivalent in another currency). This holds true across almost every major 1xBet withdrawal method, including fiat currency methods and cryptocurrency methods.

However, the maximum withdrawal limits are not clear. That most likely means that there is no hard and fast maximum withdrawal limit. But the amount you are allowed to withdraw at once will be determined by the sportsbook and your payment method.

The sportsbook will only let you withdraw money proportionate to the amount you have wagered and the amount you have deposited using that method. Moreover, your chosen payment method may only allow deposits up to a certain limit. You can learn about this limit by contacting your payment method issuer.

One more important point that you should know at this point is that none of the withdrawal methods charges any transaction or other fees. So, in other words, almost all of them are completely free.

1xBet Withdrawal Problems

There are numerous problems that you can face during 1xBet withdrawals. The site takes extra care to make sure such problems do not arise, but sometimes they inevitably do. And when 1xBet withdrawal problems arise, the expert and helpful customer service representatives, which we covered in our 1xBet review, are just a few clicks or taps away.

Incorrect Information

The most common, obvious, and perhaps silly problem that you may face involves entering incorrect information. This is more relevant when using some payment methods than others.

For instance, if you enter the wrong information for a Visa or Mastercard withdrawal, your error may be quickly identified. On the other hand, if you enter the wrong information when using something like a bank transfer, you may not realize your error for days.

Dormant Accounts

The second most common withdrawal issue faced by punters involves dormant accounts. If you have not actively wagered money recently, the sportsbook may reject your withdrawal request.

Failing to withdraw money using payment methods that belong to someone else is also a common problem. This is not strictly prohibited everywhere because you can use accounts for which you have legal authorization.

But this may often delay your withdrawal request because the site would need to conduct extra security verifications. However, if you fail to prove that you are legally authorized to use the account, they will reject your request and take action against your account.

Incorrect Payment Method

Furthermore, you can face challenges during withdrawal if you are using a payment method for the first time. In other words, if you use a payment method that you have never previously used for either deposits or withdrawals.

1xBet Withdrawal FAQs

Get quick and simple answers to 1xBet withdrawals in the section below.

How to withdraw the 1xbet bonus?

You have to meet the bonus requirements before getting the bonus funds to your main account balance. Then you can withdraw the bonus through the available payment channels.

How long does 1xbet withdrawal take?

The amount of time that a particular 1xBet withdrawal may take depends on several factors. But, generally speaking, most withdrawals are processed from anywhere between one minute to seven business days unless additional inquiries or security checks are necessary.

What is the minimum withdrawal on 1xbet?

The minimum withdrawal at 1xBet may vary based on the payment method you choose. But a good rule of thumb that applies across the greatest number of payment methods is 1.50 USD (or its equivalent in another currency).

What is a refund in 1xbet?

In some cases, 1xBet may return your stake or account balance. That is known as a refund. This can happen when the games you placed bets on are canceled, among other situations.