With the bet365 app, customers bring all the brand’s features into the palm of their hands. In other words, the brand gives users a more efficient way to use the operator.

bet365 App Download for Android

Customers looking to download the bet365 app for Android can follow the steps below. The download process is fast and simple. If the operator’s app is available in the region, the download process should look like the following.

  1. Go to the operator’s website using a mobile device.
  2. Find the correct version of the app, and click the adequate button.
  3. Download the app.
  4. Wait for the app to install.

In some regions, customers might have to complete the download process of the app directly from the website, while in some, they might have to download it from the appropriate store. If downloading directly from the website, customers might have to give the mobile device permission to install the app from an unknown source.

To help you further, we have gone over the steps to download and install the app for each country which you can find below:

bet365 app

bet365 App Download for iOS

Similarly to downloading the Android version, the download process for the bet365 app iOS is just as simple. By following the potential steps listed below, customers can download the app if it is available in the region.

  1. Open the brand’s website on the iOS device. (Or open App Store and find the bet365 app)
  2. Click on the adequate Download/Get button to download the app.
  3. Wait for the app to download.
  4. After downloading, the app should install automatically.

To use the app after downloading, customers need to register with bet365 or log in using an existing account. Accounts that customers created using a desktop version can be used for the app.

bet365 Mobile Version

Customers who, for whatever reason, cannot download the app have an alternate option. The brand’s mobile-friendly website allows mobile users to utilize the brand through a web browser.

By using the mobile-friendly version of the website and accessing it through a mobile browser, customers will have no limitations compared to the app or desktop version. All the same, options that desktop or app users in the region have will be available through the mobile website.

The advantage of the mobile-friendly website is that it requires no downloads. Only a few clicks away is the entire repertoire of features. With a funded account, customers can easily use all the features available in the region.

Old Mobile

Customers with an older type of mobile device can probably still use the mobile-friendly website. As it requires no downloads, the browser should open the operator’s website easily. It provides an excellent method of utilizing the brand for customers with older mobile devices.

New Mobile

Users with a newer mobile device are advised to use the bet365 app. As the app has certain requirements, it will most likely need a later version of the system update. While users with a new mobile device can still use the mobile-friendly website, the app does have certain advantages compared to other versions.

bet365 App Review

With the operator’s app and a funded account, customers can use the full potential of the brand. bet365 is one of the top international operators, and becoming a registered user comes with many features. The following section lists some of the potential features customers with the brand’s app might use by creating an account, if the app is available in the region.

Sports Betting

One of the primary features of the brand is the sportsbook they offer, which we covered in-depth in our bet365 review. Customers with a funded account can use the sportsbook to place bets on a variety of sports sections. Some of the available sports might include:

  • Boxing
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Rugby

Each sports section is filled with various betting markets. Customers can find some standard options, but there are also some more unique markets that sports bettors might find interesting. Users should check out the app and find out what betting markets and sports sections are available in their region.

Live Betting

In-play betting is an excellent option that allows customers using the brand’s app to place bets on live games. Users can find mostly the same sports section and betting markets as with standard betting, but this time with more information to work with in the search for the right betting market. See who is on the offensive and other stats that might help in finding the appropriate markets.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a feature that registered users can utilize with the mobile app, and it works great in combination with live betting. Registered mobile users can now watch live streams of certain events. The streams are seamless, high quality, and have a minimal delay.

With live streaming, customers watching the stream can try and use the information to find the appropriate betting markets and place bets in live betting. However, some events might be unavailable for live streaming. The availability of certain events depends on the customer’s region. Furthermore, in order to utilise the feature, customers need to have a funded account or a placed bet in the past 24 hours.

Bet Builder

With the bet builder feature, mobile users can combine multiple betting markets from a game into a single bet. For example, customers might combine the final score with the name of the scorer and the number of corners. There are several options and combinations that customers can mix. The decision falls onto the customers, while the availability of the bet builder option on events depends on the operator. In other words, the bet builder option might not be available for all games.

Cash Out

Similarly, another great feature for mobile sports bettors is the cash-out option. The feature allows customers who placed a bet on multiple matches, to take a part of the potential winnings before the final whistle. However, whether the option is available will depend on the operator. The brand usually offers it to customers with only one betting market left, but there might be other cases. Customers can choose to take the amount the brand offers, or wait for all games on the slip to end.

The good thing about the cash-out feature is that customers don’t have to wait for all games to end, and possibly miss the bet. If customers take the cash-out option, regardless of the final out of the matches that are left, customers can still have a part of the winnings.


One of the features that interest most customers is the promotions. The brand might offer customers a variety of promotions, including welcome offers. Customers can use the bet365 bonus code during registration using the app, but they will have to complete the requirements in order to claim the bonus amount. Entering the bonus code is not enough to get the bonus.

To see all available promotions, customers should visit the brand’s website or use the app. Please note that each promotion has a unique set of terms and conditions that need to be met in their entirety to claim the bonus amount.


With the mobile casino app, customers can access one of the most considerable varieties of games, starting from table games all the way to slots the brand offers. There are various sections, each more unique than the previous, and with a funded account, customers have a chance to try out all the available games in the region. For more information on the brand’s casino, please visit the operator’s website or download the casino app.

What Are the bet365 App System Requirements?

The bet365 mobile app has certain system requirements in order to function properly. Most commonly, it is a certain system update and a specific amount of memory. The mobile device needs to meet the requirements or have higher specifications in order to function. Customers can find all the requirements for both the Android version and the iOS version on the operator’s website. If the mobile device does not meet the system requirements, the app will have problems or will not work at all.

bet365 App FAQ

Readers can find answers to some most common questions asked about the bet365 app. For any additional information, users can consult the brand’s customer service center, or read the FAQs section on the operator’s website.

Does bet365 have an app?

Yes, the brand offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS. However, customers should check if the app is available in the region first. If the app is available in the region.

How to download the bet365 mobile app?

Downloading the bet365 mobile app is simple. Customers can visit the brand’s website, and click the button for the appropriate version of the app they wish to download. After downloading the app, it should install automatically.

Where can customers download the bet365 mobile app?

Depending on the customer’s region, if the app is available, customers can download the app from the brand’s website. Similarly, also depending on the region, the app might be available in the adequate app store.