BetKing is an up-and-coming sportsbook that provides punters with a wide range of features including the BetKing app. To know more about the BetKing app and any available BetKing promo code, keep reading.

Since BetKing is available in a number of countries, the download methods and specifications may differ from country to country. To provide you with the most relevant information, we have created country specific download guides:

BetKing App Download for Android

BetKing has an app that is fully developed and compatible with all Android devices. And it can even be found on the Google Play Store unlike most other sports betting apps. It may or may not be listed based on which region you are accessing from.

The app also has certain system requirements that you’ll have to make sure of. You need to have some storage space available on your device. The app is likely not to work properly if your phone is a very old model or one that isn’t optimized.

For Android users, the steps to download the BetKing app are below:

How to download the BetKing Android app in 4 steps?

  1. First, clear out any junk from your phone so that you have enough storage space for the app on your device.

  2. Launch the Google Play Store on your phone and look up ‘BetKing.’

    Make sure to get the capitalizations right since you are likely to find irrelevant results in your search otherwise.

  3. Once you’ve found the correct app, press download and head to your phone settings.

    From the “Privacy and Security” section, press ‘Allow’ on ‘install from unknown sources.

  4. After the app is downloaded, from your downloads section press “Install” on the BetKing app.

    When the installation is complete, you can simply launch the app and start betting.

The app download for Android devices is pretty simple and you should have no issues with it.

BetKing App Download for iOS

The BetKing app is also available for iOS devices. To download the app on an iOS device, just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Launch the iTunes store on your mobile device and type in ‘BetKing’ in the search bar. Make sure that you use the right capitalizations as this will warrant more accurate searches.
  • Step 2: There may be multiple apps coming up in the search, so make sure to download the correct BetKing app with the accurate logo and name. To download, hit your start button twice and complete facial recognition if needed. You will receive prompts as per your device requirements.
  • Step 3: There is no separate installation process for the iOS app unlike the Android version. However, you may have to agree to the app Terms and Conditions during the download process.
  • Step 4: Once the app is downloaded and installed, just press on it to launch and you can start placing bets right away.

One thing to keep in mind is that the iOS mobile app might not be available in all regions. And there are plenty of third-party websites offering download links for the BetKing app. These websites have not been verified, therefore, may not be safe for punters to download from.

While there are some issues downloading the mobile app on iOS devices, these are likely to be resolved by the operator.

BetKing Mobile Version

If you have a mobile device that the BetKing app is not compatible with, you have nothing to worry about. The operator has a desktop website and also a mobile version of the website where punters can enjoy every last benefit of the app.

The mobile version can be accessed from the punters mobile browser and it is very user-friendly. Navigation is not an issue either with the mobile version of BetKing since all of the menus are in clear sight and designed well.

BetKing Mobile

The mobile version is optimized for mobile users but can be accessed via desktop as well. It has two versions. One of these is the Mlite version which is the old mobile version. It is still available to be accessed.

The other one is the New Mobile version of BetKing which can also be found by looking up BetKing on the mobile browser.

Mlite (Old Mobile Version)

There are some discernible differences between the Mlite version of the BetKing mobile website. The most obvious one is that Mlite is a bit bulkier in terms of design and appearance. It shows the most popular bets as the default page.

New Mobile Version

The New Mobile Version is a bit more updated compared to the old site. The visual difference can be compared to an update on a mobile app. Instead of bets, it displays the most popular and upcoming leagues in the default page.

BetKing App Review

The BetKing app is a well-developed app and punters report that it functions smoothly on their devices. The app is designed in a way that it is appealing to punters and easy to navigate at the same time.

Punters can find all of the BetKing website features, which we went over in the full review of BetKing, on the app as well. These include all of the promotions, sports available on the website, and even mobile payment method.

In our review of the app, we’ll try to incorporate as many features of the sportsbook as we can and give a transparent opinion on them.

BetKing App

App Availability

The BetKing mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. And the best part is that it doesn’t need to be downloaded using a separate link. It can be downloaded right from the Google Play Store or the iTunes store.

Security and Safety

The BetKing app is a secure app that is safe for all punters to use. The operator itself is licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board, Anambra State Gaming Company, and the National Lotteries Board.

It is also the owner of a Sports and Gaming License which was issued by the Osun State Government. So, punters won’t have to worry about their information being stolen or any security issues either.

Sports Betting Odds and Markets

BetKing has plenty of sports that punters can bet on including football, cricket, basketball, tennis and even golf and boxing. The wide range of sports is one of the reasons it was able to attract so many customers.

Football appears to be one of the most popular sports at BetKing and punters can bet right from the app by navigating to the sports section. The variety of betting markets in all of the sports is also very diverse. And the bookmaker gives decent odds when compared to other operators of similar caliber.

Live Betting

You can also place in-play bets using the BetKing mobile app. The range of sports for live betting is just as diverse as punters can find the ongoing events on the BetKing app.

Placing bets is also just as easy. Punters merely need to navigate to the live section in the sports menu and select any event to bet on.

Virtual Sports

There is a virtual leagues section in the BetKing mobile app. While there aren’t as many selections to choose from, the virtual section is still available to punters.

You can even cash out from bets in the Simulated Reality Leagues available on the app.

Cash Out

There is a separate cash out feature as well on the BetKing app. Punters can choose to cash out their winnings from a certain leg of their bets. This feature is great for punters since it leaves them with some cash instead of losing out on a bad decision.

What Are the BetKing App System Requirements?

The mobile app might not be available in all regions but can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iTunes Store in available regions. We do not recommend that punters download from any third-party sites even if the app is unavailable on Google Play Store or iTunes store since it may be unsafe.

The app is free for any device and can be downloaded within a matter of minutes depending on your internet speed. And the app is available in English as that is the most common mode of communication among most people who bet on sports.

The app is also rated 18+ on both devices. This means that if your user account states that you are below the age of 18, the app might be restricted for downloading on your device.

The app will function smoothly on any iOS device including iPhones, iPads, iPods. The version of your device should be updated to iOS 7.0 or a higher version to be compatible with the BetKing app. Any lower, and the app might not work on your device.

On Android devices, you must have at least 500 MB of storage space free on your device before downloading the app. The size of the app itself is around 8.4 MB and so far, there haven’t been any version updates at the time of writing this guide.

On Android devices, your operating system should be updated to Android version 4.1 or higher for the app to function. Otherwise, the app works perfectly smoothly on all devices on which it is available.

BetKing App FAQ

This concludes our review and guide on the BetKing app. While the app works perfectly well on Android devices, some users have reported issues finding it on iOS. Nevertheless, we hope the developers of the app ensure a smoother transition for the future.

To finish off the guide, we have prepared a short FAQ section for our readers below:

1. Does BetKing have an app?

Yes, BetKing does have a mobile app. The BetKing mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Punters can download it from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store by searching for “BetKing.”
The app is compatible with all devices that have a recently updated operating system. The app might not be available in certain regions, however.

2. How to download the BetKing mobile app?

Unlike most other sports betting apps, the BetKing app can be found on both the Google Play Store and iTunes store. The app is compatible with most of the recent versions of all Android and iOS devices.
To download the app, punters must search for ‘BetKing’ on either the Google Play Store or iTunes store. There may be multiple results, punters need to pick the correct one by looking at the app details. And the app might not be available in certain regions on iOS devices.

3. Where can I download the BetKing mobile app?

The BetKing app can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or iTunes store, unlike most other sports betting apps. Punters can find it by searching for ‘BetKing’ on either platform ensuring the correct spelling and capitalization.
The app might also be available on certain third-party websites. However, we do not recommend punters to download from any website that has not been officially verified by BetKing. Doing so may be unsafe.