Basketball First

Euroleague Basketball has already signed a partnership with the Israeli company MindFly. It remains to be seen how long you will have to wait to see your favorite Ligue 1 player on a dedicated TV channel, as today you can watch a particular game.

The scenario is a bit futuristic but one thing is certain. There are chances that it will land on our screens, starting probably with the images transmitted by the referees or game sequences from the chest of the players in a slight delay (about twenty minutes).

Technology to Be Improved

The player Timo Hübers said after the test: “It took me a little while to get used to wearing the bodycam, it was quite hot underneath. It didn’t limit me, but I felt like I was wearing it.

Something that the coaches should not look favorably on. The integration with the textile is already quite fine, but we have to admit that we will have to do better to convince the club managers. Also, those of FIFA will probably be less annoying in the negotiations as the volume of content is immense!

Thanks to this technology and artificial intelligence, it is possible for the staff to obtain the images without a 20 minutes delay today.