Making a Gal Sport Betting withdrawal is the most satisfying part of online gambling because it means you’ve bagged a few winning bets. Follow this guide to learn the steps for when you want to cash out.

How To Withdraw Money From Gal Sport Betting?

There are both online and offline Gal Sport Betting withdrawal methods. Furthermore, the list of options may vary between different countries.

That said, the fundamentals are generally consistent when related to one bookmaker. Therefore, here’s a beginner’s guide for making a GSB withdrawal (using Uganda as the example country).

How To Withdraw Via Mobile Money?

  1. Log into your online account or the GSB app.
  2. From the menu, select “Withdraw”.
  3. Choose “Mobile Money” from the list of options.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and type in your PIN.
  5. The withdrawal will be processed, and the money will be sent to your account.
Gal Sport Betting Mobile Money

How To Withdraw Via USSD?

  1. Dail *165*4*6*6# from your registered phone number.
  2. Select “Online Withdraw” (3).
  3. Type in your Gal Sport Betting account ID.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Enter the withdrawal transfer code.
  6. Press “Send” (1) to confirm the transaction.
Gal Sport Betting Withdrawal USSD

How To Withdraw From A GSB Bet Shop?

  1. Log into your account and select “Withdraw”.
  2. Choose “Shop Cash”.
  3. Enter your withdrawal amount and your password.
  4. GSB sends you an SMS with your withdrawal transfer code.
  5. Visit your local GSB shop and give the cashier your account ID and the withdrawal code.
  6. Collect your winnings in cash.

Gal Sport Betting Withdrawal Methods: Uganda

With your Gal Sport Betting deposit out of the way, you’ll feel more confident and comfortable when it comes time to withdraw. The entire process is intuitive, and GSB assists in guiding its customers through the steps, which is good news for new customers.

These are the withdrawal options for players in Uganda:

  • MTN (online or USSD)
  • Airtel (online or USSD)
  • Cash from shop
Gal Sport Betting Withdrawal Uganda

Gal Sport Betting Withdrawal Methods: Tanzania

Tanzania is one of Africa’s fastest-growing markets for online sports betting, which explains why several mobile money services facilitate deposits and withdrawals from betting companies. Here are the available methods in Tanzania:

  • Vodacom (online or USSD)
  • Airtel (online or USSD)
  • Tigo (online or USSD)
  • Halotel (online or USSD)
  • Cash from shop
Gal Sport Betting Withdrawal Tanzania

Gal Sport Betting Withdrawal Methods: Zambia

Using the Gal Sport Betting bonus code in Zambia – or any other country – can help you secure the welcome bonus. If you manage to come out on top with the bonus, it’s an excellent time to make a withdrawal. These are your GSB Zambia withdrawal options:

  • MTN (WebPay)
  • Airtel (WebPay)
  • Zamtel (WebPay
  • Cash from shop

Gal Sport Betting Withdrawal Methods: International

The withdrawal methods in other countries vary. For instance, in South Sudan, players can only withdraw in cash from a GSB bet shop. This process is effortless, and it means bettors can get instant payouts if it’s during the shop’s operational hours.

Credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers are also mentioned in the terms and conditions. Therefore, Gal Sport Betting obviously processes withdrawals using these methods in specific regions.

However, no precise information about which countries accept these options is available.


As you can see, Gal Sport Betting tapped into regional markets, so it offers appropriate payment instruments for each country.

Understandably, mobile money services are far and away the most popular due to their convenience. For more information, check out the FAQs below.

How long does the Gal Sport Betting withdrawal process take?

The time it takes to process a withdrawal is dependent on the payment method. Furthermore, GSB indicates that some withdrawals may experience a slight delay while the company completes its identity verification checks.

What is the withdrawal fee at GSB?

GSB allows customers one free credit card, debit card, or bank transfer withdrawal every 30 days. Any additional withdrawals using these payment methods within a 30-day cycle are charged with a €5 operational fee.

What is the minimum withdrawal at Gal Sport Betting?

The minimum withdrawal amount at Gal Sport Betting is TZS 1,000 or currency equivalent for mobile money payments. However, GSB states that limits may vary depending on the withdrawal method.

What is the maximum withdrawal at Gal Sport Betting?

It depends on the country. For example, the maximum winnings in Tanzania are TZS 250,000,000 per day (24 hours). However, the maximum (total) withdrawal over a 30-day period is unlimited for sports betting. This means you can withdraw any amount that you win.