The best betting platforms provide betting apps to give customers a more personalized experience. Check this guide to find out how to place your bets using mobile apps in Ghana.

Best Betting Apps in Ghana

The best betting apps in Ghana are those that allow customers to access all the features available on a sportsbook. We have made a compilation of the bookmakers with the best apps.

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Best Betting Apps in Ghana FAQs
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Top 5 Betting Apps in Ghana
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How Did We Choose the Best Betting Apps?
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Best Betting Apps with a Welcome Bonus
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Best Apps with Free Bets
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Best Football Betting Apps
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Best Basketball Betting Apps
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Best Cricket Betting Apps
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Best Live Betting Apps
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Best Android Betting Apps
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Best iOS Betting Apps
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How to Download Betting Apps?
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How to Place a Bet on the Betting Apps?
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How to Make a Deposit on the Betting Apps?

About Betting Apps in Ghana

There is no better way to place bets than from your mobile phone because it allows you to wager from anywhere and at any time.

It gets better when you can use a mobile betting app to place your bets because you can access more personalized features of a betting site.

The best betting apps in Ghana provide apps that allow bettors to wager at their convenience. As a result, you are not restricted by location and can bet on your favourite team on the go.

Of course, the best betting apps have all their primary betting website features. With the app, you can register an account, deposit funds, place your bets, and access all the promotional offers of the bookmaker.

Additionally, you can use the app’s push notification feature, where you can follow up on the progress of a game. Also, the push notification feature helps you to know when new promotional offers are available on the platform.

Best Betting Apps in Ghana FAQs

Here are the frequently asked questions about betting apps and mobile betting apps to help you understand the advantages of using apps to place a bet.

Are betting apps safe to use?

Yes, betting apps are generally safe to use. However, before placing bets using the app, you should find out if the bookmaker is licensed and legal in Ghana.

Which app can I use to bet?

You can use any app provided by a bookmaker of your choice to place your bets. Once you are sure the sportsbook you have an account with has an app, download the app and start betting.

What are the top sports betting apps?

The top betting sites also provide the top apps that allow their customers to wager. However, you should sign up with a betting platform whose app offers more personalized features like push notifications, live betting, and live streaming.

How do sports betting apps work?

Apps work the same way the website of a betting platform works. They contain all the features you can access on the website version, but they give you a better user experience.

Betting is generally legal in Ghana, and any betting platform that will emerge will need to be licensed and regulated. As a result, sports betting apps will be legal if the betting platform is licensed and regulated by Ghanaian authorities.

In other words, it is safe to use sports betting apps whose bookmaker is legal in Ghana.

Top 5 Betting Apps in Ghana

In order for you to decide which sports betting apps to sign up for, we have a few recommendations. You will find out the top 5 betting apps in this section of our guide.

bet365 App

bet365 is one of the world’s leading sportsbooks, becoming popular in many African countries, with Ghana not exempted. The betting platform provides some of the best features a bookmaker can have, including sports betting app that users can use.

Since the betting site is legal in Ghana, Ghanaian bettors can use the bet365 app to place their bets.

However, one thing that makes bet365 stand out as one of the best betting apps is that the bookmaker has separate apps for separate functions. bet365 provides separate apps for Sports, Casinos, Live Casinos, and so on.

You can download any of your choices depending on the type of games you prefer. Customers can visit the website to download the mobile betting apps.

bet365 App Mobile

Betway App

Betway is also one of the top safest betting platforms to wager in Ghana. Although the platform is an international betting site, it is licensed and regulated by the Gaming Commission of Ghana.

As a result, Ghanaian bettors can safely access all the bookmaker’s features, including the app.

Betway provides an app for all customers, including Android and iOS users, allowing them to place bets from anywhere. Android users can download the app from the platform’s website, while iOS users can download it from either the app or App Store.

1xBet App

Another betting platform that has grown in its reputation among Ghananian bettors is 1xBet. Although the betting website is an international sportsbook, it meets the need of bettors in the country.

With the 1xBet app, punters can register with the betting platform, deposit funds, place bets, and access all other functions available on the website.

The mobile betting app is just a reflection of the mobile version of the website, allowing customers to bet conveniently. However, the app serves a better purpose because it helps users to save data and have a better-personalized experience.

BetWinner App

Talk of another betting platform that provides Ghanaian punters with the best betting services, BetWinner comes out as one. The bookmaker provides some promotional offers that help customers to find the page.

Apart from the website’s excellent user interface, the bookmaker also has a mobile app for users to place their bets. The app has a simplicity that allows users to locate all the features from the homepage.

As a result, you can sign up for an account with the app, use any of the payment methods to deposit funds, and place bets.

In addition to the sports BetWinner app, the bookmaker also provides a casino app exclusively for casino games. With this, bettors who prefer to play casino games can download it to enjoy all its features.

Furthermore, the apps (Sports and casino apps) are available for download on the betting website and are compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

22bet App

The 22bet app provides users with an efficient and uncomplicated way of accessing the brand. What makes it such a helpful tool for many sports bettors?

Well, to start, 22bet is an international brand and is one of the top options for bettors in Ghana.

22bet is fully licensed and guarantees safety for all registered users. The same applies to 22bet mobile users. Use the app to place bets, make deposits and withdrawals, access all elements of the brand, and know that you are safe.

Download the app today and find out what makes 22bet a great option for sports betting in Ghana. The app is available for both Android and iOS, and you can download the adequate versions easily from the brand’s website.

22bet Mobile Application

How Did We Choose the Best Betting Apps?

We didn’t choose our list of the best betting apps based on big names or how internationally recognized a bookmaker is. Instead, we used a list of criteria to select the betting platforms that offer the best apps. Below are some of the criteria.

Compatibility and Ease of Download

The first point we considered when choosing the best apps from bookmakers is the compatibility of the apps and the ease of downloading the apps. The best apps are compatible with all devices, allowing all users access to use them.

Also, the best apps must be easy to download, and the installation process much not be challenging.

Most betting platforms allow customers to download the apps directly from their websites. This ensures users do not download the wrong ones and then fall for fraudulent activities.

Usually, both Android and iOS users can visit betting platforms to install the apps. However, iOS users can download the app from the App Store.


We also checked the accessibility of the apps before choosing the best apps provided by bookmakers. The best apps should be easily accessible to users. As a result, the apps should load fast without delays, and there should be no lagging in operation.

Also, the sports betting app should keep users logged in and not ask for login details whenever they want to access the app. This will ensure accessing the app will not be a challenge, especially when a bettor wants to wager or cash out on his bets quickly.

User Experience

In choosing the best betting apps, punters must also consider the user experience of using the app. Usually, an app should have an excellent interface, and users should find navigating through it easily.

The homepage must not be jampacked, and the color combination should be perfect for allowing bettors access to the features.

Also, users should see the vital feature of the app on the homepage to easily access them. Features like registration, login, payment options, and bet slips should all be easily accessed from the homepage.

Promotions and Bonuses

One of the most crucial factors punters watch out for when deciding which bookmaker to sign up for are the promotions and bonuses available. With promotional offers and bonuses, bettors can explore a betting website and can get more rewards for placing bets.

The best betting apps offer the biggest promotional offers like welcome bonuses, accumulator bonuses, and casino offers. They can all be in different forms, including bet credits, weekly promotions, rebates, and others.

So it is crucial for bettors to wager with the sports betting app that offers them more promotions. This is especially true for those new to betting, as various promotional offers help them get familiar with betting.

betting app in ghana

Live Betting

Apart from betting websites providing a platform for bettors to wager, the top betting platforms allow bettors to place bets on live games. Also known as In-Play betting, live betting involves wagering on games as they progress.

While you can place your live bets from the betting platform’s website, you will get a better experience using an app. This is because, with the app, you can use the push notification feature to follow up on your bets.

As a result, it is easy to know when you can cash out to claim your winnings or reduce your losses.

Live Streaming

Another excellent feature the top betting platforms offer is live-streaming services. When a bookmaker allows you to stream live games from its platform, you can watch your favourite team or player and wager on them simultaneously.

Thanks to this, you do not necessarily need a television to watch a game, as watching from the betting platform is perfect. In addition, when a sportsbook has an app, the live-streaming experience is even better. This is because you can watch games on the go from anywhere and anytime.


Before registering on a betting platform, bettors should usually find out if the bookmaker is legal to operate in the country. This will ensure you do not fall into the hands of fraudsters, and you can wager safely.

It is also recommended to read the website’s privacy policy to find out how the platform uses your personal information.

If a platform is secure and legal, then its sports betting app will also be secure and legal, and you can safely place your bets. Additionally, betting on an app is safer than betting on a website.

This is because you are more susceptible to internet attacks on the website than on the app.

Best Betting Apps with a Welcome Bonus

One thing to watch out for before signing up for an account with a bookmaker is the welcome bonus. The best betting sites offer welcome bonuses to help them attract new customers.

This bonus can be in different forms, including deposit bonuses, rebates, bet credits, and others. Here is our list of the best betting platforms with a welcome bonus.


bet365 is one of the leading sportsbooks that offer welcome bonuses to its newly registered users. However, you need to meet the requirements to get the welcome bonus. You can visit the bet365 website to find out the full terms of the bonus.


With 1xBet, you will have access to several promotions. However, the welcome bonus is the most interesting. When you register as a new customer on 1xBet, you can get a 330% first deposit bonus of up to 3445 GHS.

However, the amount you will get as a welcome bonus depends on the amount you first deposit into your account.

1xBet Mobile Application

In addition, you must agree to receive sports betting bonus before you can receive the bonus, and you must meet the wagering requirement to get the bonus.

Premier Bet

If you want to create an account on the Premier Bet app, you can get a 100% matched first deposit bonus. The matched bonus could be a sports bonus of up to 3,300 GHS or a slots bonus of up to 6,600 GHS. However, the minimum deposit bonus to claim the bonus is 660 GHS.

Also, the sports bonus has five times the wagering requirements, while the slots bonus has 30 times the wagering requirements. You can visit the sportsbook to find out more.

Best Apps with Free Bets

While some sports betting apps offer a deposit bonus as a welcome bonus, others offer free bets upon registration. With the free bets, you can wager on sports games without using your own money.

Here are some of the apps that give customers free bets upon registration.


Registering an account on Betway will get you a 50% first deposit offer of up to GHS 200 in free bets. All you have to do to get this offer is create an account, make your first deposit, and meet the wagering requirements stated in the app.

Betway Free Bets Offer


Although Betboro is somewhat new in the betting industry in Ghana, the bookmaker offers a welcome bonus that gets new users to sign up for the platform. Newly-registered customers can get a welcome bonus of GHS 400 in free bets.

However, you can only get the bonus on your first deposit, and other terms and conditions apply.

Betboro Bonus Ghana

Best Football Betting Apps

Football is the most popular sport not only in Ghana but also around the world. As a result, many Ghanaian bettors prefer to wager on football than any other sport.

However, they are always looking for the best betting platforms that allow placing bets on different football events. Here are some of the best football betting apps that provide apps to wager on football.


Being an international bookmaker, bet365 provides some of the biggest football events bettors in Ghana can bet on. You can bet on major football tournaments across the globe, including international games, games from the Europe top-five leagues, and others.

Since most Ghanaians are fans of European clubs, bet365 provides a platform for them to place their bets.

Apart from that, the sports betting app also allows betting on African football events, including betting on major African football leagues. You can visit the “Soccer” section of the website to find more football events you can bet on.


If you are looking for a football betting app that categorizes different football events into different segments, then Betway is your best bet. The bookmaker has different segments for each country’s football leagues and segments for international club competitions.

You will also find a separate segment for international events like the World Cup, African Nations Cup, and the like.

In addition, there are several promotional offers for football bets that you can jump on the platform. Visit the football section of the website to find out more.


There are more than 2500 football events available for betting on 1xBet. So, if you are looking for a betting platform that provides various betting options, 1xBet should be your go-to place.

The bookmaker has different segments for each league from various countries across the globe. As a result, you can bet on the CAF Champions League, English Premier League, La Liga, and other tournaments that you find intriguing.

If you cannot find the football event of your choice on other bookmakers, you will likely find it on 1xBet. This is because the website is made specially as a home for bettors who want to bet on football games.

Best Basketball Betting Apps

Here are some of the mobile betting apps that allow bettors to place basketball bets.


bet365 is home to many basketball events, allowing you to wager on a series of tournaments. Some include the NBA, FIBA competitions, Afrobaskets, and other tournaments.

You have many options as the bookmaker has divided the tournaments into different segments.


Betika is another excellent option for you if you are looking for a sports betting app to bet on basketball games. The good thing about the Betika app is that the games are in categories according to country.

So if you want to bet on the NBA, navigate to the “USA” icon on the Basketball page to place your bets. The same applies to other basketball leagues.

Betika Mobile App


BetWinner also offers some of the best basketball betting events. The tournaments available include Euroleague, FIBA Europe Cup, VTB United League, and others.

Best Cricket Betting Apps

Since sports fans in Ghana also find cricket interesting, here are some betting platforms where you can place cricket bets.


Betboro has a separate segment for cricket events on the Betboro app, and this segment is divided into different countries. You will find categories like World, where you can bet on worldwide tournaments like International Twenty20 Matches.

On the platform, you will also find cricket events in categories like India, Pakistan, and Australia. As a result, there are more than 50 cricket events to bet on daily on the platform.


There are more than 300 cricket events you can wager on daily on 1xBet. Most of these events are games of tournaments like Cricket Twenty20 Tri-Series, Cricket ICC World Cup Twenty20, and others. You should visit the betting platform to find out more.

Premier Bet

Another betting platform that has proven itself as one of the leading cricket betting sites is Premier Bet. The categories in the cricket section of the website depend on the available games.

But you can be sure of finding the biggest international tournaments to place bets on the sports betting app. Some of these tournaments include T20 World Cup, T20 Asia Cup, and others.

premier bet betting app

Best Live Betting Apps

Since many bettors prefer to wager from anywhere and anytime, knowing the best live betting apps is crucial. Here are some of them.


Wager with Betway if you want the best betting app to place your live bets. The betting platform allows wagers on almost every live event, and you can cash out whenever you want.

In addition, there could be up to 50 live games at a time on the website. So, you have several options to choose from.


BetWinner also has a sophisticated “Live” section that allows you to place in-play bets. When you open the app, click on the “Live” icon, and you can place bets on up to 50 games simultaneously.


Apart from allowing you to bet on live games, 1xBet also allows you to cash out to claim your winnings. The website also has a “Live” section with various games available for betting.

Best Android Betting Apps

While most betting platforms provide apps for Android and iOS users, some only provide for Android or iOS. Here are some of the best android betting apps.


bet365 provides different Android apps for different parts of the platform. So you can download the Sports app, Casino app, Poker app, and other available apps on the platform, and they are compatible with all Android devices.


1xBet also offers one of the best betting apps for Android users and is compatible with all Android devices. You should visit the website to download the apk version of the app.


Betika has an excellent user interface that makes it perfect for Android users. With the app, you can wager on sports games and use other functions of the bookmaker.

Best iOS Betting Apps

While some apps work well on Android, some are excellent on iOS devices. Let’s check them out below.


The Betway app is perfect for iOS devices, with all the features accessible from the app’s homepage. In addition, the app is compatible with all iOS devices, and you can download it on the website or App store.

Best iOS Apps Betway


BetWinner also provides an excellent app for its iOS users, allowing them to place bets at their convenience. Also, bettors can use the app’s push notification feature to follow up on their bets.

In addition, you can download two apps from BetWinner; one for sports and the other for casinos.


It is no coincidence that 1xBet makes our list for both Android and iOS devices. This is because the betting platform provides the best convenience for its users. All the app’s features offer an excellent user experience, and you can also play live betting from the app.

How to Download Betting Apps?

The process of downloading a sports betting app is straightforward. All you have to do is to visit the betting website and locate the app icon on the homepage.

Most times, you will find it when you scroll to the bottom of a bookmaker’s homepage. Click on the app icon and choose whether you want to download it for Android or iOS. You can then download it from there.

Usually, you can only download the apk version of the app for Android since Google Play does not support sports betting apps. However, the website will lead you to the App Store to download the app for iOS devices.

You can also visit the App Store directly to download the app. All you have to do is to search for the app, and you can proceed to download it from there.

How to Place a Bet on the Betting Apps?

Placing bets on a betting app is seamless. Once you launch the app, register an account if you are yet to or log in if you already have an account.

After that, choose from the array of games available and select your picks from the betting markets. You can select as many picks as possible to form an accumulator bet, and the betting platform will add them to your betting slip.

After that, enter your stake amount and deposit funds into your account if you are yet to. You can place your bet by clicking the “Confirm or Place Bet” button.

How to Make a Deposit on the Betting Apps?

Once you register an account with the app, you can access the bookmaker’s homepage. On the homepage, navigate to the payment section and click the “Deposit” icon.

Then choose your preferred deposit method from the array of options available to deposit your funds. Follow the prompts, and your funds will be in your betting account.