Top Betway Prediction and Betting Tips in Ghana

If you are yet to sign up on Betway, use a Betway sign up code to access the website to enjoy the rewards that come with using the website. Here is a guide to Ghana’s top Betway prediction and betting tips, including Betway jackpot prediction.

Betway Prediction Today

Last modified: 2022-07-01 22:59:55 UTC+ 0
Yield: 9.54%
IFK Norrkoeping vs Sirius
03/07 17:30
IFK Norrkoeping to win
football . suede . norrkoeping x sirius . match de football dans le championnat de suede ou les locaux partent favoris et seront j'espere motivés pour empocher les 3 points a domicile face a cet adversaire...
Yield: 6.25%
Gamba Osaka vs Urawa Red Diamonds
J. League
02/07 12:00
Urawa Red Diamonds to win
Ricardo Rodriguez (the coach of Urawa) has won 6 of 8 matches vs Tomohiro Katanosaka who is the manager of the host team so I think Ricardo knows very well the Japanese and this thing can mean a huge advantage...
Yield: 6.25%
Ilves-Kissat vs EPS
Kakkonen - Lohko B
02/07 17:00
Ilves-Kissat to win
Ilves Kissat have won 3 times at home this season out of 4 matches so even though EPS lost only 1 of 4 visiting matches this season I still think the offered odds are good enough to risk some real coins...
Yield: 9.54%
FAR Rabat vs OCK Khouribga
Botola Pro
02/07 19:00
FAR Rabat to win
football . maroc . rabat x khouribga . match de football dans le championnat du maroc ou les locaux de rabat partent favoris et seront j'espere motivés pour prendre les trois points a domicile face a...
Yield: -0.81%
Sporting Gijon vs SD Huesca
10/12 21:00
Ein Spiel von die Spanische La Liga 2 ist zwischen Sporting Gijon und Huesca. Ich denke, dass in diesem Spiel beide Mannschaften wird Stabil. Sporting Gijon ist zögerlich zu Hause und ist in Serie von...

Today’s Betway prediction and Betway tips on football by our experts might differ from the predictions on Betway. Visit Betway’s official website to see the various predictions of matches in Ghana.

Betway Prediction And Betting Tips

Betway Correct Score Predictions for Today

Last modified: 2022-07-01 22:59:56 UTC+ 0
Sammy Eisen
Yield: -1.9%
Chapecoense AF vs Sampaio Correa
Serie B
02/07 00:00
Correct score: 1-1
Chapecoense v Sampaio Correa betting tips on 01 / 07 / 22 , both teams are not on a winning form lately and this game we see the odds on over 2.5 goals opened too high as well as BTTS , I have a hunch...
Yield: -2.59%
3 de Febrero vs Deportivo Santani
Division Intermedia
01/07 23:00
Correct score: 0-0
santani ist auf 15. platz mit 9 punkte. sie haben die letzten 5 spiele in liga gegen rubio nu, river plate, guarani, san lorenzo und colegiales verloren so sie spielen sehr schlecht in diesem moment. so...
Yield: -2.59%
Guairena vs Nacional
01/07 23:00
Correct score: 0-0
nacional ist auf 6. platz mit 25 punkte. sie haben das letzte spiel gegen guarani 0-1 verloren so sie haben die 5 punkte und die 2 niederlagen in den letzten 5 spiele in liga. so sie spielen nicht so schlecht...
Sammy Eisen
Yield: -1.9%
Boca Juniors vs Banfield
Liga Profesional
02/07 02:30
Correct score: 1-1
Boca Juniors v Banfield betting tips on 01 / 07 / 22 , this game we see odds on over 2.5 goals and both teams to score odds is over priced today , bookies such low goals result , here I am going to take...
Sammy Eisen
Yield: -1.9%
Blaublitz Akita vs Renofa Yamaguchi
J. League 2
02/07 07:00
Correct score: 1-1
Blaublitz Akita v RENOFA YAMAGUCHI betting tips on 02 / 07 / 22 , this game it seems a draw to me as the visitor no clean sheet from Last 6 away game and the host not won in 5 games , 1 - 1 correct score...

The correct score bet is a popular type of bet that allows you to predict the exact final score of a game. In football, for instance, you could predict the correct score of a game between Barcelona and Real Madrid. If you predict that the game will end 3-1 in favor of Barcelona, you will win your bet if the game eventually ends 3-1.

Our expert’s Betway correct score predictions for today might differ from those published on Betway’s site. So visit Betway Ghana to get correct score predictions and tips for today’s game.

Best Betway Tips

Betting tips usually posted by tipsters have to do with selecting games that have a good chance of winning. Some factors influence games which experts consider when preparing predictions. Let’s look at a few betting tips on how to bet on prediction.

Best Betway Tips

Teams News and Line Up

You need to know a team’s lineup and news before wagering on games on Betway. Knowing this would help you understand the players that are likely to start a game. You will also find out if the team has an injured player or an important player like the top goalscorer of a team is missing. Once you have this information, it will help you make the best decisions about your bets.

Current Team Standings

Here’s a critical Betway tip to help you with your Betway prediction. The standing of teams tells so much about their quality. For example, a team occupying the 1st position on the log is likely to be better than one occupying the 10th position. So when both teams meet, it’s clear that you should probably place your money on the team at the top of the table. As a result, the odds given by the operator for the top-placed team would be small because of the difference in their quality and position.

Previous Winners

Having access to data on previous winners of a competition or league is another factor that can aid your prediction. With this information, you’d have an idea of teams that are likely to win the league or a player who is expected to become the highest goalscorer.

For instance, Asante Kotoko has the most titles (24) in the Ghana Premier League, so you can fancy them to win games because of their pedigree.


This is a vital betting tip for our Betway predictions. Betway Ghana provides statistics of teams on the platform. So you need to look out for the winning probability, previous meetings and other essential information for both teams to help you make the best decisions when placing your bets on the site.


Fixtures are essential factors to consider when placing your bets. Sometimes, these teams are occupied with many games and barely have time to rest and prepare ahead for the coming match. This situation can result in fatigue and thereby affecting the team’s performance. So it’s essential to check team fixtures when predicting your games.

Consider Previous Fixtures Between the Two Teams

Another factor to consider before placing your bets is to check the previous fixtures between the two sides playing the game you want to wager on. Sometimes, a particular type of fixture matters. For instance, the Manchester Derby game between Manchester United and Manchester City will always be heated up. So instead of focusing only on the current better team, you may have to check the winner of the previous set of fixtures between them before you place your bets. Examples of such other games are the El Clasico, North London Derby, Merseyside Derby, Milan Derby, Madrid Derby, etc.

Betway Prediction FAQs

If you have read our Betway prediction guide, you may also be interested in finding out some of the frequently asked questions about the guide.

Which odds are likely to win on Betway? 

You can know a winning team just by looking at the odds. The favourite team are usually the ones with smaller odds, while the underdogs are the teams with the bigger odds. So the team that has a smaller odds is likely to win on Betway.

How can I increase my chances of winning on Betway? 

Tipsters provide numerous Betway tips on the website, which can increase your chances. However, no tip can guarantee you to win as nothing is sure in football. Just be sure to do your detailed analysis before you wager your bets. Also, you must understand that you will always win some and lose some when it comes to betting.

What is the correct score of tomorrow? 

You can find the correct score predictions in the text above. Also, visit the official Betway website to find the most accurate information on odds, tips, and predictions.

What does Over 3.5 mean in Betway? 

Over 3.5 means that a game will produce 4 goals or more between both sides. It means when you add the goals scored by both teams, it will be at least 4 and above. If the game ends with 3 goals or less, you will lose your bets.

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