Bettors can download and install the BetWinner app on iOS and Android devices. Read on to find out how to install the mobile app and learn about the BetWinner promo code.

What Is the BetWinner App?

Firstly, we provide an overview of what the BetWinner mobile app is for Ghanain bettors. Via the mobile application, players can sign up, make deposits, place bets and access the latest bookmaker promotions.

Additionally, the BetWinner app is designed to be user-friendly for mobile customers. As a result, players can use the betting platform quickly and more efficiently on their mobile devices.

Through the app, players are not limited to a few different services. Currently, they can access all the same services, and more, that are provided on the desktop platform.

But there are some restrictions based on system requirements, which we outline below.

BetWinner App Download for Android

Firstly we provide a how-to guide for bettors wanting to download the BetWinner app for Android devices.

Many players use Android mobile phones as well as tablets and they can access the app as long as their device meets the criteria of the specified system.

Below, our step-by-step overview covers the process to download the app on Android.

  1. First, bettors go to the bookmaker’s homepage and head to the mobile section.

  2. Then, players are redirected to the mobile page where the Android logo will be displayed.

  3. To continue, customers click the Android logo and the download apk process begins.

  4. However, at this stage, players may also need to accept unknown sources to continue.

  5. Lastly, the download process begins and the app should install on the device.

BetWinner App Download for iOS

Alternatively, some players may have iOS devices and tablets. If this is the case, these bettors need to install the BetWinner app on a phone or tablet. In addition to the Android download, bettors can install the mobile application onto their iOS device through the bookmaker’s site.

Below, we have a step-by-step guide on how to download the BetWinner app on iOS.

  1. To begin, bettors head to the bookmaker’s homepage on their mobile devices. Then, they head to the mobile page.
BetWinner App Downloaad
  1. From here, players click the Apple icon. Next, the download process begins and the app is available to use on the iOS device.

Alternatively, if bettors want to use the App Store instead, they can. The BetWinner mobile app is available when players search for the bookmaker in the App Store.

Then, they can download and access the platform from here and the installation takes a few minutes.

Once fully downloaded and installed, players can sign up, log on and access the provider’s betting services.

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BetWinner App Ghana FAQ

BetWinner Mobile Site

However, some bettors may want to stick to the browser version of the betting site. Luckily, this is also an available option for customers.

Currently, players have the choice to either download the BetWinner app on their device or use the mobile browser version.

BetWinner Mobile

To access the mobile site, players head to their mobile browser and search for the betting site. The mobile page will load.

Also, players can access all the essential functions on the site, including odds, registration, bonuses, and payment options. At present, the mobile version is available when using various browsers and search engines.

What Are the BetWinner App System Requirements?

The Betwinner app is widely available on various devices. However, there are some system requirements that bettors must-have for the app to work and operate correctly.

For Android, bettors need a device that has version 4.1 or higher. Also, they require a screen resolution of 320 X 480 pixels.

Alternatively, for iOS, customers need iPhone 5 and iOS versions 9 or higher. Furthermore, on iOS mobiles, players must have at least 18MB of storage space for the app to download.

However, if players are unsure if their device is compatible, they can either contact the bookmaker’s customer service, or their mobile provider.

BetWinner Ghana App Features

Today, modern bettors look for various go-to features when using a betting app. Generally, when bettors download betting provider apps, they can access a few additional services compared to the desktop version.

The BetWinner app offers players a few nice features when the BetWinner app is installed on a device. In this section, we outline some of the key features of the BetWinner app.

Quick Notifications

Firstly, one of the big pluses of using the mobile app compared to the desktop is the access to notifications. Via this feature, players can opt in to receive notifications about their favourite bets, teams, and sports.

Also, players can decide to receive live updates on specific matches. But, whenever they like, bettors can turn off notifications from the BetWinner app to suit their needs.


In addition, players have the freedom to decide what they receive notifications for. For instance, if a bettor wants updates on the English Premier League, they can decide just to get notifications for these.

Equally, if bettors wanted to get updates for various sports in the sportsbook, they can opt into this too.


Overall, BetWinner offers players a lot of different sports betting options through the app. Currently, the bookmaker provides odds for over 40 sports.

These include some of the most popular international markets, like football, tennis, rugby, and basketball.

But, players can also find odds for the less sought-after markets. Among this include, esports, surfing, and martial arts. Also, there are even markets for wagering on the outcomes of TV events, politics, and the weather.

Live Betting

Today, mobile app betting is well suited for live wagering options. BetWinner provides a host of live betting features through its mobile application. On the app, customers can browse hundreds of live betting options by heading to the live section.

Here, they will find some of the latest in-play odds for live fixtures. These odds are updated quickly to reflect the on-field action as it unfolds.

However, the betting provider also has some additional live betting options. Among these are live statistics that show real-time play and live lineups for each team.

Furthermore, there is a live visualizer for certain sports, so bettors can keep up to date with exactly what happens as a match unfolds.

Cash Out

One of the big appeals of mobile betting is also the potential to cash out a bet early. As a result, BetWinner has provided a cash out function for their mobile betting service.

Here, bettors can withdraw their betting option early for a portion of their potential payout.

However, although the function is available, there is no option for additional cash out features like partial cash out or pre-game cash out.

User Friendly Experience

Overall, mobile betting via a dedicated app is more user-friendly. As bookmaker apps are specifically designed to suit mobile players, app platforms are quicker and more responsive.

As a result, players can use functions like live betting and cash out more quickly. But they can also quickly make deposits, and withdrawals and manage their accounts through the app.

But, the interface is also very easy and engaging. Generally, the app is straightforward to navigate, with all the necessary betting options easy to access from the homepage.

Also, once players are logged in, they can manage account options with just a few clicks.

BetWinner Mobile Promotions

Generally, bookmakers offer mobile players promotions and bonuses when they have the app downloaded to a device. Often, mobile promotions are readily available when players visit the promotion section.

Usually, betting sites have welcome offers when new players complete and verify their accounts. In addition, betting sites offer promotions throughout the sports season for big events.

To keep updated on the latest mobile promotions, bettors can head to the bookmaker’s bonuses page to see regular offers. Also, they can use the BetWinner promo code when it is available.

BetWinner Mobile Payments

In addition, bettors can easily access and manage their payment options through the BetWinner app. Currently, Ghanaian customers can deposit and withdraw funds to their betting accounts via different methods.

At present, the bookmaker accepts payments from Visa, Mastercard, bank transfers, and BetWinner mobile app banking through MTN, Airtel, and Vodafone.

BetWinner App Review

Overall, the BetWinner app has a lot of good features to appeal to mobile bettors.

However, there are some cons and areas where the betting provider could improve their mobile betting options. To conclude, we provide a short review of the BetWinner app below.

Firstly, looking at the positives, we have found several standout areas of this betting app. Currently, the amount of available sports betting options is good and players can access a huge range of sports bets and additional markets.

In addition, some live betting options, such as cash out, notifications, and in-play stats are impressive and help bettors with their wagering.

However, there are some downsides to the app provided by BetWinner. Firstly, there is no option to partially cash out while a match is in-play.

Also, some players who have older mobile devices, or devices powered by Windows or other providers, can only access the mobile betting platform.

BetWinner App Ghana FAQ

In this section, we provide some of the most common questions asked about the BetWinner mobile app and the download process.

Does Betwinner have an app?

Yes, this betting provider has a downloadable app for Ghanain bettors. Presently, the bookmaker’s app offers additional betting services, such as live betting, notifications, and cash out options. To access the mobile application, players must download it using the instructions listed above.

How do I install Betwinner?

Currently, bettors with an Android or iOS device can install the BetWinner app on their devices. Also, players must have mobiles that match the specified system requirements above for the installation to work. Alternatively, if players’ devices do not meet this criterion, they can still use the online mobile browser version of the site.

How do you use the Betwinner app?

Once installed, players can access all of the app’s features. However, they must have an account to do so. Players can sign up on the mobile app and place deposits and bets once they have a verified account.

But, if a player does not have a registered account, they can only browse the app. Currently,  players can either sign up on a desktop device, and then use this to access the full app service. Alternatively, they can download the app first and sign up via this platform.

How do I update Betwinner?

Sometimes, the betting company updates their app so it runs quicker and adds more features. Usually, this happens automatically and the bookmaker must notify players before the update happens. However, if there is an update available and players have to complete it themselves then the betting site should provide a notification. If players encounter any app issues, they should contact the betting site directly.