Once you have signed up for a new customer account using the Premier Bet promo code, you can explore the site to see what is on offer. To help you with your betting, we have put together some Premier Bet predictions and betting tips to make your selections even better.

Premier Bet Predictions Today

You may notice that our own Premier Bet predictions differ slightly from the ones on the official site. We also recommend visiting Premier Bet to get as much expert knowledge to inform your bets.

Premier Bet Predictions

Premier Bet Jackpot Predictions

Players can participate in Premier Bet jackpot games to win big cash prizes. This can be done by correctly predicting 13 or 15 selected football matches.

You have the chance to win up to 3,500,000 GHS from just 7 GHS per entry. More details are available on the Premier Bet sports betting site. 

Premier Bet Jackpot Predictions

Best Premier Bet Betting Tips

We have compiled several Premier Bet tips to help you select jackpot games, predictions, and other wagers. These are the kinds of things that you should consider when placing bets.

Getting any kind of help when making your selections and predictions is a valuable strategy. The more information you have, the better informed your predictions would be.

Read on to discover our Premier Bet tips.

Recent Form

This is where you will get the best information on how the two teams have performed recently. Look back at the last four or five games to see if they are on a good run – or struggling.

Once you know how the team is doing right now, compared to historically, you can be more secure with your Premier Bet predictions. Recent results are probably the most important information you can get.

Team News

This is another one of the major Premier Bet tips. You need to know if a star striker is injured or a player is suspended. You cannot just go on the team’s results.

There may be players that significantly affect the way the team is playing. Find a respected and official site that can give you all the latest team news and information.

Head-to-Head Records

This may be less prominent than our first two factors. But there is some use to examining how two teams have played when they have previously faced each other.

Some sides just seem to raise their game for certain fixtures. This can be particularly relevant when it comes to local derbies. Again, the last four of five meetings should give you all the necessary information.

Consider the Odds

Obviously, with Premier Bet jackpot games, you do not have to take too much notice of the odds for the games. This is because you are just predicting the outcome.

But even there, the odds will give you valuable information about how the bookmaker thinks the game will go. The odds become far more critical if you are just placing a bet on a particular match.

You can use this information to guide how the game will turn out. But you can also use the odds to determine whether the bet is good value in the first place.

Weather Conditions

The weather will affect the two teams in a match evenly. But the conditions can make a difference in how many goals will be scored in some leagues.

Look at the forecast to see if the weather could play a part in the outcome of the games you are predicting. This can be especially important for goal totals.

Team Schedules

Even the best teams in the world can get tired and fatigued if they are playing a lot of matches. Take a look to see if any of your sides have had a lot of midweek matches because of cup competitions.

It could affect the way they play and should be taken into account when it comes to your Premier Bet predictions.