In this guide, we provide details about the best betting sites in Haiti. Also, we review the key features of each site to help you pick the best online bookmaker for your requirements.

Best Betting Sites in Haiti for 2024

Here, we look at some of the best online bookmakers that Haitian bettors can access in 2024.

Gol Cash

Gol Cash is an online betting site in Haiti that provides sportsbook, casino and live betting options. In addition, the bookmaker has the Gol Cash Haiti promo code that bettors can use when they create an account with the betting provider.

Betting sites in Haiti

Below, we look at some of the pros and cons of Gol Cash to show where it ranks among the best betting sites in Haiti.

Good range of sports betting options and odds.No mobile app available.
Many casino games are available.Few contact options for customer support.
Live sports and casino betting available.

What is a Betting Site?

Online betting sites give players a platform to place wagers on sports and casino games via the internet. Also, many online providers offer mobile betting options where bettors can place bets on their phones.

Ultimately, players can wager remotely on an online betting site. This is different to in-store betting. Here, players must go into a bookmaker and place a bet over the counter.

Generally, there are many pros to betting sites. However, there are also some cons that we highlight below.

You can wager from home or remotely.Customer service is remote and can be slower compared to in-person.
Bettors can view huge numbers of odds and markets in one place.Withdrawal times are slower online.
Betting sites often run promotions and offers for players.

Sports Betting in Haiti

Currently, sports betting in Haiti is completely legal and players have many options to wager on sportsbooks. Some of the best betting sites in Haiti offer a range of good sports betting services, which we highlight here.

Markets and Odds

Overall, bettors from Haiti can access many sports betting odds and markets. Many bookmakers run odds and markets for the most popular international sports. These include football, basketball, tennis and rugby.

In addition, players can wager on various sports betting markets. Today, bettors can bet on outright match winner markets and tournament winners. However, you can also view odds for under/over events, handicaps and correct scores.

Live Betting

Furthermore, Haitian bettors can get live betting options. At some of the best betting sites in Haiti, you can bet live on both sports and casino games.

Firstly, live sports betting gives players the chance to wager while the match is in-play. As a result, you can see updated odds that show the live action taking place on the field.

Second, players can bet on live casino games, such as poker, blackjack, roulette and many more. Here, you can also face a live dealer to recreate the live experience of a real casino setting.

Mobile Apps

Moreover, many modern betting sites have downloadable mobile apps. Through mobile apps, players can access the latest odds, games and promotions from their phones.

However, mobile betting apps also provide further features compared to online desktop bookmakers. For instance, players can sometimes live stream matches and update in-play odds quickly compared to desktop.

Although, not all bookmakers offer these services. As a result, you should check that your preferred bookmaker has the services you want before signing up.

How to Choose the Best Betting Sites in Haiti?

Usually, bettors want different things from the best betting sites in Haiti. For example, one bettor may want a wide range of odds from a bookmaker. However, another player might want the best promotions available.

Selecting the right betting site for you depends on preference. But, to make a well-considered decision, use our tips below.

Compare Betting Sites

One of the first options for new bettors is to find the best betting sites in Haiti and browse each of them. Often, just by looking at the markets, odds and games available on a site, you can see how strong it is. For instance, one site may have few promotions, but good odds, while another may have lots of offers and poor markets. This is a good starting point if you are new to betting or want to change bookmakers.

Use Odd Comparison Tools

Today, bettors can access many odds comparison tools online to view the odds provided by various bookmakers. Immediately, this shows you how good some bookmakers are compared to others. Also, the comparison tool can show any markets that some bookmakers may not cover.

View Promotions

Usually, the number of active promotions on betting sites varies hugely. Some like to offer multiple promotions, whereas others may only have one option or sometimes no additional offers. If you prefer your bookmaker to have many promos at one time, do a quick comparison between the best sites and see what is available.

Live Odds

Modern bettors want up-to-date, live odds from their bookmaker. As a result, the leading betting sites will have in play options, where you can select markets and odds whilst a game takes place. However, some new sites may not have this feature available.

Check Customer Service Options

Customer service is an important part of choosing the best online betting site in Haiti. Generally, bookmakers have at least one or two contact methods available. However, the best sites have many different ways to contact the support team. This is vital as you may need to get in touch with an issue or question in the future.

View FAQs

Similarly, check out how in-depth a site’s FAQ section is before making a decision. If the site covers most queries and questions about betting, payments, promotions, mobile betting and live wagers, chances are it is a strong site. Although, if you find a few FAQs on a site, it could be a warning sign they do not value customer service.

How to Open a Betting Account on the Best Betting Site in Haiti?

Often, getting started with an online betting site is straightforward and it only takes a few minutes to register.

Generally, new players will complete the following steps to register at a bookmaker in Haiti. However, the registration process can differ depending on the betting site. The steps below are just a general guide about what to expect.

  1. First, you are likely to head to the bookmaker’s homepage.
  2. Second, you will most likely enter personal details. Usually, this includes full name, email address, and phone number.
  3. Then, you will set a safe and secure password.
  4. Next, it is likely you will confirm your account with an email link or SMS passcode.
  5. Lastly, once you confirm the link, your account should be set up.

How to Place a Bet on the Haitian Betting Site?

Also, modern online betting sites make placing a bet easy. Often, players can select a preferred bet and place their stake within a few seconds.

Here, we provide a general guide on how to place a bet on a Haitian betting site.

  1. First, log in to your account.
  2. Second, ensure you have funds deposited in your account. If you do not, transfer funds to your account.
  3. Then, browse the odds and markets and select your wager.
  4. Click on the odds or bet and select your stake. Be aware that minimum and maximum stakes apply.
  5. Lastly, confirm the bet and it will be processed.
  6. Generally, you can see your live and settled bets on your online betting account.

In sports betting, players can choose many different markets. Here, we explain what the most popular betting markets are in Haiti.


One of the most popular betting markets for Haitian bettors is outright choices. Here, you place a wager on the outcome of a match or contest. For instance, in a soccer match between Man United and Liverpool, bettors can select either team to win or a draw.


Future betting is where bettors select the overall outcome in advance. Generally, this market is for outright tournament winners for events like the Superbowl, the World Cup and Wimbledon. Also, in the futures market, bettors often place a bet before the tournament begins. Usually, they do this to get the best odds.


Recently, under/over markets have become more popular through online betting. The under/over market is where bettors wager on a total number of points or goals in a match. For example, you could select over 2.5 goals in a soccer match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. For this bet to work, both teams combined would need to score three or more goals.


Lastly, another popular betting market is handicapping. Here, bettors choose to give a stronger team an advantage over a weaker team. For instance, if New Zealand plays Fiji in a rugby match, New Zealand are the far stronger side. As a result, the odds for a New Zealand win are likely to be low. Therefore, the bettor might choose to give New Zealand a handicap of -13, meaning New Zealand would have to beat Fiji by 13 points or more to cover the handicap.

Best Betting Sites in Haiti FAQs

In this section, we answer some of the most common questions about the best betting sites in Haiti.

Which online betting site is best?

Often, the best betting site depends on your requirements. For instance, you may prefer a site that has a good selection of odds. However, a good all-around selection in Haiti is Gol Cash.

How does the betting site work?

Betting sites work by positing odds of upcoming events that players can then wager on. Usually, bettors select their chosen bet and set a stake. If the bet wins, the funds are deposited into your account. If it doesn’t win, the bookmaker takes the stake.

What is sports betting?

Sports betting is where bettors place money on an event or the result of a match. For example, someone betting on basketball could select the LA Lakers to beat the Sacramento Kings. If the Lakers win, the bettor receives a payout plus their original stake is returned.

How to read odds?

Odds are shown in either fractional numbers or decimal numbers. Fractional odds are displayed like this 3/1. The top number shows how much the bookmaker would give the bettor for a $1 stake. So a $1 stake would return $3. However, decimal odds show how much you would multiply to your stake to calculate potential outcome. For example, if you placed a bet with 2.0 odds, you would multiply this by your stake. So a $2 stake multiplied by 2.0 is $4.

How do I get started in betting?

First, you need a betting account to place wagers. Once you have signed up with a bookmaker, you can deposit funds into your account. Then, you can choose your bets and place wagers.