If you have ever wanted an easier way to bet on mobile on the BetKing platform, then you need to download the BetKing app. Using the BetKing app removes most of the friction you encounter when you use the mobile or desktop site. In this article, we have dived deep into all the BetKing app offers. In addition, if you are a new customer, you can complete your registration on the BetKing app using the BetKing Kenya promotion code to unlock the bookmaker’s bonus options.

About BetKing Apps

The team at BetKing has developed a mobile app that bettors can use to place bets. The mobile app can be downloaded from the mobile app downloads page of the bookmaker. Currently, only the Android version of the app is available. Hopefully, before long, the bookmaker will develop an iOS version.

BetKing App Download for Android

Follow the steps to download and install the BetKing app on your Android device.

How to download the BetKing Android app?

  1. Head to the bookmaker’s website.

  2. Scroll to the homepage footer and click on the ‘Download app button.

  3. You will be redirected to another page where you can download the BetKing apk file.

  4. You will be required to grant access to app installations from unknown sources.

  5. When the download is completed, click on the file to start the installation process.

  6. When the app is installed, click on it to open it.

BetKing App

BetKing App Download for iOS

There is no app for Apple devices yet, so there is no app download process for the BetKing iOS app. Users can, however, make use of the mobile site of the bookmaker till there is an iOS app.

BetKing iOS

BetKing Mobile Version

Before the bookmaker developed the mobile app, the mobile site was the bookmaker’s main platform. The mobile site has almost all the features of the mobile app and helped to ease betting on mobile, but it lacks in some areas. First, it is easier to use the mobile app than the site. This is because the app is intuitive and better designed than the mobile site.

Also, loading is faster on the app than on the mobile site, and the app uses less data to operate. The final distinguishing feature of the mobile app from the mobile site is the notifications feature. Normally every app can send notifications to the phone, and the BetKing app is not an exception. So using the app, you can be notified of useful information you would have missed if you had used the mobile site.

Old mobile app

The BetKing app has been in operation for a long time. Earlier bettors will remember the app’s first version, which can’t compare to the BetKing app now. Even though the app was clunky and had a lot of bugs, the team worked on it and developed the mobile app that is in use now.

New mobile app

With the new BetKing app, the bookmaker has fixed the major issues that plagued the earlier app. Issues such as closing unexpectedly or not loading the page completely. The new app version has a better-looking interface, and you can use it to do almost everything you can do on the main site. Also, the bookmaker continues to release updates to the new app to keep it up-to-date and beef up the user experience.

What Are the BetKing App’s System Requirements?

For the BetKing app to function properly on your device, it must check some boxes. These boxes are the system requirements of the phone, without which the app could be freezing or unusable. Here are the system requirements of the mobile app.

  1. Must have Android version from version 5.1 and above.
  2. The RAM must be above 1GB.
  3. The ROM must be from 100MB.
  4. Then finally, the speed of the device must fall within the range of 1.2Ghz.

BetKing Mobile App Features


This is one feature that mobile apps have that separate them from mobile sites and desktop site. For example, the BetKing mobile app can send notifications to the mobile device to alert the user to take action. This action ranges from easy non-obligatory actions like reminders to place pre-match or in-play bets on the app. It could also be urgent, like taking part in a limited-time promotion from the bookmaker. Another notification category could be installing a security update that is now available for the app. There is also the option to turn off this feature from the settings of the phone if you don’t find it useful.


With the mobile app, you have a more secure environment to use the app without interruptions from hackers. The app is developed with the latest security protocols so you can be assured that your data is safe. In addition, the BetKing app is stored on your mobile device and is inaccessible to external control, except your phone is compromised. You also have a role to play in keeping the app secure. The team at BetKing periodically releases security updates to the app. You must install the security updates as soon as it is released to keep the app secure.


Even though there is no welcome bonus on the bookmaker, several promotions are still available. Some of these promotions are

  1. The multi-bet boost
  2. Virtual jackpot
  3. Virtual Acca boost
  4. Data-free betting.

There are also time-limited bonus options on BetKing, and if you use the mobile app, you will get notifications before the deadline.

Deposit and withdrawals

You can use the mobile app to make your deposits and withdrawals. And since the bookmaker uses the MPESA platform, these processes are easier to complete.

Live betting

With the mobile app, it is easier to follow the progression and events in a game and be well-informed to place live bets. With live bets, you can enjoy lesser risks when betting as the events of the game happen and shows the direction it is taking. You can always click on the ‘Live’ tab on the BetKing app to access the live betting section.

Cash out

As you follow the game, it is important to know when your predictions may not likely happen. And what to do in that scenario is to cut your loss and take the cash out option. With the cash out option on a match, you can get back your stake if your predictions are a little off the mark. However, you have to be decisive as you can lose a better cash out offer if you hesitate, hoping that the tides will turn.

BetKing App Review

Mobile betting

The team at the bookmaker developed the BetKing mobile app primarily for placing bets. So we will analyse how to use the mobile app to book bets and how to use it to place bets.

How to book bets on the BetKing mobile app?

Booking a bet allows you to save your predictions for use in the future. Follow the steps to book a bet on the BetKing mobile app.

  1. Log out of your account on the BetKing mobile app.
  2. Head to the sports section and choose the games you want to wager.
  3. Select the betting market and make your predictions.
  4. You can add more predictions if you want to place an accumulator bet.
  5. Add an amount to the bet slip and click on ‘Book’.
  6. The bet slip will be booked, and you can copy out the booking code to use later.

How to place bets on the BetKing mobile app?

The BetKing mobile app’s major function is betting on the go. Here are the steps to place bets on the BetKing app.

  1. Log into your account on the BetKing mobile app.
  2. Head to the sports betting section and select the games you want to stake.
  3. Choose the betting markets and select the outcome in the markets.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to place accumulator bets.
  5. Enter an amount on the bet slip and click on ‘Bet’.

Virtual betting

The main place for virtual betting is on the BetKing app. To place virtual bets, first, log into your BetKing account and click on the virtual section. Then you can select whether to play virtual football, virtual racing or virtual number games -spin to win and keno. There are several benefits of placing bets in the virtual section on BetKing. The first is that you will enter the raffle draw of the virtual jackpot. In this jackpot, you stand a chance to win a huge jackpot daily. The final benefit of playing on virtuals is the games are fun to play and easy to complete, so your virtual bets are settled quickly.

Customer service

Another benefit of using the mobile app is that you can access the customer service team on the app. Using the app is easier because you can keep up with the conversation on the live chat, or you can easily place the call on your mobile device. These options are important if the matter you want them to resolve is urgent.

But for non-urgent matters, you can still use other customer service channels. In addition to the above, other customer care channels include sending an email to [email protected]. You can also use social media to contact the bookmaker. Just send messages to their handles on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

BetKing App FAQ

We have come to the end of this comprehensive review of the BetKing app. There is a lot the app has to offer, and we hope we have covered everything. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about the BetKing app. If you have more questions, please contact the customer care team at the bookmaker.

Is the BetKing app safe?

The mobile app is safe. It has been developed with the latest security protocols, and since the app is hosted on a mobile device, it has no way it can be accessed externally. First, however, you must ensure to download the apk file from the official BetKing website.

Is there a BetKing casino app?

No, there is no BetKing casino app. However, the bookmaker just developed one mobile app for Android devices, and there are a few casino games you can use on the app.

How to install the BetKing app?

To install the mobile app, the first step is to ensure that your mobile device can accept installations from unknown sources. You can toggle this in the settings of the phone. After that, head to the bookmaker’s website on your mobile device. Scroll to the end of the homepage and click on the ‘Download App’ button. Next, scan the QR link on the app downloads page or click on the Android logo to download the BetKing apk file. Once the download is completed, click on the file to install it.

Is the BetKing app free to download?

Yes, it is free to download the mobile app. Just make sure you download it from the official BetKing website.