Before you can wager on this Kenyan betting site, you must make a BetWinner deposit into your account. This article analyses the different deposit channels available to Kenyan bettors. Before we go into the deposit channels, remember the BetWinner Kenya promo code, which you can use to claim the welcome bonus of the bookmaker.

How to Deposit on BetWinner?

There are several channels available to deposit into your BetWinner account.

These options are similar to the BetWinner Kenya withdrawal channels. But this article focuses on using these different channels for deposits.

Here are the different BetWinner deposit channels.

  • Bank cards.
  • Mobile money.
  • E-Wallets.
  • Payment systems.
  • Cryptocurrency.

How to Make a Deposit using Bank Cards?

Follow the steps below to make deposits using bank cards:

  1. Head over to the BetWinner website.
  2. Click the “Deposit” button at the top of the page.
  3. Choose the “Credit/Debit” card option.
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  5. Click on “Continue” to redirect you to a secure payment page.
  6. Complete the process on the payment page by adding your credit card details.
  7. You will receive a notification that your deposit is successful.

How to Make a Deposit using Mobile Money?

Even though there are two mobile money systems in Kenya, BetWinner employs only M-Pesa as a deposit channel. Of all the BetWinner deposit methods, M-Pesa is arguably the most straightforward. Follow the steps below to deposit using M-Pesa:

  1. Go to M-Pesa on your mobile phone and tap to open it.
  2. Choose “Lipa na M-Pesa”, followed by “Pay Bill”.
  3. You now have to enter the business number, which is the BetWinner paybill number 7011780. After typing it in, tap “OK”.
  4. You’re next redirected to a menu where you must enter “Account Number”. The account number is BetWinner.
  5. Once you tap “OK” on the page ID screen, enter the amount you want to deposit.
  6. Finally, type in your M-Pesa PIN. You then get a transaction summary – check the paybill number, account ID, and the amount. If all are correct, tap “OK”.
BetWinner Paybill Number

How to Make a Deposit using e-Wallets?

Before using the e-wallet option, ensure you have the funds in your e-wallet account. If not, please deposit money and follow the steps below to deposit into your BetWinner account.

  1. Visit the BetWinner site, and click the “Deposit” button.
  2. Select the e-wallet option and enter the amount you want to deposit.
  3. You will be redirected to the payment page of the e-wallet software.
  4. Enter your details to log in and complete the process to deposit money into your BetWinner account.
  5. You will receive a notification if the deposit process is successful.

How to Deposit using Payment Systems?

Follow the steps below to deposit using payment systems.

  1. Log into your account on your preferred payment system.
    Deposit Using Payment Systems
  2. Select “Payments” and then either “Gambling” or “Gaming”.
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  4. Enter your BetWinner account number in the “Reference” section.
  5. Input your pin to confirm the transaction.
  6. You will receive a notification if the deposit is successful.

BetWinner Deposit Methods

There are several BetWinner deposit methods, as we have listed above. Below we analyse the details of the deposit channels like the minimum and maximum amount, the deposit fee and the waiting time.

BetWinner Deposit

Bank cards

The BetWinner minimum deposit amount using bank cards is 1 KES, while the maximum amount is not specified.

Using credit or debit cards is fast, and you can receive transaction notifications instantly. Depositing using cards is free. However, ensure that the account connected to the card is domiciled in Kenyan Shilling (KES) unless you will pay a conversion fee to convert it to KES.

Mobile money payment

For mobile money payments like M-Pesa, the minimum deposit amount is 1 KES, while the maximum is 70,000 KES per transaction. But you can deposit up to 150,000 KES daily. Using M-Pesa is instant and free too.

Payment systems

When using payment systems, the minimum you can deposit is 1 KES, while the maximum amount depends on the service you are using. There is no delay when you use payment systems except for network issues, and it is also free to use.


The Betwinner minimum deposit amount with an e-Wallet account is 1 KES, but there is no specified maximum amount. It is free and instant to use this channel.


The last deposit channel is cryptocurrency. You can deposit using several coins, but the minimum deposit amount is $1 or the equivalent in Kenyan Shillings.

The maximum deposit amount is not specified. There is no fee for depositing using crypto coins, and it is instant.

If you deposit using cryptocurrency, you will forfeit the welcome bonus and every other bonus option.

BetWinner Deposit FAQs

To conclude this article on the BetWinner deposit channels, we answer some pertinent questions about the process.

The minimum deposit amount depends on which deposit method you use for deposits.

Much like the minimum deposit, the maximum amount is also variable. You can see the limits for each option when you log into your account and select deposit methods.

M-Pesa paybill deposits are usually instant.

There are no deposit fees for using the M-Pesa paybill. For further information on the deposit fees, we advise contacting BetWinner’s live customer support.