This article will focus on the top BetWinner prediction and how you can use the BetWinner promo code.

BetWinner Prediction Today

Our predictions for today’s game might be different from that on the betting website. So you may need to visit the BetWinner website to find what the betting platform has predicted.

Here is our BetWinner prediction for today:

Last modified: 2023-03-28 02:54:00 UTC+ 0
Yield: 4.51%
Tokyo Verdy vs Blaublitz Akita
J. League 2
14/09 12:00
Tokyo Verdy to win
Tokyo Verdy and Blaublitz Akita are meeting here and my tip for this match is the home side to win which is priced 2.15 at this very moment. The home side is really strong and I think they should be in...
Yield: -3.91%
Turkiye vs Croatia
EURO Qualification Grp. D
28/03 20:45
Croatia to win
Croatia is the best team in Europe I don't know about the first line up that will feature here however I belive even the reserve side are better off than Turkey the best of the best will feature against...
Yield: -3.91%
FC Helsingoer vs Vendsyssel FF
1. Division Promotion Group
31/03 19:00
Vendsyssel FF to win
Vendsyssel to lose this game outright for the best league in Denmark they are weak enough to lose here against Helsingoer speaking with stats Helsingoer are coming from straight wins while Vendsyssel suffered...
Yield: 11.36%
Netherlands vs Croatia
UEFA Nations League A Championship Playoff
14/06 20:45
Netherlands to win
Hi BE community, off we go to Euro, footy game. The hosts are the clear favs in this match up, I expect them to get the dub here, especially having the support of their fans. Hence, my new bet: 10 out...
Yield: 11.36%
Spain vs Italy
UEFA Nations League A Championship Playoff
15/06 20:45
Spain to win
Hi bE Community, off we go to Europe, footy game. The hosts are slim favs in this match up I think they can snatch the dub here, odds are okay, value bet. Hence, my new wager: 10 out of 10 units on Spain...
Yield: 3.52%
Auxerre vs Troyes
Ligue 1
01/04 17:00
Auxerre to win
Hello all , We have a football game and the sides that are playing against each other are Auxerre and the opponents. Hosts are strong than the opponents. My prediction for the game is hosts to win I ​am...
Yield: 11.36%
Trabzonspor vs Kayserispor
Super Lig
01/04 15:00
Trabzonspor to win
Hi BE community, off we go to Turkiye, footy game. The hosts are the clear favs in this match up, I expect them to get the dub here, especially having the support of their fans. Hence, my new bet: 10 out...
Yield: 11.36%
Shelbourne vs Derry City
Premier Division
31/03 20:45
Derry City to win
Hi BE community, off we go to the UK, footy game. The guests are the clear favs in this match up, I expect them to get the dub here, even playing away from home. Hence, my new bet: 10 out of 10 units on...
Yield: 3.52%
Monza vs Lazio
Serie A
02/04 15:00
Lazio to win
Hello all , We have a football game and the sides that are playing against each other are Lazio and the opponents. Lazio are strong than the opponents. My prediction for the game is Lazio to win I ​am...
Yield: 9.71%
Rwanda vs Benin
Africa Cup of Nations Qualification Grp. L
29/03 15:00
Under 2.5 goals
In this match I will bet on underr 2.5 goals. The last 4 matches of the local team ended with less than 2.5 goals. In addition, in the last 4 matches of the visiting team, 3 ended with less than 2.5 goals....

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BetWinner Prediction Today Top BetWinner Tips
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BetWinner Prediction FAQs

Top BetWinner Tips

It’s common knowledge that bettors hate losing wagers, and when it happens consistently, it becomes annoying. As a result, they could end up quitting altogether. To avoid that, players must be familiar with the tips that can help them have better outcomes.

Although it’s difficult to achieve 100% betting success, these BetWinner tips below will help you get better outcomes from your bets.

BetWinner Prediction

Up your research game

Many bettors don’t conduct proper research before making their picks, if at all. Instead, they make their selections based on assumptions or by looking at the platform’s market odds. Unfortunately, this outlook will do more harm than good. One crucial thing to do is learn everything about a team or player before placing a bet on a game or an event.

Gather as much information as possible. No information is a waste. Look at external factors that might affect the game’s outcome. These factors could include injuries, weather conditions, suspensions, stadium, and upcoming fixtures of the teams involved.


For instance, if Chelsea is playing Southampton in a Saturday EPL fixture and the second leg of a UEFA Champions League semi-final pits Chelsea against Bayern Munich 3 days later.

The Chelsea coach will likely rotate his squad heavily for the weekend fixture to keep his star players fresh for the Champions League decider. Therefore, it’s best to make proper findings on games. These findings will help you decide if it’s safe to bet or better to pass on such games.

Set a Game Limit

It takes an outstanding level of discipline to implement this. For example, your game limit might be 15.


However, you could have made 14 selections for your bet slip, and you remember that you’re yet to pick games from the Bundesliga and the Primeira Liga. You find out that Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, and Benfica have favourable matchups. Therefore, if you pick all three to win, your betslip will increase to 17 selections.

It is best that you keep your game limit to under double digits, or at most ten games if you must. Furthermore, resist the urge to add games because there’ll always be a game to add to your betslip. Each game you add is a potential spoiler, as just one wrong pick can spoil your accumulator bet.

Don’t place a bet based on your emotions

Emotions are very powerful, and they can be a strong and yet a weakness. The latter is never a good thing for a bettor. Therefore, you must maintain control and bet based on your analytic reasoning.

Do not bet based on your emotions. This will lead you to make bad and biased decisions, resulting in a loss.


For example, if your favourite team loses an important game, you might feel more down if you wager on them. Hence, it would be best if you didn’t bet on a team you support unless your analysis and research prove it is okay to bet on your team.

Emotions might impair your judgement, so it is best to stay clear from games that test your emotional resolve.

Know your markets

There is an exhaustingly long list of markets, and it is hard to keep tabs on each of these markets. However, some markets offer more profitable odds and offer a better value than others.


For instance, the 1X2 market is common and very popular. This market is the go-to option for anybody that wants to place a quick accumulator bet. Yet, there are less-heralded markets like the score in both halves, corner kicks, cards, and win either halves markets, etc. These markets offer good odds to bettors.

BetWinner Prediction FAQs

How to predict football at BetWinner?

Predicting football on BetWinner is easy. You just have to conduct proper research and do the pre-game analysis of the football games of your choice. 

What are the odds of winning BetWinner prediction?

The odds are very high. This is because the betting platform considers many factors before making predictions.

How to bet 1×2 at BetWinner?

You have to log in to your BetWinner account first. Then, click on the sports you want to bet on. 1×2 options are mostly in football and basketball markets. Next, choose the game you want to wager on and select one of the W1, X, or W2 options and place your bet.

How to place an accumulator bet on BetWinner Kenya?

Go to sports and click on the market you want to wager on. You can do this multiple times after picking all your selections. Then, input the amount you wish to bet and place your bet. Your potential winnings will be calculated by multiplying the total odds by your stake amount.