To get money to place bets on the Mozzartbet platform, you must deposit money into your account. The Mozzartbet deposit process is straightforward and can be completed in as little as 3 minutes. This article looks at the different deposit channels and how to use each, including the different details for the two channels.

After making deposits, you can now check out the various bonus options available at the bookmaker. Even though there is no Mozzartbet Kenya welcome bonus, you can enjoy the super jackpot that gives you a chance to win up to 200,000,000 KES.

How to Deposit on Mozzartbet?

There is only one main online channel for depositing on Mozzartbet: the M-Pesa channel.

The other way to complete the deposit process is by depositing in the various shops around the country. We analyse how to deposit using the M-Pesa channel below.

How to Make a Deposit

How to deposit using M-Pesa?

To deposit using the M-Pesa platform, you need to know the Mozzartbet Paybill. The Mozzartbet paybill number is 290059.

Customers in Kenya familiar with M-Pesa’s pay bill service will know that this is basically Mozzartbet’s business number/code, which can be used to make instant deposits into your betting account.

Using M-Pesa to fund your online Mozzartbet account is simple. However, if you’re a newcomer, we’ve provided this step-by-step guide to assist you.

  1. Open the M-Pesa menu on your phone.
  2. Select ‘Lipa Na M-Pesa’, and choose ‘M-Pesa Paybill’.
  3. Enter the Mozzartbet paybill number 290059.
  4. Leave the account number box blank.
  5. Type in the amount you want to deposit.
  6. Enter your M-Pesa PIN to confirm the transaction.
  7. You will receive a notification if your transaction is successful.

Even though you can complete the Mozzartbet Kenya withdrawal process using M-Pesa, you don’t need to Paybill number to do that.

Mozzartbet Using MPESA Paybill

How to deposit through the Shop deposit option?

To deposit using the Shop deposit option, just head to any Mozzartbet shop around you and ask the agents there how to make a deposit, and they will guide you.

Mozzartbet Deposit Methods

As we mentioned, there are just two deposit methods for completing the process. We present the details of each of the deposit channels below.


The Mozzartbet minimum deposit for those using M-Pesa to deposit is 50 KES. The maximum amount you can transact using M-Pesa is 137,000 KES, but the maximum deposit amount is unspecified.

You can make deposits for free, and it is instant. So your account balance will reflect the deposit once you complete the process.

Shop deposit

The Mozzartbet minimum deposit for depositing using the shop option is unspecified, but it could be 50 KES. Also, there is no specified maximum, but you can ask the agent in the shop where you are making the deposit.

It is instant, so the money reflects in your account once the deposit process is completed. It is free to use this option to make deposits.

Mozzartbet Deposit FAQ

As we complete this Mozzartbet deposit article, we answer some frequently asked questions about the deposit process. For any additional questions, feel free to contact the customer care team of the bookmaker.

How long does it take for a Mozzartbet deposit to reflect?

The notification for a successful deposit comes immediately after you complete the deposit process. So the deposit process is instant.

Why can’t I deposit at Mozzartbet?

Mozzartbet uses the M-Pesa payment platform to receive money from bettors. So if you have an M-Pesa mobile money account, you can easily transfer money into your Mozzartbet account. Contact the customer care team if you receive an error message when depositing.

What is the minimum deposit at Mozzartbet?

The minimum deposit amount is 50 KES for the M-Pesa paybill option. The minimum amount when depositing in the shop may differ as the bookmaker does not specify it.

What is the maximum deposit at Mozzartbet?

The maximum deposit amount is 137,000 KES using the M-Pesa paybill option, but there is no specified amount when using the store deposit option.