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Tonybet Prediction Today

The above predictions are provided by our experts, and they may differ from what Tonybet offers. Therefore, you need to visit the official Tonybet website to find out what the bookmaker offers.

Last modified: 2023-03-27 21:12:23 UTC+ 0
Yield: 10.21%
Chelsea vs Aston Villa
Premier League
01/04 18:30
Aston Villa +1.00 (AH)
Aston Villa is coming in this visit with a big confidence, as away team earned 10 pts from last 4 games, and conceded only one single goal in that span. Chelsea is struggling with consistency, home team...
Yield: 6.45%
Grenoble vs Amiens
Ligue 2
01/04 19:00
Amiens 0.00 (AH)
These two teams have met 5 times before and Amiens won 3 of these matches and lost zero which means the offered odds got a very good value and worthy for a real money bet as well even though Amiens are...
Yield: 6.45%
RFC Seraing vs Gent
Jupiler League
01/04 18:15
Gent -1.00 (AH)
RFC Seraing are in a 4 losing streak and today they will play against Gent who won 3 of the previous 4 matches vs them so I think the Belgian powerhouse should be able to win this match comfortably even...
Yield: 6.45%
Hermannstadt vs Botosani
Superliga Relegation Group
31/03 17:00
Hermannstadt 0.00 (AH)
Even though Botosani dominate this H2H heavily winning 6 of the previous 10 matches vs Hermannstadt I still think the offered odds got enough value on this pick to placing abet because Hermannstadt just...
Yield: 6.45%
Kosovo vs Andorra
EURO Qualification Grp. I
28/03 20:45
Kosovo -1.25 (AH)
Kosovo are coming from a 1-1 draw vs Israel which could easily mean a huge confidence boost for them while Andorra started the new season with a 2-0 defeat against Romania so I think the host are the favs...
Yield: 6.45%
AC Horsens vs AaB
Superligaen Relegation Group
02/04 14:00
AaB 0.00 (AH)
AC Horsens lost 4 of their last 5 matches and won zero and today they will against Aalborg who won 7 of the last 20 matches vs them and lost only 5 which means the offered odds are very good on this handicap...
Yield: 6.45%
Lampang FC vs BG Pathum United
Thai League
03/04 13:30
BG Pathum United -0.75 (AH)
These two teams have met 4 times before and BG Pathum won 3 of these matches including two 7-1 victory as well so I think they are the red hot favs here and probably will win this match easily especially...
Yield: 6.45%
Jordan vs Philippines
28/03 20:30
Jordan -1.50 (AH)
Jordan won 3 of their last 6 matches with a goal difference of 2 or more and lost only 1 time vs Spain by 3-1 but won 5 so I think they have got a pretty strong team which could be able to win this match...
Yield: 5.47%
Galatasaray vs Adana Demirspor
Super Lig
01/04 19:30
Galatasaray -1.00 (AH)
Bettingexpert comunity Next Play : League turkey 1 Galatasaray vs demispor Vamos con otro juego de la liga turkey dos equipo que llegan en cuanto resultado resiente similar aun así demispor no...
Yield: 6.45%
Boston River vs Montevideo Wanderers
Primera Division Apertura
02/04 21:00
Montevideo Wanderers +0.25 (AH)
I think the offered odds are too high on the visitors here who dominate this H2H heavily winning 8 of the previous 13 matches and losing only 2. Boston won only of their previous 8 matches at the current...

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Tonybet Prediction FAQs

Tonybet Prediction Bonus

Tonybet features a promotion where punters are expected to make correct predictions and win various cash rewards.

The promotion is called ‘Forecasts,’ and winners may walk home with a decent amount of money. Before you qualify for this promotion, you must have made deposits in the last 5 days. All details are explained on TonyBet’s official website.

Terms and Conditions

As you join this promotion, remember that the bookmaker has imposed some rules under the terms and regulations. Some of them are listed below, but you can visit the website for a comprehensive list.

  • If a match listed under the prediction offer does not take place, Tonybet will consider this match void.
  • The reward is credited to the winner’s account immediately after the match results are displayed on official sources. Tonybet can look for alternative sources in case there is no information on official sources after 24 hours.
  • The bookmaker reserves the right to amend or withdraw the promotion at any time without any explanation to the participants.
  • ‘Forecasts’ is an independent offer; therefore, it cannot be used alongside any other offer or promotion.
  • In case a customer is deemed to have used this offer to propagate fraud or money laundering activities, Tonybet reserves the right to freeze any winnings and shut down the account.
  • Customers participating in this offer must be ready to verify their accounts by providing ID documents. Failure to present these documents will prompt the bookmaker to forfeit the bonus and any available winnings.
  • The bonus is not transferable; hence any attempts to send the offer to a different IP address, email, or bank account will amount to cancellation. The bookmaker may as well close down the account.

Top Tonybet Betting Tips

Making predictions is not easy because many factors influence the outcome of a match. However, you can employ some strategies to analyze how a particular team will perform against the other. Below are some Tonybet betting tips that will help you make the correct predictions:

Choose Fewer Events

Even though winning 10 events will earn you a massive reward, the risk is very high. Players taking part in the ‘Forecasts’ offer are advised to choose 8 events and increase their winning chances.

It is better to win a smaller amount of cash than miss out after losing one or two events. You can also participate in the promotion as many times as possible to accumulate a decent reward.

Betting Tips Tonybet

Use Statistical Data

Successful betting relies on data. If you want to identify a team that is likely to win, check its history and analyze statistics. You will establish whether it is an underdog or favorite to win the match.

Head-to-head information is also critical if teams are meeting a number of times. For instance, a team occupying a top position on the league table is definitely superior to the one occupying the last position.

Odds Tonybet Kenya

Do not Chase Losses

The ‘Forecasts’ promotion is not a do-or-die event. Also, allow yourself the room to lose because betting is just a game of chance.

You must have a plan where you set a value for your stake for the total sum of money you wish to wager. If you lose a prediction, never place a bigger stake in the hope of reclaiming your money. It may lead to more frustrations.

Home Ground Advantage

Teams that play at home have a higher probability of winning for the simple reason that they understand the terrain of the pitch. They also have backing from their fans, who will provide maximum emotional support.

Home teams are also accustomed to the weather; hence they will not suffer from any changes in case the weather is extreme on the match day. However, not all teams win home matches because other factors will come into play.

Manage your Bankroll

Betting is addictive, and you may end up spending all your money trying to win the predictions. Before entering the promotion, spare some money from your overall income. Consider betting money as an amount you are comfortable losing.

Responsible betting requires that you walk away if you have exhausted your money. You can always try your luck another time without too many frustrations.

Understand your Favorite Market

Sports betting has numerous markets. Some could be friendly, while others may prove too complex for you. Therefore, choose a market where you understand the rules.

A simple market with few possible outcomes is better than a market where you will suffer losses as you try to understand how they work.

Tonybet Prediction FAQs

How to make predictions at Tonybet?

Log into your Tonybet account and visit the ‘Forecasts’ section to predict various outcomes.

What kinds of bets are available at Tonybet?

Tonybet comprises sports bets, live bets, and forecasts.

How to place a bet at Tonybet?

Choose your favorite event and click on its odds, which will be listed on the bet slip.