Deposit Money Safely at Betway: Our Step-by-Step Guide for 2024

In today’s Betway review, we are going to be discussing the sportsbook Betway and all the deposit methods that the sportsbook offers. This deposit guide is specific to the jurisdiction and you can find more information on the official site.

Some things you can find in this step by step guide for depositing on Betway in Malawi are:

  • Deposit tutorial
  • Deposit fees and limits
  • Deposit requirements
  • Deposit rules

❓ How Do I Make a Deposit on Betway?

We’ll get started with our Betway review by highlighting the steps on how to deposit on Betway. The available methods include a few cards and some mobile money methods. The Betway Malawi funding options are all easily accessible for punters.

And although there are a few different deposit methods, the general steps to make a deposit are the same. You can follow these steps as your deposit guide:

  1. Login to your account using the Betway app or website and click on ‘My Account.’
    Betway Login Details
  2. Click on ‘Deposit Funds’ and select the method you want to use for your deposit. Make sure the relevant Betway Malawi banking options have been set up beforehand.
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit and proceed with the payment.
  4. Provide the relevant information and passwords necessary to complete the transaction.
  5. Complete the transaction and the funds will reflect in your account in due time.

You can follow this Betway online deposit guide with any of the available methods. But in case of any discrepancies, you should be able to make payments by following the prompts.

And if you’re completing your Betway deposit using Visa or Mastercard, you need to provide your bank’s authorization as well as your CVV.

Next up for this Betway review are the available Betway Malawi deposit methods. These methods include:

  • Card Transactions
  • OZOW
  • OTT Vouchers
  • Kazang
  • Quick EFTs
  • 1 ForYou Voucher
  • USSD
  • Standard Bank Public Beneficiary
  • Nedbank App
  • Shoprite and Checkers Money Market
  • Easy Load
  • MTN Mobile Money
  • Credit/ Debit Card via Peach Payments

You can find short guides on how to deposit on Betway in this section of our Betway review. The Betway deposit process differs only slightly for each of these methods. Most of these methods are also available for your Betway withdrawal.

And in order to use the Betway Malawi banking options, you must provide your bank’s authorization. Without this, you can’t complete your deposit using Visa or Mastercard.

Next up, we’ll be listing the step by step guide for depositing on Betway in Malawi using some of the most popular methods.

Card Transactions

  1. Login to your account and click the ‘My Account’ button.
  2. Click ‘Betway Deposit Funds’ and select ‘Betway deposit using Visa or Mastercard’ and enter the amount.
  3. Enter your card details and complete your bank’s authorization and complete your transaction.


  1. Login to your account and click on ‘Betway Deposit Funds.’
  2. Select OZOW and your payment method and enter the amount you want to deposit.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the payment page where you need to enter your online banking username and password.
  4. Select the account you want to use and enter the OTP to confirm.

OTT Vouchers

  1. Purchase an OTT voucher from any authorized outlet.
  2. Go to your account and select OTT Vouchers as your deposit method.
  3. Enter the Betway deposit bonus codes on your voucher and complete the transaction.


  1. Visit a Kazang vendor and purchase a voucher.
  2. Login to your account and redeem the voucher by providing the code on your voucher.

Quick EFTs

  1. Login to your account and go to the Deposit Menu.
  2. Select Quick EFT as your Betway deposit method and enter your deposit amount.
  3. Select the bank you want to use and proceed to your payment by clicking on the bank you want to use.
  4. Enter the OTP and complete the transaction.

1ForYou Voucher

  1. Visit your closest vendor (FLASH trader, PEP store, Ackermans etc.) and purchase a voucher.
  2. Login to your account and select 1 ForYou voucher as your Betway deposit method.
  3. Redeem the voucher by entering the deposit bonus codes and your funds should be credited immediately.

Nedbank App

  1. Login to your account after launching the Nedbank app.
  2. Click on ‘Pay’ and tap ‘Single Payments.’
  3. Go to the Search option and select Bank Approved.
  4. Search for and select Betway to make the payment to.
  5. Enter your Betway account number and complete the transaction.

Shoprite and Checkers Money Market

  1. Visit the Shoprite or Checkers store closest to you and go to the Money Market counter.
  2. Provide your Betway account number and the amount you want to deposit.
  3. Provide the clerk with your full name and any other relevant information along with the cash.
  4. Confirm the transaction and your account will be credited within a few minutes.

MTN Mobile Money

  1. You need to login to your account on the MTN MoMo app and tap MoMo Pay.
  2. Select the Pay and Buy option and tap Lotto and Betting.
  3. Search for and select Betway.
  4. Enter your registered number. Make sure you’re using the same number for your MTN mobile payment which is registered with Betway.
  5. Confirm the transaction and the funds will reflect in your account right away.

There are a few more Betway Malawi funding options besides these. But these are the most popular steps on how to deposit on Betway Malawi. You can find a more extensive Betway deposit guide with all the options on the official site.

When referring to bonus code, we mean the code written on the voucher purchased for your Betway deposit methods.

Betway Deposit Methods

🌟 Tips for Making a Successful Deposit at Betway

This is another important part of our Betway review. There are certain Betway deposit fees and limits that you should know about. We’ll list them in a later portion of this Betway guide.

  • To make a successful deposit, the easiest thing you can do is follow our step by step guide for depositing on Betway in Malawi.
  • If you have any issues, you can contact customer service at Betway.
  • Another thing to remember include only using the authorized Betway Malawi funding options. That means you should only purchase vouchers from allowed vendors.
  • And if you’re using any of the Betway Malawi banking options, don’t forget to link your debit/ credit card to your account beforehand.
  • You can use the deposit methods without paying any additional transaction charges.

If you want to know how to deposit with Betway in Malawi using mobile money, you can find a tutorial on the official site.

🔍 Common Deposit Problems at Betway and How to Solve Them

Before we conclude our Betway review with an FAQ section, we’ll list a few common issues that you might face with depositing. If you’re using a voucher for payments, make sure to type in your deposit bonus codes or voucher code correctly.

Completing your Betway registration is mandatory for making your Betway deposit. And you can also use the Betway app for making payments.

You must also follow the deposit fees and limits. If your deposit amount falls below or exceeds the limit, your payment might fail.

When using the Betway Malawi banking options such as Debit/ Credit card, make sure to type in your CVV correctly. You also need to provide your card expiry and some other information.

None of the Betway Malawi funding options require any additional fees. However, you might be charged certain fees by the individual payment provider.

By now, you have hopefully learned all about how to deposit on Betway Malawi. But if you’re unsure, you can just refer back to this deposit guide.

Deposit with Betway – FAQs

If you want to learn more about Betway in Malawi, please take a look at out Betway Review complete guide.

The methods you can use for how to deposit on Betway Malawi include bank cards, vouchers, mobile money payment methods among others.

There aren’t any fees required by Betway for your deposit. However, you might be charged a fee by the individual payment provider.

Most payment methods at Betway are instant. So, your deposit shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. But certain payments on a larger scale might require a bit of additional time.

Yes, you can make a deposit using your phone. All the payment methods are available on the mobile site and app as well.

Once the funds reflect in your account, you can be sure that your Betway deposit was successful.