Two things interest new customers on 1xBet – if the betting platform has the 1xBet Nigeria promo code and if it has the 1xBet app for Android. If you use an Android phone and do not understand how to download the app, here is a guide to help you.

Disclaimer: 1xBet does not have a license to operate in the US, Australia, Canada and Europe with the exception of Spain.

1xBet App for Android Download Guide

If you want to bet from anywhere across the globe, you should consider downloading the 1xBet app for Android. The app contains all the features you can get from using the mobile and desktop versions of the betting platform, and you can follow up on instant updates.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download 1xBet app for Android.

How to download 1xbet app for Android?

  1. Visit the 1xBet website.

    Click on any link available on this page.

  2. You will see a prompt on the page asking whether you want to install the mobile app.

    If you don’t see any prompt, scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see an icon at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click on the “Android” icon.

    You will be prompted to download the apk file of the app. Download 1xBet app for Android.

  4. Open the file to install the app once you complete your 1xBet app download.

  5. Open the app after installation, and you can proceed to use it to wager your bets.

1xBet Android App Review

You might be wondering why you should download the 1xBet app for Android when you can just use the mobile or desktop version to place your bets. Here are a few reasons for using the 1xBet app Android.

Storage of Login Information

The first advantage of using the app is being kept logged in every time you want to access the betting platform. You will not find this feature using the mobile or desktop version. Usually, you will need to enter your login details every time you want to access the website.

However, you will remain logged in with the app even when you close the app. The next time you want to access the platform through the app, you will not have to enter your login details again.

1xBet designed the app to store your login information, and it is one of the features that aid swift betting on the platform. So you have no reason to worry about how to log in the next time you want to place your bets.

Streaming and Live Betting

You can now use the 1xBet Android app to access the live betting and streaming options. Although you can stream and wager on live bets on the mobile and desktop versions, the offer is even better by using the app. Bettors can watch their favourite game and see actions live.

They can also bet on live games and receive prompt notifications as the game proceeds. Unfortunately, receiving notifications is not available with the mobile and desktop versions, and it is one of the functions that help bettors know when to cash out or when to stay longer on a bet.

Data Security

Bettors who use the 1xBet Android app can also ensure that their data is secure. Usually, betting platforms ask for your personal details, including your address and banking details. With the 1xBet app, you can ensure that your details are secured without any risk of being exposed.

User Experience

The primary reason for creating the 1xBet Nigeria app is to promote user experience on the betting platform. The app has an excellent user interface that ensures that bettors have a wonderful time on the website. Bettors should usually be able to access every function of the betting platform from the landing page.

This will aid their experience in depositing, placing their bets, and withdrawing their winnings. It will also help to contact customer support directly from the app and get access to the FAQ section swiftly. The 1xBet app allows customers access to all these, allowing them to have an excellent user experience.

Moderately-Good Internet Connection

Another feature that makes the 1xBet app Android stand out is how bettors can use the app even without a strong internet connection. Usually, bettors need a strong internet connection to access the mobile and desktop versions of the website.

However, you will usually need a moderately-good connection to access the website. Even when you are in an area where the internet connection is not too good, you can still place your bet.

Push Notifications

Another advantage of using the 1xBet app over the mobile and desktop versions is the push notifications you will get with the app. With the 1xBet app, you will get notified of live games, and you can also find out quickly whenever there is a special promo you can use because the app will notify you as much as possible.

Bettors use the 1xBet Nigeria betting platform better when kept abreast of information. Bettors can only enjoy this kind of update on the app.

Speed and Faster Response

The 1xBet app for Android offers a faster way to bet. How the app responds to requests makes it easier for bettors to use the betting platform.

You can place your bets faster without lagging and deposit and withdraw swiftly. In addition, bettors will get a faster response using the app than using the mobile version of the website.

What Are the 1xBet Android App System Requirements?

There are no sophisticated system requirements needed for the Android app. You only need to have a higher Android version to use the app.

Furthermore, you have to download the APK file of the app to install it on your Android device.

1xBet App FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

1. How to install 1xBet on Android?

Installing the 1xBet Android app is relatively straightforward. Once you visit the website, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “Android” icon.

You can download 1xBet app Nigeria by following the prompt before installing the app. Once you are done with the 1xBet app download and installation, you may proceed to use the app.

2. Is 1xBet available in the Play Store?

The 1xBet app Android is not available on the Play store. Bettors can only download the APK version of the app, which they can install directly on their mobile phones.

3. How to open a 1xBet apk file?

You can open the 1xBet apk file directly on your phone, which will lead you to install it. However, if you encounter a problem with your phone not allowing you to install files from the source, you may need to go to your phone settings to enable the option from the source.

4. Can I claim 1xBet welcome bonus on the mobile device?

Yes, you can claim the 1xBet welcome bonus on a mobile app. First, however, you must ensure you register through the device and enter your promo code if available.

Open it once you install the app and click the “Registration” icon. You may then follow the prompts to complete your 1xBet Nigeria registration. 1xBet will allow you to claim the welcome bonus as long as you follow the instructions and meet all the terms and conditions.