When joining this bookmaker, bettors should complete the 22Bet deposit when they set up a new account. Read on for a how-to guide, details about payment methods and information on the 22Bet Nigeria promo code.

22Bet Deposit Guide for Nigeria

Firstly, the 22Bet bookmaker accepts various payment methods when players want to transfer funds to their accounts. Bettors can use bank cards, bank transfers or mobile deposits via USSD.

Below, we list all of the available 22Bet deposit methods for Nigerian bettors and guides on how to complete transfers from these accounts.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Verve
  • Flutterwave
  • Paystack
  • USSD
22bet Deposit

How to Deposit at 22Bet Using a Debit Card?

Firstly, bettors can transfer funds from their MasterCard, Visa, or Verve debit cards to their bookmaker accounts. In addition, bettors can use platforms like Flutterwave and Paystack as one of the 22Bet deposit methods.

Also, to complete a deposit using these methods, bettors can follow the steps outlined below.

  1. First, customers log on to their betting site account and head to the ‘Deposit’ section, available via the dropdown menu.
  2. Next, players select either Cards Deposits Flutterwave or Cards Deposit Paystack.
  3. Then, they input the amount to deposit, and the 22Bet minimum deposit in Nigeria is 250 NGN.
  4. Players then enter their email address and full name and click confirm.
    22Bet Deposit Nigeria
  5. Lastly, bettors are redirected to Flutterwave or Paystack, where they fill in and confirm debit card details and complete the payment.

How to Deposit at 22Bet via Bank Transfer?

Bettors also have the option to make a bank transfer through one of Nigeria’s bank providers as further payment methods. Here, we guide bettors through how they can make a deposit via bank transfer.

  1. Players first log on to their account and head to the deposit section.
  2. From there, they select the Alat by Wema option.
  3. Then, bettors choose the amount to deposit and input their bank provider details.
  4. To complete, players confirm, and the deposit is made instantly.

How to Deposit at 22Bet through USSD?

Alternatively, bettors can use a mobile confirmation system to complete their deposit process. This is also known as USSD (unstructured supplementary Data Service). Through this, bettors use different codes to confirm their transfer via their chosen bank.

Below, we share our guide on how to complete the USSD payment methods when making a 22Bet deposit.

  1. To begin, bettors log into their account, select deposit and choose GTB as the preferred 22Bet deposit methods.
  2. Next, players will have to select the correct code for their bank account provider. For example, GTB is *737#.
  3. Then, players enter the amount to deposit with the 22Bet minimum deposit in Nigeria of 250 NGN applying.
  4. Customers then confirm, choose their bank account, and a code will display.
  5. Next, bettors enter the code on their mobile keypad and the last four digits of their card number.
  6. Finally, players receive an SMS message confirming the deposit to their account.

22Bet Deposit Problems

Sometimes, bettors encounter problems when using one of the payment methods at 22Bet. Here, we offer some guidance about how players can overcome some of the potential issues via 22Bet deposit methods.

Non-Instant Deposits

Firstly, even though deposit times are instant, bettors may not see their funds display straight away. If this happens, customers can wait for 15 minutes for the funds to display in their account because this is the maximum wait time for some payment methods.

However, if money is not showing within 24 hours, bettors should contact the customer service team. Also, bettors should have proof of payment to show when getting in touch with their query.

Incorrect Currency

In addition, bettors may notice their account displays a different currency to the one used to make a deposit. Usually, this is because the payment provider has charged a small fee for conversion. However, the bookmaker cannot offer refunds for loss of deposit funds due to this.

But, bettors can double-check with their payment provider before committing to a deposit that no fees apply.

Only Use Payment Methods in Account Holders Name

Lastly, players must ensure the deposit methods they use are in their own name and nobody else’s. For instance, if a bettor uses a bank card to deposit their account, it should be in their full name.

By doing this, bettors ensure safety when making deposits. Also, if players need to request refunds or if there is a problem with their payments or account, then they have proof of receipt when raising a concern.

22Bet Deposit Nigeria FAQs

In this section, we answer some of the most common questions about making deposits at this bookmaker.

What is the 22bet minimum deposit in Nigeria?

Currently, bettors must make a minimum 250 NGN deposit using any of the payment methods listed above. Also, players will not be able to complete their deposit if they try to use any less than the set minimum amount.

How long does it take to deposit in 22Bet?

Generally, the bookmaker processes deposits to accounts instantly from all deposit methods. But, bettors should allow 15 minutes for the funds to display in their account, as delays can sometimes occur. But, if the time takes longer or funds haven’t gone through, customers can contact the bookmaker along with confirmation of their payment. When contacting the betting provider, customers should have proof of their transaction ready to share with the customer service team.

Why can’t I deposit money at 22Bet?

Firstly, bettors can check that the method they want to use is accepted by the bookmaker. Some deposit options are not currently supported. Second, customers should check they have enough funds in their bank account to make the transfer.
Lastly, players must ensure they have met the minimum deposit requirements. However, if problems continue, players should get in touch with the bookmaker and provide details of the issues they encounter.