The Betway app is a popular mobile app that offers its customers a user-friendly and high-functioning interface. Among other features, using the Betway Nigeria sign up code is something that the app allows.

Read more about the mobile application and how to use it below.

Betway App Download for Android in 3 Steps

For Android users who prefer using a mobile phone to a computer, there is a Betway mobile app. Moreover, to explain how to download it, we include the list below.

How to download the Betway app on Android in 3 steps?

  1. Users need to go to the bookmaker’s website and locate the Betway app for the Android button.

    Customers can do this by clicking on the menu button in the top left corner beside the Betway logo.

  2. Click on the “Betway App” button.

    Check the image for more details.

  3. The webpage will display the logos of both the Betway app for Android and iOS.

    Of course, players should click on the “Download Android app” logo to start the Betway app download.

Importantly, customers can only download the Betway app for Android on the bookmaker’s official website. This app is not available on the Google Play Store.

How to Install the Betway App on Android?

After downloading the app for Android, customers will need to install it. Luckily, the installation process is pretty simple and easy. All users have to do is click on the APK file that they downloaded and start the installation process.

Moreover, players may have to confirm that they allow apps from unknown sources to be installed on their devices. Also, customers will have to make sure that they have enough free storage space on their devices. After the installation process has finished, players may use this app by clicking on the app icon on their mobile phones.

Betway App Download for iOS

In order for iOS users to find out how to download a Betway mobile app, we include yet another list.

  1. As said, customers need to visit the bookmaker’s official website and find the menu button in the top left corner.
  2. After clicking on the menu button, players need to locate the “Betway app” button at the bottom of the list. They should click on it as well.
  3. The click will bring them to the bookmaker’s webpage showing both Android and iOS logos.
    Betway app for iOS
  4. Players need to click on the “Download on the App Store” button.
  5. Customers will be taken to the Apple App Store, where they will need to click on the install button. Moreover, the install button will automatically start both the download and installation processes.

Notably, the app for iOS is available on the App Store. It is important to mention that the availability of the app for iOS differs from the one for Android. Comparably, the Android app is only available on the official bookmaker’s website.

How to Install the Betway App on iOS?

In general, the installation procedure for the app for iOS is rather short and easy. Following the “Download on the App Store” button on the bookmaker’s website, users will get to the App Store.

There, players should click on the install button. Furthermore, this will automatically download and install the Betway app for iOS on users’ phones. Needless to say, customers must have enough free space storage for the app to install. To use the app, players should find the app icon and click on it.

Betway Mobile Version

Besides using the Betway mobile app, customers can also visit the website using a mobile web browser. Namely, the mobile website version is identical to the desktop version.

Since the desktop version is very user-friendly, we may claim the mobile version to be the same. To elaborate, there are the “Sign Up” and “Login” buttons in the webpage’s header for easy access. There are also gaming sections presented in this part of the webpage.

In addition, the website’s homepage shows the most popular matches on the left-hand side. The rest of the matchups and their odds are shown in the main part of the homepage. Fortunately, players can use the mobile version of the website without downloading the Betway Nigeria app.

Betway Mobile

What Are the Betway App System Requirements?

To be able to download the Betway Nigeria app, users need to check whether their devices meet the installation requirements. First of all, customers’ devices will need to have a desired operating system version that supports the mobile app.

Specifically, for iOS users, the needed operating system version is 11.0 or later. On the other hand, there are no special requirements when it comes to the Android operating system version.

As stated before, customers’ devices should have enough storage space. Primarily, there should be enough storage space in order to download an app. Then, some storage space is also required for installation.

Generally, the Betway mobile app does not require devices to have the latest hardware. As long as devices are not too old or outdated, the mobile app will hopefully function.

Betway Nigeria App Review

Speaking of the app, we may say that it is user-friendly. Additionally, one of the benefits of this app is that it consumes a very small amount of data to operate. On top of that, it takes less time to load compared to the website.

What is more, players have a chance to play casino games as well as bet on sports events. Being an app made specifically for mobile and tablet devices, it is always responsive and adaptable when used on different screen sizes.

Lastly, our Betway Nigeria review showed that this app supports a wide range of game sections for users to choose from.


For the sake of informing customers, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Is it safe to download the Betway app?

The simple answer is yes. Betway is a licensed bookmaker, and it offers a safe and protected online betting platform with the finest digital encryption levels.

How does the Betway app work?

It works rather simply and is easy to use. All users need to do is download it and log in once they run it. All the features available on the website are also offered when using the app.

How can I play Betway on my phone?

There are two ways customers can bet and play casino games on their phones. First, players may use a mobile version of the Betway website by opening it using a web browser app. In addition, users may download and install apps on their mobile phones through which they can access the website and all its features.

Why is Betway not on the Play Store?

Unlike the iOS version, the mobile app for Android is not available on the Play Store. This is because there are some restrictions related to some betting apps. However, instead of trying to download the app on the Play Store, customers may download an APK directly from the bookmaker’s website.

Why is the Betway app not working?

There are instances where the Betway app may be crashing or showing a black screen. This usually happens on Android devices. Users will most likely solve this by clearing the cache on their device or by rebooting it. In addition, customers may try a factory data reset option to fix this problem.