Learn about Betway deposit options in Nigeria and how to use the Betway Nigeria sign up code. For more information and details, refer to the text below.

How to Deposit Money at Betway Nigeria?

Interestingly, this bookmaker offers its users numerous ways of depositing. To elaborate more, we list the depositing methods of this bookmaker below.

Betway Deposit Nigeria

Quickteller Agent

To deposit with Quickteller Agent, customers will need to complete the following steps.

  1. Go to the closest Quickteller Paypoint agent.
  2. Tell the agent that they would like to make a deposit to Betway.
  3. Provide the agent with the account number.
  4. Wait for the agent to complete the transaction and check the SMS they received.

Quickteller App

Another way for customers to make deposits is to use the Quickteller app, as shown below.

  1. Open the app and log into Quickteller Wallet.
  2. Click on the “Pay Bills” button.
  3. Choose “Betting, Lottery and Gaming”.
  4. Find and select “Betway”.
  5. Fill in with the account number and the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Insert the required card information (PIN, account type, CVV, expiry date, PAN).
  7. Enter the one-time password you received via SMS or email.
Betway Deposit

Quickteller Web

Furthermore, we talk about how to use Quickteller Web in order to make deposits as we provide a list underneath.

  1. Go to the official Quickteller website and log in.
  2. Click on “Pay Bills and select Betting, Lottery and Gaming”.
  3. Pick “Betway” as the desired option.
  4. Fill in with the necessary information (mobile number, deposit amount) and hit “Continue”.
  5. Select the service you want to use to make a payment (Visa QR code, Quickteller wallet, debit card, Verve card). After selecting the payment service, players should enter the account details.

Direct Bank Transfer

In addition, we explain how to make deposits using a Direct Bank Transfer method below.

  1. Visit the bookmaker’s official website. Next, either log into your account or start the signup process.
  2. Click on the “Deposit” button at the bottom of the screen and select “Direct Bank Transfer”.
  3. Fill in with the preferred amount to deposit and click on the “Proceed” button.
  4. Choose the bank type and insert the bank account number. Then, click on the “verify account”.
  5. Enter the token received as an SMS.
  6. See the deposit status (successful or unsuccessful).

Card Transactions

Also, one of the ways for players to make deposits is to use card transactions as outlined below.

  1. Visit the Betway official website and choose a login or signup option.
  2. Find the “Deposit” button, click on it, and select debit or credit card as a payment option.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and hit the “Proceed” button.
  4. Fill in with the card details (CVV, expiry date, number) and click on the “Pay Ngn”).
  5. Finalize the bank’s authorization.

Paga Agent

As one of the many ways to make a deposit, we describe the method using Paga Agent down below.

  1. Go to the nearest Paga agent.
  2. Give the Paga agent your account number or mobile number and inform them about the deposit amount.
  3. Wait for the agent to confirm your name, last name, and phone number.
  4. Wait for the SMS and then for the agent to confirm the transaction.

Paga App

Next, players may use Paga App to make deposits too, as described in the list under.

  1. Log in to the Paga App.
  2. Choose Merchant or Pay Bill option.
  3. Click on the Betway logo and fill in the account number and deposit amount.
  4. Check and confirm the information’s validity.
Betway Deposit

OPay Agent

Additionally, customers are able to deposit money by opting for an OPay agent method, as outlined underneath.

  1. Visit a nearby OPay agent.
  2. Inform the agent about your account number (mobile phone number you used to register) and the amount you wish to deposit.
  3. The agent will check the account validity by asking you to provide your name and last name.
  4. After verifying the account, the agent will complete the transaction.

OPay App

One more way for players to make a deposit is to use the Opay app. The procedure for using this service is defined below.

  1. Log in to your OPay app.
  2. Visit the homepage of the website and click on the “Betting” button.
  3. Find and select “Betway” as a bookmaker, and enter the account number and the deposit amount.
  4. Confirm both the details you entered and the transaction.
Betway Deposit

Quickteller ATM transfer

As for a Quickteller ATM transfer option, we give the details on how to make a Bwin deposit underneath.

  1. Go to any interswitch or direct-enabled ATM.
  2. Insert your card and enter your PIN.
  3. Choose either “Quickteller” or “Paybills” based on the type of ATM you are using.
  4. Select your account type (debit or credit).
  5. Choose the payment method. Then, enter the Merchant code and click on the “Proceed” button.
  6. Enter your Betway account number and the amount you would like to deposit.
  7. Fill in with your phone number and click on the “Pay” button.

Quickteller and GT Bank Branch

Besides a Quickteller ATM option, there is also Quickteller and GT Bank Branch offering customers to make deposits. To make a successful deposit, users will need to follow the procedure as shown below.

  1. Visit your nearest bank branch.
  2. Fill in a deposit slip with all the necessary information. Moreover, there is specific information for each field:
    • Customer account name: your bank account name.
    • Customer account number: your bank account number.
    • Beneficiary account number: your Betway account number.
    • Beneficiary account name: Betway.
    • Amount: the amount you would like to deposit.
  3. Hand in the deposit slip to the teller.
  4. After you have confirmed the deposit slip information and payment details, you will need to collect your proof of payment.


In addition to all the previous deposit methods, there is also a Flutterwave option that players may use. Specifically, customers should complete the following step-by-step guide displayed underneath.

  1. Go to the bookmaker’s website and create an account or log in.
  2. Click on the “Deposit” button and choose Flutterwave checkout.
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit and hit the “Proceed” button.
  4. Choose your payment method (QR code, Barter or Flutterwave app, pay with the bank, USSD, card payment, pay with pay attitude).
  5. Once you choose your payment method, follow the rest of the instructions shown on the screen.


Lastly, we present Paystack as one of the ways for players to make a deposit in the list below.

  1. Visit the bookmaker’s official website and sign up. In case users already have an account, they should log in.
  2. Hit the “Deposit” button and choose “Paystack checkout”.
  3. Enter the desired deposit amount and press “Proceed”.
  4. Choose one of the payment options (Visa QR code, pay with the bank, USSD, bank transfer, card payment).
  5. After choosing the payment option, follow the remaining on-screen steps to finalize the deposit.

For more information, customers should visit the bookmaker’s website and click on the “How To” button in the webpage’s footer. Then, users should select the “Deposit” option to find out more about it.

Betway Deposit Problems

Sometimes, customers may experience certain problems during the deposit process. One of the most common problems players may encounter is a non-reflective deposit. Namely, after users have completed their deposit procedure, their account balance may still not be showing the amount that they deposited.

To solve this, customers may click on the “Cash” button in the top left corner of the webpage. This will refresh the page and show the latest account changes and updates. In case players’ deposit is still not reflected, they need to send the proof in PDF to either [email protected] or via WhatsApp: +234 816 822 7279.

Importantly, users will have to wait up to two days for their problem to be resolved. If customers’ cannot see their deposit after trying all the resolution methods listed above, they should contact Betway’s customer support team. Moreover, there are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Chat to Live support.
  • Standard call rate (+234 1227 8860).
  • Email ([email protected])
  • WhatsApp: +234 816 822 7279.
  • Social media (Facebook: /BetwayNigeria, and Twitter:@BetwayNigeria).

Betway Deposit Nigeria FAQs

As it is of great importance, we provide customers with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the minimum deposit for Betway Nigeria?

Considering the Betway minimum deposit amount, this bookmaker offers its users a fairly low minimum quantity to deposit. More precisely, the Betway minimum deposit amount is as low as ₦100.

How long does it take for a Betway deposit?

Speaking of the Betway deposit time, we may say that most deposit methods provide users with instant transfers. Particularly, the Betway deposit time usually depends on the very deposit option users may choose.

How much can you deposit on Betway?

As a matter of fact, Betway Nigeria allows its customers to make large deposits. In addition, a potential deposit that players could make can be up to ₦250,000.

How to get a Betway deposit bonus?

To get a Betway deposit bonus, users have to go to the bookmaker’s official website and create an account. Once they have done so, customers need to check what Betway deposit offer is currently available and get familiar with it. Afterward, players should make sure that they fulfill all the requirements in order to qualify for a certain bonus.