We have done our research on the football games available and presented our BetWinner prediction.

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BetWinner Prediction Today

Here are our BetWinner predictions for football games today.

Last modified: 2023-10-01 13:10:37 UTC+ 0
Yield: 5.15%
Tokyo Verdy vs Blaublitz Akita
J. League 2
14/09 12:00
Tokyo Verdy to win
Tokyo Verdy and Blaublitz Akita are meeting here and my tip for this match is the home side to win which is priced 2.15 at this very moment. The home side is really strong and I think they should be in...
Yield: 3.03%
Sampdoria vs Catanzaro
Serie B
01/10 16:15
Sampdoria to win
Sampdoria did not start the seaoson in Serie B well at all and they are are going to take on at home the team of Catanzaro in their next game. I believe that the hosts will find a way to get into a better...
Yield: 3.03%
Indjija vs Tekstilac Odzaci
Prva Liga
01/10 15:00
Indjija to win
Indjija are going to take on at home Tekstilac Ozdaci in a game from the 2nd division fo Serbia. The away side has been doing very well so far, but they are a newly promoted team and I think that the more...
Yield: 3.03%
FK Mladost Novi Sad vs FK Dubocica
Prva Liga
02/10 15:00
FK Mladost Novi Sad to win
Mladost Novi Sad did not start the season very well and they are at the last place in the 2nd division of the table. Despite that they have a decent team for the level of the division and I believe that...
Yield: 3.03%
ASD Trastevere vs Budoni
Serie D Grp. G
01/10 15:00
ASD Trastevere to win
Trastevere are going to take on at home the team of Budoni in a game from Serie D. The away side is a newly promoted team who is in a good form lately, but their hosts are the more experienced side and...
Yield: 3.03%
Romana FC vs Anziolavinio
Serie D Grp. G
01/10 15:00
Romana FC to win
Romana FC are going to take on at home Anzio in a game from Serie D. The hosts are a newly promoted team that has built a solid squad for the new season. This match is the perfect chance for them to get...
Yield: 3.03%
Wattenscheid vs TSG Sprockhoevel
Oberliga Westfalen
01/10 15:00
Wattenscheid to win
Wattenscheid finally won a game after the bad start of the season. Now they are going to take on at home Sproeckhovel and I expect the hosts to continue their good run and find a way to take another 3...
Yield: 3.03%
Igdir FK vs Kastamonuspor 1966
2. Lig - Red Group
01/10 14:00
Igdir FK to win
Idgir FK are going to take on at home Kastamonuspor in a game from the third division of Turkey. The hosts have a very solid squad and despite the very good form of their guests, I expect Idgir to be the...
Yield: 3.03%
Montecchio Maggiore vs Este
Serie D Grp. C
01/10 15:00
Montecchio Maggiore +0.50 (AH)
Montecchio Maggiore are going to take on at home the team of Este. The home side here did not start the season very well, but they are a stable team in general and I believe that they will manage to take...
Yield: 3.03%
FK Varnsdorf vs Vyskov
01/10 16:00
FK Varnsdorf +0.50 (AH)
FK Varnsdorf are going to take on at home Vyskov in a game from the 2nd division of the Czech Republic. Despite the bad form that the hosts are in, they are a stable team and I believe that they can find...

The first thing to know about our predictions whether for football games or any other game is that it is subjective. That means that it may differ from other prediction sites. That doesn’t mean that we are right and others are wrong. So it is important to visit the bookmaker’s website and find out what the BetWinner predictions are.

BetWinner Predictions Nigeria

Top BetWinner Tips

Like with every betting prediction, you can make better BetWinner predictions with some tips. BetWinner tips can help you reduce your risks while improving your chances of winning. You can either try one of the tips independently or combine all of them. We have analyzed some BetWinner tips below.

Do your research

The most important BetWinner tip is to do basic research on the games you want to bet on. For popular sports events, it is very easy to find the Head-to-Head statistics of the two sides.

The H2H statistic always provides a great degree of correctness, the favourite team, and the underdog. You can now go further to research the current form of the teams to confirm the most likely match result of the games.

Have and follow a betting strategy

Even though betting is based on luck, many risks can be managed if you have and follow a betting strategy. Betting strategies form the bedrock of placing bets based on the research you have done and not on emotions.

Your strategy can contain the type of markets to bet on, the betting amount, and the type of bets. However, after creating a strategy, the next is to follow the strategy and not give in to your emotions, especially when betting on your favourite sports or teams.

Keep a betting record.

An important addition to having and following a betting strategy is keeping a record. This betting record can be kept digitally on your smartphone or in black and white. Why is a betting record important?

Because your betting strategy will not be perfect, and the record will show where to improve and what to drop. And since there is always room for improvement in the betting strategy, the record is still important for advanced bettors.

Follow the live betting section.

When you bet on live bets, you improve your chances of winning. This is because it is easier to make predictions after you have seen the progression of the games. Most betting predictions will focus on pre-game betting, but you can add live betting to your strategy after making your research.

Live Betting Section BetWinner

Check out alternative markets.

Even though the most popular markets are 1×2 and over/under, you can make predictions in other markets. And these alternative markets can offer more value if you understand the market.

An alternative market can be the combination of 1×2 and over/under or the total number of cards or corners. The good thing is that the BetWinner has a huge betting market so that you can make your pick.

Follow other tipsters

Tipsters are more experienced bettors who have developed the ability to make correct predictions. Most tipsters post their tips on blogs and social media, so you can follow them and get betting tips on some games. Even though they are not always correct, you can supplement your research with their tips.

BetWinner Prediction Nigeria FAQs

We have come to the end of the BetWinner predictions, which follow primarily from the TOTO jackpot. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the predictions. You can contact the bookmaker if you have any other questions.

How to predict football at BetWinner?

It is easy to predict since football is the most popular game on the bookmaker’s site. You can predict football by clicking on the ‘Football’ tab in the Sports section. Pick on a sporting event and then make your predictions. You can also make football predictions by making picks in the TOTO jackpot by the bookmaker.

What are the odds of winning the BetWinner prediction?

Every form of betting has a bit of risk involved, no matter the amount of research and betting strategy used to make predictions. And the BetWinner predictions are not different, so there is no guarantee that you will win the BetWinner predictions.

How to bet 1×2 at BetWinner?

1×2 is also known as the match winners market and is available for several sports such as football, basketball, tennis, rugby and cricket. You can bet on the 1×2 market by choosing it from the options and choosing the team you predict will be the winner of the game.

How to place an accumulator bet on BetWinner Nigeria?

You can place accumulator bets by selecting the predictions on a game and adding other predictions to it. The minimum number of predictions is 2, and the maximum number of predictions per bet slip is 40.