The wonderful aspect of betting on Frapapa is the wide range of events available at the bookmaker’s site. In addition to a huge sportsbook, Frapapa also has an online casino and virtual games section. The Frapapa casino contains many interesting games, and the bookmaker even offers a welcome bonus. New bettors have to use the Frapapa promotional code to get this casino bonus when signing up. We have done a casino review of the Frapapa casino, which is what this article is about.

Frapapa Casino Welcome Bonus

Frapapa has made casino betting more enticing by offering one of Nigeria’s biggest casino welcome bonuses. The Frapapa casino welcome bonus is 600% of your first deposit. Even if you didn’t want to get to play casino games before, that number would make you rethink that decision. However, you can use this bonus in the virtual section too.

There are some terms and conditions for unlocking the Frapapa casino bonus. We have listed the terms and conditions below:

  1. You need to deposit N2000 to unlock this bonus.
  2. If you choose the casino and virtual bonus, you will get 600% of the first deposit up to N50,000.
  3. The maximum winning from the casino bonus is N250,000.
  4. The bonus is only valid for casino and virtual betting and cannot be used for sports betting.

When the Frapapa bonus is credited to your account, it is non-withdrawable. So you have to place bets with the bonus amount to meet the wagering requirements. Here are some of the wagering requirements.

  1. You have to wager the bonus amount 40 times.
  2. Slot games contribute 100% to the betting requirement except for games like Crypto Gold, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Era of Gods and Football 3×3.
  3. Live game shows and roulette games contribute 20% to the requirements.
  4. Blackjack, baccarat, video poker games and all live casino games (except roulette) contribute 10%.
  5. You can’t make a withdrawal request until you meet these wagering requirements or forfeit the remaining bonus.
  6. The bonus is available for 3 days, and if you don’t meet the wagering requirements within this time, you forfeit the bonus.

Frapapa Casino

When it comes to betting in Nigeria, casino games take second place to sports betting. However, casino games, along with virtual games, serve their purpose. First, there are easier to bet on as most of the strategy to win casino games is luck. Also, it’s fun to watch the quirky animations that happen with the normal casino games when you roll a die or turn the handle of the slot machine. In addition, casino games are quick to finish, so you don’t have to wait for long to know the outcome of your betting.

The bookmaker offers a very generous bonus amount for the casino and virtual section to make the casino section more interesting. You will also see a huge selection of games either on the normal casino or live casino. The normal casino is a simulation of the real thing, and the games are divided into slots, roulette, and card games. At the same time, the live section is divided into roulette and card games. We analyse the sections of the normal casino below.

Frapapa Casino: Pros & Cons

Generally, casino games are fun. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to playing casino games. After checking out the Frapapa casino section, here are the advantages and the disadvantage of playing casino games on the Frapapa platform.

Casino games are fun and quick to play.The bookmaker doesn’t have a wide selection of games.
Casino games are always available all year round.The wagering requirements of the bonus is tough.
There is a huge casino and virtual welcome bonus on the bookmaker.
The bookmaker offers a demo version of most games.
The live casino games are very realistic and offer an easy and affordable way to enjoy real casino games

Frapapa Slot

Slots are the most popular casino games, and they take centre stage on the Frapapa casino page. Slot games are based on a random number generator, so there is no strategy to win. You just stake an amount you can afford to lose and spin to have fun.

While it seems like there are a lot of slot games on the bookmaker, every slot game is governed by the same rules.

There are three main parts of a slot game. The reels, paylines and symbols. Slot games vary a lot because you can arrange any of these three components in various ways.

The reel is the column where the symbols of the games are placed. You can have from 3 to 5 reels in any slot game, and a reel can also have 3 to 5 symbols. The payline is an imaginary line that determines whether you win or not. If the symbols are arranged on a payline according to the rules of the game, then you win.

The symbols are then icons of the game that are on the reels. The reel spins the symbols, and they are randomly placed, and if their arrangement is on a payline, then you win your slot game.

To access the slot games on Frapapa, click the casino section on the homepage and click on slots. Select a slot game of your preference and spin.

Frapapa Slot

Frapapa Roulette

The second section of games on Frapapa casino is the roulette game. The results of roulette games are also obtained by a random number generator, but there are several ways to bet, unlike slot games. And you can increase your chances of winning if you understand the game.

You will also see various forms of roulette games at Frapapa casino, but there are all governed by the same rules.

Roulette is a table game with a circular wheel with a small ball. In the most popular form of roulette, the French roulette, you have 37 slots (0-36) on the circular wheel. While the American roulette has 38 spaces (double zero and 1-36). The numbers are placed on the circular wheel in alternating colours of black and red.

To play the game, the croupier, or software in the case of Frapapa roulette, spins the wheel. The small ball will now fall on one of the numbers when the wheel stops spinning. You place bets by choosing one of the numbers, but there are also other forms of selection. Selections such as

  • Odd number
  • Even number
  • First 12 numbers
  • Second 12 numbers
  • Third 12 number
  • Red slot
  • Black slot.

You can access the roulette section on Frapapa by clicking on the casino and selecting roulette from the list of games.

Frapapa Roulette Games

Frapapa Card Games

Card games are games that are played with cards. Some of them include poker, baccarat, and blackjack. However, only baccarat and blackjack are available on the Frapapa casino site. These games are more technical than the other two, and you will require luck and strategy to win.

Frapapa Live Casino

Live casino is where the fun is on Frapapa. Not only do you have casino games on-demand 24/7, but you also get to play them live. The bookmaker has put in a lot of effort to get the best games from reputable game providers, so you can rest assured that your money is safe and the games are fair.

However, there are not many games in the live casino, but very popular ones like Blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Below we explain how to play and win at these games.

Frapapa Live Casino Nigeria


This is one of the most popular casino games, and it is featured in both the normal casino section and the live section. However, with live blackjack, you have the opportunity to play with a strategy.

Even though there are variations, there are basic rules to play the game. Blackjack can be played between 2 or more people with a dealer. The game is played with a standard set of cards, and to win, you have to depend on luck paired with some strategy.

The game’s objective is to have a higher card total than the dealer but lower than 21 after the rounds are completed.


The game of Baccarat is more complex than other card games. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to play it. But before you go ahead to play in the live casino, it will be helpful for you to practice in the simulated version with a demo. You can also read up on the game and watch videos to understand it.


You can also see roulette games on Frapapa. The live roulette follows the same rules as the roulette in the simulated casino. However, there is no demo in this section, and you can only play at some roulette tables if you have a certain amount of money in your account.


Frapapa casino offers an alternative to bettors when sports events are off-season. Casino games offer quick fun and a payout if you are lucky.

The number of games on the bookmaker is not so large; however, bettors will still find some games interesting. And there is a welcome bonus that gives you extra cash to use to bet until you are familiar with betting and winning casino games.