Do you know that many punters are betting on eSports at N1Bet eSports? You, too, can take advantage of their competitive odds and fantastic bonus offers today. N1Bet is one of the best sites for eSports betting as they offer many markets on their cybersport site.

Bet on N1Bet eSports

The game developer SoftSwiss partnered with N1 Interactive to give bettors a platform for eSports betting. They launched N1Bet in 2021, and it’s a betting site that features both a sportsbook and an online casino. However, when it comes to eSports betting, no other bookie can compete with N1Bet Nigeria. They have lots of betting markets for this cybersport. In addition, N1Bet is one of the major sponsors of the Dota Tournament.

This sportsbook has a lot to offer eSports lovers, from its competitive odds to its betting options and markets. N1Bet boasts a large eGaming market when compared to other betting sites. Some popular eSports games include CS:GO, Dota2, StarCraft, and many others.

N1Bet eSports Betting

One of the things players will enjoy from the combined efforts of N1 interactive and SoftSwiss is their vast experience in the gaming industry. At N1Bet, you’ll find many games in the eSports section; let’s look at some of the most popular ones offered on the betting site.

League of Legends

One of the most popular sports bettors love is the League of Legends. It is a free-to-play multiplier online battle arena game. League of Legends is easy to play, and the player takes on the role of a summoner in the game. The summoner controls the championship with their skills and will be actively involved in the 5-on-5 battle with other players.

The point of this game is to eliminate the structure of the other team, called the “Nexus.” Players can find the nexus at the heart of the defensive tower. Teams are weak at the start of the game, but as they progress, they’ll accumulate abilities and items that increase their strength.

League of Legends is a fun and exciting game. If you haven’t played it already, you should join N1Bet cybersport to play LoL. They offer high odds for this game. League of Legends world championship is held each year and involves 16 teams. You can participate in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) event also on N1Bet.

Counter-Strike: Global Offence (CS:GO)

N1Bet also offers the popular Counter-Strike tournaments. This video game has gained the attention of punters worldwide. CS:GO was developed by Valve in 2012. In this game, there are two teams consisting of five players each. One team is the terrorists, and the other is the counter-terrorists.

The goal of this game is for the terrorist team to insert bombs in one of the bomb sites of the other team. The counter-terrorists, on the other hand, will have to find these bombs and try to defuse them within 40 seconds. CS:GO has attracted millions of viewers across the globe. As of 2020, the game was able to pull a prize pool of up to $20 million.

If you’re a fan of CS:GO, you can play this game at the N1Bet website.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is another eSports game offered on N1Bet. Players get to be heroes in Dota2. There are two teams consisting of five players each. The goal is to bring down the enemy’s ancient structure. Throughout the game, the heroes get level-ups and gold as they pass through the different stages.

It is an action-packed game that involves battles, building, and many more. You can use the gold to buy items to level up and improve your abilities. N1Bet is a major sponsor of one of the Dota professional league games. You can take part in Dota 2 on the N1 bet eSports betting site.

Rocket League

Rocket League is another N1 bet eSports game available to punters on the site. If you love car racing, you should check out Rocket League. The game has special cars players can control. These are rocket-powered cars, unlike anything you’re familiar with. This means you are getting a super fast racing car that can even fly.

You can play the Rocket League championship series on N1Bet. The game has gained a prize pool of over $350,000 since its inception.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty has been around since 2003. This shooting game is available in multi-player mode on N1Bet. In this combat game, soldiers fight opposing armies. You can participate in the Championships on N1Bet cybersport. As of 2020, Call of Duty had a prize pool of over $6 million and is very popular among bettors.

Play Esports on N1Bet

Play eSeports on N1Bet: Terms and Conditions

Many bettors are turning to eSports today, and N1Bet is not one to disappoint. They are one of the many platforms sponsoring these games, and besides, many countries recognize eSports. The International eSports Federation was set up in 2008 and has over 100 member countries.

The legality of eSports is unquestionable in the majority of countries around the world.

Like with sports betting, there are rules that players must adhere to when betting on eSports. N1Bet ensures that all players strictly comply with these rules. One of them is that anyone wishing to participate in eSports betting on the site must be up to 18 years old. There is no doubt that it is safe to bet on N1Bet, as the bookmaker has a license.

You should also read the rules of any eSports you participate in to understand how it works. If you’re using the bookie’s bonus, ensure you read the terms and conditions as it applies to eSports.

Is Live eSports Betting Available on N1Bet?

Yes, there is eSports live betting available on N1Bet. Players can use the live betting section on the N1Bet to monitor eSports options. The in-play section is vast and covers a wide range of sports. N1Bet did not leave out eSports live betting in their in-play section.

You’ll be able to participate in popular eSports like League of Legends, Dota 2, and others. Even though the site doesn’t have live streams for eSports, the live betting section still allows you to monitor the performance of each team.

Welcome Bonus on N1Bet

If you sign up with N1Bet today, you will get a welcome bonus offer. Although there is no N1Bet Nigeria bonus code for now, you can still claim the offer after your first deposit. For the sportsbook, you will get a 300% bonus up to 1,000.000 NGN.

You can also claim their casino bonus to play games on the site. New players will get a first deposit 100% bonus of up to 250,000 NGN. Ensure you read the terms and conditions of the bonus to know how it works.