Paul Parker slams Man United: Erik Ten Hag has been let down by club and players

Erik ten Hag has been criticised a lot recently and we talked to former Manchester United defender, Paul Parker, who shared his thoughts on the Dutchman. 

Despite Man United´s victories against Burnley and Crystal Palace, Erik ten Hag has been under heavy criticism on Social Media, where especially his decision making in terms of the team selection has been criticised. 

We caught up with Paul Parker to discuss how he thinks things are going in the Erik ten Hag project and he leaves a scratching attack on the club and the players.  

Erik ten Hag can’t rely on his players

Paul Parker admits that Erik ten Hag´s decisions can be questioned from time to time, however he makes it very clear that the decision has been taken out of his hands, as he is left with players he can’t rely on. 

“I think we can question Erik ten Hag´s decision making but the decision has been taken out of his hands by what he is left with.”

“He has a lot of players but he doesn’t have a lot of quality to work with. He still has some players that he cannot rely on.”

“Some players are playing for themselves and not for the team. There are some players that you don’t want to have around at that club.”

“He is stuck with some selfish players who believe that he will be gone before them and then they will do exactly the same to the new manager as they have done to Erik ten Hag.”

“They believe that their commodity is the manager who will come and go. Erik ten Hag has been let down by the players, the football club and the people above him.”

Parker continues by saying that it’s a shame that some people are blaming Erik ten Hag as the players are responsible as they are the ones to do the work in the end. 

“It’s such a shame that people want to blame Erik ten Hag. I think everyone knows that it’s not about the manager. The one thing that players should always give you without being asked is hard work and Erik ten Hag is not getting that from them.”

“Everyone who watches Man United regularly knows who I’m talking about. Everyone can see which players are looking for a new manager to come in so they can continue doing what they are doing and earn their money.”

Erik ten Hag need to address it in the dressing room

Paul Parker urges Erik ten Hag to address the problems in the dressing room to make players take responsibility. 

“I think that Erik ten Hag needs to address this in the dressing room. He needs to call out the players who are not working hard and he needs to do it in front of everyone.”

“Because no one likes criticism. If anyone says they like criticism, they are big, fat liers. So, Erik ten Hag needs to do it so they can feel how horrible it feels to be questioned. I don´t think the players will realise it by him saying it in a private conversation.”

“He needs to put the players in a situation, where they are aware that every single one of their teammates can hear it and realise that they actually have a responsibility for this club.”

“People will say oh no, you can’t have a go at people in front of others. But you can, if they are not doing their job properly. He needs to tell them that they are letting down the club and the teammates.”

“But in the end the manager can only ask you to work harder. He can’t do it for you. It’s up to the players to realise that it’s weak claiming that the manager has lost the dressing room. They are a part of the dressing room and should make the change themselves.”