“Amad Diallo is not good enough to play a role yet”, says Paul Parker

Despite Man United´s amazing performances this season, the front three has been a major discussion as only Marcus Rashford has managed to perform consistently. 

We sat down to have a talk with the former Man United defender, Paul Parker. He shared his thoughts on the situation of the wide-area players at Man United. 

Parker also gave his opinion on Amad Diallo, as the winger is set to return to Man United after a successful spell at Sunderland in the Championship. 

Old Trafford Stadium Manchester
Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester. IMAGO / PA Images

Amad Diallo might need to go out on loan again

Despite Amad Diallo performing quite well in this season, the Ivorian is still not ready to play a role on Man United’s first team according to Parker. This is why the winger potentially could go out on loan again in the next season. 

“I don´t think that Amad Diallo is going to play a role next season. Sunderland are on a good run at the moment and they are chasing a spot, so they are on a high.”

“I´ve seen some games with him and he has done well but I’m still not sure about him.”

“I expect him to go out on loan again because Man United wants him to play games and he is not going to do that at Man United.”

“Those people saying that on Social Media might have seen a YouTube compilation with Diallo but remember what Antony looked like on YouTube. He was amazing.”

“Football is not youtube and he can’t claim a regular spot yet. Antony is still a better player but maybe in the future, Diallo can do something for Man United.”

The front three has been Man United´s biggest problem

Alejandro Garnacho has been injured for quite a long time now. But Parker doesn´t think that Man United have missed him, as he never was a regular player. In addition to that, he claims that the front three – including Rashford has been Man United´s biggest problem this season.

“I can’t come out and say that Man United have missed Alejandro Garnacho because he never was a regular player.”

“And the wide area has been a huge problem for Man United. I´m always wondering, how come all Man United´s wide players are being so vulnerable all the time.”

“None of the wide players has been consistent. Rashford has scored goals but has been very inconsistent in general play, Sancho has been inconsistent, Antony has been inconsistent and I could just continue like that.”

“The front three has been Man United´s biggest problem this season. But I want to praise Antony in some way… This is his first season and yes, he hasn’t been fantastic but he is tenacious.”

“He is tracking back, he has never gone missing in a game like Sancho or Rashford, who are not working hard enough and lift themselves when things aren’t going their way. They are walking with their heads down and it’s different from Antony.”

“Erik ten Hag is looking for a winger who wants to prove a point and Antony is the only one who tries, which is the least you can expect from a player.”