Paul Parker urges Man United to stay away from Harry Kane who isn’t hungry for trophies

Last week, Paul Parker mentioned that he wants to offload at least 10 players in the summer, which leaves space for new players coming into the Man United squad. 

One of the most debated potential signings for Man United is the Napoli star, Victor Osimhen, and Paul Parker makes it very clear that he thinks the centre-forward could do a very good job at Man United even though it might take him some time to adapt. 

The former Man United defender tells us that he would prefer him over any Premier League centre forward, while he makes a scratchy attack at Harry Kane and claims that the Englishman doesn’t want to win trophies. 

Man United are desperate for a new centre forward 

Parker claims that Man United are desperate for a new centre forward, which can lead to the club paying more than they should. The former Man United player urges the club to sign Victor Osimhen over proven Premier League centre forwards like Harry Kane, Ollie Watkins and Ivan Toney. 

“Everyone knows that Man United needs a new centre forward. It’s not a secret anymore, which can lead to the fact that Man United can be forced to pay more when the selling clubs know that Man United are desperate.”

“I would say that it doesn´t necessarily have to be a proven Premier League forward. There are a lot of good centre-forwards in a lot of leagues. Of course, they would have to adjust to the Premier League but I would rather have that than signing Harry Kane, Ivan Toney, Ollie Watkins, Aleksandar Mitrovic or another player who isn’t what Erik ten Hag wants.”

Osimhen would be able to do a good job in the Premier League

Parker says that it will take time for Osimhen to adjust to the Premier League but he underlines that the Premier League isn’t a better league than Serie A, which is why the centre forward should be able replicate what he is doing at Napoli. 

“If he wants Victor Osimhen, then there is a reason for that. And we can’t be ignorant and arrogant. Why shouldn’t he be able to perform in the Premier League? The Premier League is not better than Serie A but it’s a different league and it will take some time for him to adjust but everyone should be able to accept that.”

“All that matters for Man United right now is to get that centre forward.. They can’t rely on Marcus Rashford being the only threat. And playing-wise a quality centre forward would add so much to the team because the opponents all of a sudden need to be aware of other than just Rashford.”

Victor Osimhen
Serie A Victor Osimhen of SSC Napoli looks on prior to the Serie A football match between Torino FC and SSC Napoli. IMAGO / Nicolo Campo

Stay away, Harry Kane, you doesn’t want to win trophies

Harry Kane has been mentioned as a potential Man United signing for a long period of time now but Parker makes it very clear that he doesn’t want him as Man United´s new centre forward and claims that the Englishman doesn’t want to win trophies. 

“And can we please stop talking about Harry Kane to Man United? I’ve said it multiple times… He doesn’t want to be a centre forward. And now, I’m hearing comparisons between him and Teddy Sherringham. It makes no sense.”

“Yeah, Teddy dropped a bit deeper in the end of his career but it wasn’t his own choice. Teddy was a centre forward. I played against him and he was always looking for a goal instead of playing the ball back and running around in the circle in the middle of the pitch.”

“A lot of people are also saying that Harry Kane has earned the right to win something? I can’t really see that. No one has a right to win anything. And he hasn’t even mentioned it himself. He says that he wants to score goals so he has been really selfish on that one.”

“I want to hear Harry Kane say that he wants to win a league title and a Champions League. If he is saying that one day, I might start to believe that he actually wants to leave Spurs and go to a club who can fight for these kinds of trophies.”

“Right now, it’s only the press writing it… That he wants to win the major trophies. They are taking a guess. I’m never going to believe it unless Harry Kane says it himself and he is never going to say that.”

Man United needs a new centre half 

A lot of things point at Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof leaving Man United in the summer and because of that Man United should sign a new centre half according to Paul Parker, who urges the club to sign a young player who is hungry and wants to achieve something. 

“With Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof leaving, Man United should go and sign a new centre half and I think they will do that.”

“In my opinion they should sign an up and coming player, who still has room for improvement. Of course, you need to have a certain level when playing for Man United but it would be good for the club to sign a player who is still hungry and wants to achieve things.”

“Also, Man United need a player that can push Raphael Varane… He has been good for Man United and he has surprised me in terms of his capability of playing that many games without an injury.”

“But Man United needs more than two good centre halves. Luke Shaw can step in and play as the left centre half but they need one who can replace Varane if he is injured or something like that.”