The Return of the Link Whisperer/Thief

Posted on May 17, 2010 by Elliott
It’s been an eternity since we last stole content from other sites, blatantly disregarding the fundamental principles of intellectual property. Thus, in the spirit of the collective, sacrificing the copyright foundations of the 20th century for the 21st century internet discourse of “traffic” and “pagerank”, I present some goodies from around the soccer blogosphere.

We beging with More Than Mind Games, where James has found some incredibly cool clips of the first experimental films with sound. The only lament – why didn’t the innovators in film immediately rush to record a Merseyside derby? History is the ultimate loser.

FakeSigi has an existential dilemma: should he allow or disallow comments on his site? As he climbs the Search Engine ladder, the risk of new trolls grows exponentially. And the prospect of moderation or using Disqus is too weighty a price to pay. Please, go comment on his site.

Brian Phillps reflects on why Chelsea is no longer Chelsea. Rather, they are just another big club at whom we shrug our shoulders. Why? Avram Grant. That’s why.

For those of you who are suffering from a strong case of World Cup fever, hum up your Google Translator and head over to Uno o Dos Toques for a colorful look at Mexico 86. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, the video at the end is fantastic.

The Pique-Ibra embrace photo circulated the internet, and, to be honest, the possibility of an LGBT player in La Liga does not really bother the editorial board here at FF. However, Ibra’s chauvinistic remark to a reporter certainly puzzled us. More importantly, Crab Football engaged in an Onion-esque article with quotes from people on the street. To hysterical effect.

Finally, SantaPelota returns in full force with a glorious examination of Dunga’s selections for the selecao. This is required reading.

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