Betway Tanzania supports numerous payment options, which come in handy when you register. This is because you can conveniently make your first Betway deposit which qualifies you for the welcome bonus. Notably, be sure to use the Betway Tanzania sign up code during registration to qualify for the offer.

List of Betway Deposit Methods

Betway Tanzania has adequate deposit methods that include Vodacom-Mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, and Huduma Agent.

How to Deposit at Betway with Vodacom-Mpesa

Tanzania has realised an influx of online betting sites, and most of them have adopted mobile money payment options. This banking platform is more convenient and straightforward because a large population of Tanzanians has access to mobile phones. Depositing with Vodacom-Mpesa is fast and devoid of any charges. If you have a Betway account, follow the steps below to deposit money in your account:

  1. Using your Vodacom mobile number, dial *150*00#
  2. You will see several payment options on your device screen. Choose the fourth option, which is โ€˜Pay by Mpesa.โ€™
  3. The next step prompts you to enter the business number which is 971772
  4. In the reference number slot, key in your mobile phone number
  5. Input your desired amount you would like to deposit
  6. Input the PIN and complete the transaction
Deposit Betway Vodacom-Mpesa Tanzania

How to Deposit at Betway with Tigo Pesa

Tigo Pesa is a payment platform that links two mobile financial platforms. Tanzanians can send money to customers of different mobile operators. At Betway, Tigo Pesa is an option that players can use to fund their accounts. The transactions are free, so you do not have to worry about more costs compared to other platforms. The deposit process is discussed below:

  1. Visit the official Betway Tanzania website.
  2. Navigate to the โ€˜My Accountโ€™ section and select the deposit option.
  3. Choose Tigo as your favourite payment method among various options provided by the bookmaker.
  4. Enter the amount you would like to deposit
  5. Press the โ€˜Deposit Nowโ€™ button
  6. A mobile prompt will be created on your phone screen requesting that you enter your PIN.
  7. An SMS will be sent to your phone to confirm that your deposit is successful.
Deposit Tigo Pesa Betway Tanzania

How to Deposit at Betway with Airtel Money

Airtel is another popular payment platform on Betway. Several Tanzanian punters have access to Airtel sim cards which they use to register Betway Tanzania accounts. It is also a very convenient method that requires a few steps to complete the deposit transaction. The process to fund your Betway account has been listed below:

  1. Dial *150*60# using your Airtel phone
  2. Select the fifth option that prompts you to make payments
  3. Pick the Paybill option from among the options on the next page
  4. Input your phone number as the reference number
  5. Key in the amount you wish to deposit
  6. Enter your correct PIN and confirm the transaction
  7. You will receive a confirmation message if your deposit is successful
Deposit Airtel Money Betway Tanzania

How to Deposit at Betway with Huduma Agent

Tanzania has several Huduma Agents strategically positioned to access punters in various locations. If you do not like the mobile money options, explore this route. One popular agent is Selcom. To deposit, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Visit a Selcom Huduma agent near you. You can identify any other Betway agent within your location.
  2. Provide your Betway account number.
  3. The agency representative will ask that you submit the amount you wish to deposit to your Betway account.
  4. The agent will confirm your payment details.
  5. After completing the transaction, a confirmation SMS will be sent to your phone.

Betway Deposit Time

The deposit time refers to the period between the moment you execute the deposit process and when the amount reflects in your account. For all the Betway deposit methods, the transactions happen instantly and there is no Betway deposit time wasted. Therefore, as soon as you receive the confirmation message, you can go ahead and wager on your favourite events. If you notice a delay, rest assured that it could be a system error or a problem with the payment platform.

Betway Deposit Problems

While betting at Betway Tanzania, you will occasionally run into problems, common among them are deposit issues. Remember that the bookmaker has little control over the activities that happen within the structures of the payment methods it has partnered with. The client also relies on both the bookmaker and the payment platform to complete the processes on their behalf. Also, the deposit process mostly happens through online means, so you should anticipate a few problems associated with the internet. Common deposit problems at Betway have been discussed below:

Poor Internet Connectivity

Betway is an online platform that accommodates players from different parts of Tanzania. Sometimes, you may find that your deposit does not go through because of poor connectivity. This problem is common in remote areas where internet providers have not invested in proper connectivity. To solve this problem, players can deposit whenever they visit urban centres and probably wager before going back to their homes. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a different mobile operator with a stronger network.

Slow Site

In some instances, Betway may be experiencing intermittence at the time you need to deposit. At this moment, some functionalities like payment processes may reduce their efficiency. Normally, Betway can send a message to the clients to inform them of this issue. However, if you notice it first, try to contact customer support for further advice. You can also wait for a few hours for the site to restore normal operations.

Challenges From The Mobile Operator

If you are using mobile money to deposit, you rely on the mobile operator to execute your transaction. Players can get into problems with the operator in case it has chosen to regulate some deposits. If you have made too many deposits in a day, the operator may inhibit further transactions whenever it deems fits.

Huge Transactions

The Central Bank usually regulates payment platforms, so you are not allowed to transfer huge amounts of money into a betting site in the form of deposits. Even Betway has a daily limit that a single customer should not surpass. Therefore, a huge deposit will not be successful. There is also a Betway minimum deposit limit where customers with less money are not allowed to deposit. To avoid this challenge, read through the terms and conditions of the bookmaker and establish the correct limits before depositing. If you have less money, find some more before depositing.

Betway Deposit Tanzania FAQs

How do I deposit money online to Betway Tanzania?

Choose a favourite option among the four available payment methods and enter the amount you wish.

What is the minimum deposit in Betway?

The Betway minimum deposit is Tsh. 100 with the majority of the payment options.

What is the maximum deposit in Betway?

The maximum deposit is Tsh. 1,000,000

How long does Betway deposit take?

With mobile payment options, there is no waiting period because the transactions are processed instantly.

Does Betway ask for ID?

Betway does not require you to provide your identification details during registration. However, you will be required to upload a scanned ID before making a withdrawal.