Simply claiming a bonus using the Betway sign up code for South African players will not be enough for betting at the site. You can also access the Betway prediction. Moreover, the predictions and tips need to be up-to-date.

Betway Prediction Today

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Yield: 11.35%
Morocco vs Peru
28/03 22:30
Peru to win Draw No Bet
Hi BE Community, off we go to a footy game, test match. Morocco are the clear favs in this match up, however they might miss some important players for this fixture, hence my new bet: 10 out of 10 units...
Yield: 11.35%
Maidstone vs Bromley
National League
28/03 20:45
Bromley to win Draw No Bet
Hi bE Community off we go to the UK football game. The guests are the slight favs in this match up I think they can get the dub here at least a point. Hence my new bet is ten out of ten units on Bromley...
Yield: 11.35%
LA Galaxy vs Seattle Sounders FC
Major League Soccer
02/04 01:30
Seattle Sounders FC to win Draw No Bet
Hi bE Community off we go to the MLS. The guests are the clear dogs in this match up however I think they are underrated by the bookies a surprise is possible. Hence my new bet 8 out of ten units on Seattle...
Yield: 11.35%
Nimes vs Annecy FC
Ligue 2
01/04 19:00
Nimes to win Draw No Bet
Hi bE Community off we go to France football game. The hosts are the slight favs in this match up I think they can get the dub here at least a point. Hence my new bet is ten out of ten units on Nimes to...
Yield: 11.35%
Togo vs Burkina Faso
Africa Cup of Nations Qualification Grp. B
28/03 21:00
Burkina Faso to win Draw No Bet
Hi bE Community off we go to Africa football game. The guests are the slight favs in this match up I think they can get the dub here at least a draw. Hence my new bet is ten out of ten units on Burkina...

The following table includes all the Betway predictions for today. Use these Betway soccer predictions to make the most informed betting decisions.

However, be aware that our Betway predictions may differ from the ones that may be published by the operators themselves. That is because the methodology using which we generate our predictions may vary from the one used by the sportsbook.

Therefore, after consulting our Betway predictions, you should also consult the predictions published at the operatorโ€™s official site. Consulting both sets of Betway predictions will only enhance your decision-making capacity.

Betway Predictions

Betway Correct Score Prediction for Today

There are currently no new tips. Check again later.

Since correct score bets tend to be one of the most difficult bets to win, the Betway correct score predictions for today deserve special mention. You can find them in the table below.

Once again, we must clarify one thing. There could be some differences between the Betway correct score predictions for today that we publish and the ones Betway publishes. That is because of differing methodologies.

Our recommendation would be that you consult both sets of Betway predictions. That will help you make the most educated betting decisions.

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How Did We Choose Our Betway Soccer Prediction?
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Best Betway Tips
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Betway Prediction FAQs

How Did We Choose Our Betway Soccer Prediction?

The methodology that we use to generate our Betway soccer predictions involves many factors. Some of the most important factors have been explained below for your knowledge.

Records and Statistics

Betway predictions cannot be generated without the help of past records and statistics. It is only by understanding past performance can you make predictions about the future.

Common records and statistics that we consider include head-to-head records, consistency, goalscoring records, and so on.

Betway Predictions

Betting Odds

Though we conduct our own analysis to come up with Betway tips and predictions, it always helps to look at the odds at various sportsbooks available in the country.

The betting odds, in one sense, indicate the predictions that the sportsbooks are making. For example, bets considered more likely to come true will have lower odds.

We incorporate the predictions of the most renowned sportsbooks including Betway in our process of generating Betway predictions.

Betway Soccer Prediction

News and Rumours

When creating Betway tips or soccer predictions, it is vital to incorporate the latest news and rumours. Many last-minute developments such as injuries, transfers, etc. can have a huge impact on the Betway predictions.

Therefore, we are always staying abreast with the latest news, views, and rumours. And we adjust our predictions if any relevant information comes out.

Best Betway Tips

Now that you have read the Betway soccer predictions for today, you should also learn a few general Betway tips and strategies. We also went over this in our Betway South Africa review but make sure to read on, as they should help you with betting on other sports at other sportsbooks as well.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting basically involves identifying bets at specific sportsbooks that have higher odds than what is being offered by others. That is called an odds discrepancy.

You can use this discrepancy between sportsbooks to your advantage. For instance, you can place a bet on the outcome for which a certain sportsbook is offering higher than average odds. And then you can place a bet on the opposite outcome at another sportsbook. You can generate a profit in this way.

Matched Betting

The matched betting strategy involves taking advantage of the free bet promotions offered by sportsbooks to eliminate your losses.

What you basically have to do is place a bet on a certain outcome using your real money funds. On the other hand, you need to place a bet on the opposite outcome using the free bet bonus. Then you will walk away with a profit no matter which way the match goes.

Betting on Home Team Advantage

While matched betting and arbitrage betting can be complex strategies, a simple Betway tip involves backing the home team.

As is well known among everyone familiar with soccer, there tends to be a clear home team advantage in matches. Therefore, you would be better off betting on the victory of the home team as much as possible.

Hedging Against Potential Losses

Matched betting and arbitrage betting are both ways to hedge against potential losses. But those are not the only ways. There are many others.

For example, you can always place bets on two opposing outcomes from the same match at different sportsbooks. That can ensure that you do not lose much money from your bets. However, it can also limit your profits.

In addition to the simple example described above, there are many other ways to hedge against losses. Follow whichever suits you the best. That is one of the best Betway tips that we can give you.

Betway Prediction FAQs

Some of the most commonly asked questions about Betway predictions have been answered below:

How Do You Win Soccer Bets on Betway?

While there is no guaranteed way to win soccer bets on Betway, you can seek help from Betway predictions published by us or the operator. They can give the best chance of making winning bets.

What Does the Correct Score Mean in Betway?

The correct score refers to the exact score at the end of the standard 90 minutes gameplay of a soccer match. It has to be the precise score of the match. Even the tiniest difference can result in the loss of your correct score bet.

What Does Over 3.5 Mean in Betway?

Over 3.5 at Betway refers to the prediction that the total score in a given match will be more than 3.5. Mind you, this is the combined score of both teams or, in other words, the total score of the match.

What Does Both Teams to Score Mean in Betway?

Both teams to score at Betway refers to the prediction that both teams in a given soccer match will score.