Before we go into this TabGold deposit review, it’s important you know that the bookie operates a reputable betting site in South Africa. They also offer a wide range of sports and even casino games on their site or the TabGold app. In this TabGold review, you will learn how to deposit with TabGold in South Africa.

πŸ” How Do I Make a Deposit on TabGold in South Africa?

If you’re reading this guide, you probably want to know how to deposit with TabGold in South Africa. You can deposit funds to TabGold account using your computer or mobile device. The bookie provides a number of convenient TabGold deposit options for its users.

They offer options like MasterCard, Visa, and bank transfer payments in South Africa. As such, these payment methods can be used not only for deposits but also for TabGold withdrawal. After adding funds to TabGold account, you can begin placing sports bets on the site.

Here’s an easy guide on how to deposit with TabGold in South Africa:

➑️ Step 1: Login

The first step in this TabGold deposit guide is to enter your login details. To access your betting account, you need to enter your phone number and password after clicking on the login button. However, before you log in, ensure you have done your TabGold registration.

TabGold Deposit

➑️ Step 2: Go to Deposit

You can make a TabGold deposit by clicking the deposit button that appears on the homepage’s top right corner. This bookmaker has a minimum deposit limit, so make sure you don’t fund below the amount. When you click on the Deposit button, it will take you directly to that payment section of the site.

➑️ Step 3: Choose Your Preferred Payment Method

To make a deposit, you’ll need to decide how you want to do it. On the site, you can pick from a number of different payment methods for South Africans.

➑️ Step 4: Enter the Deposit Amount

You can then proceed to enter the amount you want to deposit. After making the minimum deposit, you can proceed to enter the security details for your payment. You’ll need to enter your payment PIN or OTP code, depending on your chosen deposit method.

➑️ Step 5: Submit Your TabGold Deposit Request

After filling out the payment information, you can submit your TabGold deposit. Note that anytime you enter your TabGold deposit security details on the site, it is safe. Once you’ve completed the payment, your deposit should reflect instantly in your betting account. You’ll see the balance on your betting account on the site after adding funds to TabGold account.

South Africans using this bookie will have access to a number of convenient TabGold deposit options. The best option for you is the one that is most convenient for you and comes with no TabGold deposit fees. You can even make payments using TabGold mobile deposit options, which are considerably faster than others.

The South African bookmaker accepts several types of payment options. If you want to know how to deposit with TabGold in South Africa, here are some of the popular options available:

πŸ’΅ Credit/Debit Cards

You can use your MasterCard or Visa to fund your betting account. Making a deposit using a debit card is simple and convenient on the bookmaker’s site. To make a TabGold deposit, all you need is your card number and PIN. Deposits made using this payment option will reflect instantly.

In South Africa, debit cards are the most preferred payment method. This bookie’s site makes it simple and quick to pay with these cards.

How to deposit with TabGold in South Africa with credit/debit cards:

  1. Log in to your account with the bookmaker.
  2. Navigate to the deposit button.
  3. Tap on Deposit funds.
  4. Select the Credit/Debit card payment.
  5. Enter your deposit amount.
  6. Enter your card details and complete payment authorisation.

βœ… Pros of Credit/Debit Cards Deposits

  • Secure payment.
  • Payments are processed instantly.
  • Convenient TabGold deposit process.

❌ Cons of Credit/Debit Cards Deposits

  • Payment information is not private.
  • It is not part of TabGold withdrawal options.

πŸ’΅ Instant EFT

You can also make deposits using Ozow or Peach payments. The processing time for EFT payments is instant. There are no waiting hours with Ozow since it is much faster than the regular payment options. EFT payments are safe and does not require you to reveal your financial details.

How to deposit with TabGold in South Africa with Instant EFT:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the deposit option.
  • Select Ozow.
  • Enter deposit amount.
  • Complete payment.

βœ… Pros of Instant EFT Deposits

  • EFT is safe and secure.
  • Payments are swift.
  • It’s easily accessible for South Africans.

❌ Cons of Instant EFT Deposits

  • Accepts few banks.

πŸ’΅ Voucher

On TabGold, you can make payments using Vouchers. The site accepts 1Voucher, Kazang, and OTT Voucher. You can make payments by purchasing the vouchers at physical locations or online. For instance, you can get the OTT Voucher at ShopRite, Game, Boxer, Makro and other retail stores. When you make payments with Vouchers, it is instant and there are no delays. Also, this option is safe as you won’t be revealing your banking information online.

How to deposit with TabGold in South Africa with Vouchers:

  • Purchase the voucher.
  • Go to the TabGold website.
  • Navigate to the payment page.
  • Choose the voucher option.
  • Enter the voucher code.
  • Redeem it and payment will reflect instantly.

βœ… Pros of Voucher Deposits

  • Payments are instant.
  • It’s easy to load the voucher.
  • It’s very safe.

❌ Cons of Voucher Deposits

  • You can only use it once.
  • It can’t be used to withdraw funds.

πŸ’΅ Direct Deposit

In addition to the payment options we’ve discussed, you can fund your betting account by direct deposit. When it comes to funding your betting account, you can use any of the major financial institutions in South Africa. Here are a few of the accepted banks:

  • Nedbank.
  • Standard Bank.
  • ABSA Bank Limited.
  • First National Bank (FNB).

You can make deposits with these banks using their banking apps. Several South African banks offer mobile banking options, including FNB, Nedbank, and ABSA. As a result, you can fund your account directly from your bank account.

How to deposit with TabGold in South Africa from your bank account.

  1. Open your internet banking app.
  2. Enter your online banking details. Tap Pay.
  3. Open Pay New Beneficiary. Tap on Pay a bill.
  4. Look for TabGold. Type in your TabGold account number under the Bill Account.
  5. Enter the bookmaker as the beneficiary. Choose your TabGold deposit amount.
  6. Enter the reference number for the transaction.
  7. Finally, proceed to complete the bill payment, and your betting account will be credited.

βœ… Pros of Direct Deposit

  • Convenient option.
  • Can be done on mobile.
  • Easily accessible.

❌ Cons of Direct Deposit

  • Not private.
  • Additional charges.

πŸ’΅ Banking Options

⏳ Processing Time
Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard)Instant
EFT (OZOW, Peach Payments)Instant
Vouchers (1Voucher, Kazang, OTT Voucher)Instant
Direct Deposit2-3 business days

🌟 Tips for Making a Successful Deposit at TabGold

If you’re planning to make your first deposit on TabGold, here are some useful tips to help you:

  1. Choose Your Preferred Payment Method

The first step is to determine which of the available TabGold deposit methods is most convenient for you. Usually, you should choose the option where you have funds available for use. Whichever mode of payment is most convenient for you is the one you should use.

  1. Find Out the Fees

Before you choose any payment option, check if there are any hidden fees. There may be extra fees associated with some payment options, while others may not have any. Fees typically range from 2% to 5%, but it is essential to verify the exact percentage that will be charged for the method you select.

  1. Processing Time

Another important consideration is knowing the processing time for deposits. Take note that the processing times for various TabGold deposit methods vary. Nevertheless, the fastest methods only take a few minutes to complete.

  1. Security

Be sure to choose a secure payment method on the bookmaker. Many consumers are wary of providing their financial information online due to the recent rise in cyber security dangers. For this reason e-wallets have become the most common in South Africa. You can avoid disclosing sensitive financial data when making purchases by using these payment options.

  1. Privacy

If you don’t want your gambling activities revealed, then privacy should be a priority. Few people feel comfortable having their gambling habits revealed in their bank statements. This is an unavoidable consequence when using a bank account to fund your betting account. Thankfully, there is a way to ensure your gaming remains a secret.

Using other payment options that are not connected to your bank will keep your gambling transactions anonymous. In other words, your betting account transactions will not appear on your bank statement; thus, no one will find out about them.

❌ Common Deposit Problems at TabGold and How to Solve Them

After reading this TabGold deposit guide, it should be easy making payments on this betting site. However, there are some problems that bettors might experience when making deposits on TabGold. If you’re having problems with making deposits, it could be a result of the following:

❌ Unavailability

If your banking option is not available due to network constraints, it won’t be possible to make a TabGold deposit. Even though the option is listed, it may be a temporary issue from the payment provider. The solution will be to choose another available option on TabGold.

❌ Minimum and Maximum Deposit

Another problem with deposits could be that you did not make the minimum deposit. The minimum deposit on TabGold varies, and if you make less than this payment, it won’t go through. Ensure you verify the payment limit for each of the payment options as well before choosing them.

❌ Processing Delays

Some TabGold deposit methods are faster than others. However, most deposits are usually credited instantly, but in exceptional cases. If you haven’t seen your TabGold deposit, check if your bank has debited you. If so, you can contact customer support to help resolve your payment issues. You can also check the TabGold FAQ section to get TabGold deposit help and find answers to your payment issues.

TabGold Contact

Deposit with TabGold in South Africa – FAQs

If you want more informations about Tabgold in South Africa, please don’t hesitate to consult our exhaustive Tabgold Review page.

There are various payment methods available to South Africans on TabGold. You can deposit money via credit/debit cards, vouchers, etc.

If you’re unable to make a deposit, you can try another payment method. If no payment method seems to be working for you, you can contact TabGold customer support.

Deposits are processed instantly on the site. The bookie usually processes payments fast on their site regardless of their payment methods.

You’ll know your TabGold deposit is successful when you see your funds in your TabGold account. Also, you should get a TabGold deposit verification when you make payments.

Unlike most South African bookies, TabGold does not yet offer incentives on their site. It is not yet known when the bookmaker will begin offering bonuses and promotions.