Top 1xBet deposit methods include mobile payment options such as MTN Money and e-wallets such as Neteller. To fund your account, you first need to register, and you also have a chance to claim the 1xBet welcome bonus.

During registration, you can check if a 1xBet Zambia promo code is required to qualify for the signup offer.

1xBet Deposit Guide for Zambia

1xBet has recently launched operations in Zambia, and the reception is pretty solid. Many players have created accounts with this bookmaker.

Among the motivating factors is the availability of numerous payment methods with which they can fund their accounts.

When you create an account with 1xBet in Zambia, you can use mobile money transfer services, bank cards, cryptocurrencies, and e-wallets to deposit.

The deposit methods have been discussed below in detail.

1xBet Deposit

How to Deposit at 1xBet through Mobile Money?

Zambia has three prominent mobile money operators that include MTN Money, Airtel Money, and Zamtel. They are the most popular methods because of the penetration of mobile phones in the country.

At least 90% of all bettors in Zambia have access to a mobile phone with one of these mentioned operators. You will not be charged any fees for all mobile money deposit methods because deposit transactions are free.

One of the advantages of using mobile money is that transactions are instant. As soon as you press the ‘deposit’ button in the last step, your money will reflect in the 1xBet account, and you can start to place stakes right away.

Regarding the deposit limits, 1xBet deposit Zambia does not have a maximum limit for any mobile money service provider. Instead, each provider has a minimum limit.

For instance, the minimum deposit limit for MTN Money and Zamtel is ZMW 8, while Airtel Money has placed its limit at ZMW 1.

How to Deposit at 1xBet using E-wallets?

1xBet Zambia has a massive number of e-wallets, and this is the broadest payment section at this bookmaker. E-wallets include Neteller, Perfect Money, EcoPayz, Sticpay, Payeer, and AstroPay.

Just like mobile money methods, there are no transaction fees charged on deposits made through e-wallets.

The bookmaker has not also imposed a maximum limit, but you can expect some unique minimum limits from individual platforms.

For example, the minimum deposit limit for Neteller is ZMW 29.30, while that of Perfect Money, and AstroPay is ZMW 3.50. Check the website to ensure that you have enough money to deposit to avoid any problems with the bookmaker.

E-wallets are also convenient deposit methods because they are instant. You can start your betting journey immediately after the deposit procedure comes to an end.

Since 1xBet recognizes that e-wallets are purely online transactions, the company has implemented robust security measures to protect players from any likely cybercrime.

1xBet E-wallets

How to Deposit at 1xBet Using Cryptocurrency?

Digital currency is the current trend, and 1xBet deposit Zambia has allowed cryptocurrency enthusiasts to transact on the platform.

There are four types of cryptocurrencies available on this bookmaker, and they include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

There are no fees charged whenever you use cryptocurrencies to fund your 1xBet Zambia account.

Transactions are instant, meaning you will see your money credited to your account within a few seconds unless there is a problem with the site.

Only Bitcoins have a maximum deposit limit placed at 0.01 mBT, but the rest have no maximum limit.

On the other hand, each of the four cryptocurrencies has a minimum deposit limit as follows: 0.01 Mbt (Bitcoin), 0.001 LTC (Litecoin), 0.001 ETH (Etherium), and 0.001 Dash.

Despite this wide variety, just a handful of Zambian players are funding their accounts using cryptocurrencies because it is not yet a mainstream form of payment worldwide.

In fact, some digital currencies are in their initial testing stages to see how the global market will respond.

1xBet Deposit Problems

Despite numerous deposit options on 1xBet, punters are likely to face challenges while executing deposit transactions. The bookmaker is prone to these challenges because it operates online.

Many online bookmakers experience the same problems; therefore, you will find that some issues listed below are not unique to 1xBet.

Non-Matching Details

1xBet has a verification policy which is a step towards confirming that the account belongs to the right owner.

Verification occurs at any time; therefore, the bookmaker may prompt you to provide various documents like an ID or utility bill before you can deposit.

Players who fail to produce the required documents and instead submit the wrong files will have their deposits rejected. In this case, the account will consider that you are not the real account owner.

To solve this problem, players are urged to make a call to customer support as an alternative means of verification.

1xBet Discretion

This bookmaker has authority over the site and may deny a player the chance to deposit as a form of discipline. There are players who have gone against the 1xBet’s code of conduct.

Among the terms and conditions is that accounts for such players will be suspended, meaning you cannot make any transaction.

However, if your issue is not gross, you can contact customer support and request that your account is restored with the promise that you will not repeat the offense.

In most cases, the bookmaker will consider your plight because it does not want to lose customers.

Failure to Respect Deposit Limits

Based on the review of the various deposit methods, you will realize that each one of them has a unique minimum deposit limit. However, most of them do not have the maximum limit, which may not cause any problems.

For the minimum limit, you must be very careful because if you place a figure that is too little, the system will reject your transaction.

Deposit limit problems should not take long because you can simply review the website and check the various limits before funding your account.

Server Errors

This challenge is often caused by the poor internet connection or intermittence from the side of the service provider. This causes the 1xBet site to keep loading without opening the relevant pages.

Remember that the deposit procedure goes through various steps that require quick internet.

If you encounter such a problem, you can change your internet service provider or call a technician to correct your cables.

1xBet Deposit Zambia FAQs

Let’s answer some common questions below.

What is the minimum deposit in 1xBet?

Each deposit method has a unique minimum limit.

What is the maximum deposit in 1xBet?

The bookmaker does not have a maximum deposit limit for most payment options except bitcoins which is 0.01 MBT.

Why can’t I deposit at 1xBet?

It could be a server error, although you can contact customer support in case you experience further challenges.

How to deposit money at 1xBet without the bank account?

You can use mobile money services, e-wallets, or cryptocurrencies.